RFID & Building Entry Info

Entering the Anime Expo Event Area:

  1. Make sure you have your badge on hand before you enter the security line. This will help reduce slowdowns in the building entry process.
    • Note: There are multiple entrances into the Anime Expo event areas. Be sure to check the maps to get familiarized with them.
  2. If you are carrying a prop, be sure to visit a Weapons Check booth prior to entering the building entry line. Weapons Check booths are located outside of the South and West Halls for inspection and tag. For more information about the Weapons Policy, please visit our Policies page.
  3. Proceed through Security, choosing no bag line or general bag check line as appropriate.
  4. If you have a bag, simply place it on the table for inspection. Do not leave any bags unattended.
    • Please note: Clear bags, small clutch purses, and having fewer bags overall are highly recommended to decrease time spent at Security.
  5. Once you’re through security, proceed to an entry portal and “tap in” your badge. Wait for the green flashing light and beep before moving forward.
  6. Now that you have entered the event area, you can enjoy Anime Expo without having to go through multiple security checkpoints!
  7. Remember to tap out when you exit! This will allow you to easily return through security without having to go to a Badge Help Desk.



How do I know that I tapped in / tapped out correctly with my badge?

If the portal flashes green, then you have tapped in / tapped out correctly. If the portal flashes red, you will be directed to the Badge Help Desk located nearby.

Do I need anything besides my badge when there is an RFID issue?

A photo ID will be requested to verify your badge. Children aged 13 and under should have an adult present at all times.

What if I forget to tap out?

If you forget to tap out, the staff at the Badge Help Desks located at all entrances can straighten things out for you.

What if my badge isn’t working?

If you experience issues besides tap-in/tap-out, you will be redirected to Registration Assistance at Gilbert Lindsay Plaza. 

I just lost my badge, what do I do?

If you lost your badge, head over to Registration Assistance at Gilbert Lindsay Plaza. Any lost badges that are found will be turned in at Registration Assistance and will require photo ID verification. If you would like to replace your badge, you will be subject to a reprint fee, depending on the badge type. Your old badge will then be deactivated.

I am a Premier Fan. Which entrance do I use?

Premier Fan badgeholders may use both priority entrance and general entrances.

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