Anime Expo means so much to so many different people, and it’s only possible because of our wonderful volunteers’ hard work, dedication, and passion. In case you didn’t know, Anime Expo is organized by a nonprofit organization. and it’s only because of the passion and dedication of our many volunteers working hard throughout the year to prepare. We greatly appreciate the time, dedication, and resolve given to making 2015 such a great year.

These year, we had:

  • 1,500+ volunteers
  • 40,000+ hours worked during Anime Expo 2015 alone (June 29 ~ July 5)*

Dedicated to all of our amazing volunteers, the video below is an AX 2015 wrap up that was created for and played during the Closing Ceremony.

*This number is higher than the originally stated 37,000 hours during the Closing Ceremony because not all hours worked had been documented yet at the time of the Closing Ceremony. 


Check out some of our departments’ end-of-con group photos from Anime Expo 2015.