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@ Los Angeles Convention Center
July 1st-4th, 2016
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Come for live entertainment and libations. 

Lounge 21 is an oasis for attendees age 21 and over to enjoy a refreshing beverage, both alcoholic or non-alcoholic, in an intimate lounge setting. Throughout the weekend, enjoy live entertainment from various bands and musicians. Take a break, grab a frosty beverage, and enjoy the Lounge 21 experience.

Location: Concourse Hall E – 151


  • Day 1 (July 1): 11 AM ~ 1:30 AM
  • Day 2 (July 2): 11 AM ~ 1:30 AM
  • Day 3 (July 3): 11 AM ~ 1:30 AM
  • Day 4 (July 4): 11 AM ~  3 PM

In accordance with California state law, Anime Expo’s Lounge 21 can only accept an ID that:

  1. Is issued by a governmental agency (such as federal, state, county or city)
  2. Contains the name of the person
  3. Contains the date of birth of the person
  4. Contains a description of the person (these are called key indicators and include height, weight and eye color)
  5. Contains a photograph of the person
  6. Is currently valid (ie. not expired)

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