As we are returning to our in-person event for AX 2022, we bring you a fresh reminder of panel procedures and guidelines. Please review when planning your attendance at Anime Expo.

When a room opens for entry we will allow attendees to enter in the following order:

  1. ADA Attendees
    • Please visit an Info Services booth to request an ADA sticker.
  2. Premier Fan Badge Holders and press with valid Anime Expo® Press Badges.
  3. All other valid Badges with access to Programming, Workshops, and Video Rooms.
  • Ticketed Events require both Badge and Ticket to enter the event.
  • Oversize cosplay props: These must be placed against the wall; do not place them in the aisle or on adjacent seats.
  • Photo/Video Policies:
    • Panel/Workshop Rooms: Permissions depend on each individual guest and presenter. Photo/video policies will be announced at the beginning of events as each event has its own policy.
    • Video Rooms: No filming or photos allowed.


We have updated our line queueing procedures for Anime Expo 2022. To ease issues with lines and overall attendee demand, these following rooms will no longer be cleared unless followed by a Ticketed Event.

The following rooms WILL NOT be cleared between normal Panel Events / Screening Events:

  • Petree Hall
  • Main Events
  • JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom
  • 402AB Video Rooms
  • 403AB
  • 408AB

EXCEPTIONS: Room clearing WILL occur prior to the following:

  • Ticketed Event (i.e. concert, AMV, Masquerade)
  • Fashion Show 
  • 18+ Content Tracks
  • Video Rooms may be cleared in preparation for highly anticipated showings. Please check mobile app session descriptions for more details.

The following rooms WILL be cleared between Panel Events / Screening Events:

  • 404AB
  • 406AB
  • 409AB
  • 411
  • 511ABC
  • Regal Cinema (Each film will require a ticket picked up at the Regal Cinema 1 hour prior to screening)

Please refer to the AX Schedule for room clearing information on all panels.