• Anime Expo® 2023 Adventure Guide

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    Buy your badges now so you can take advantage of badge mailing and bypass the lines at the Registration booth!

    Anime Expo will be shipping badges to orders within the U.S. and Canada starting in early May. The deadline to qualify for shipping is June 12, 2023 (June 6 for Canadian orders). All orders placed after this date must be picked up at the Registration booth.




    Each badge must be assigned to a unique individual*! If someone else is the original buyer of the badge, they must first transfer the badge to you within ShowClix and second, you must then accept the transfer!


    *IMPORTANT: Our Registration Policies only allow a single badge per day, per attendee. Any duplicates are subject to cancellation. Except for adult badges (4-Day, 1-Day) purchased for minors (ages 14-17), please email registration@anime-expo.org so our team can add a note to your order.

    NOTE: Child Badges (ages 6-13) CANNOT be transferred due to our privacy policies and must stay assigned to the Buyer. If the child will be attending AX with a different adult, emairegistration@anime-expo.org to process this transfer request.


    Each Badge MUST be activated to participate at Anime Expo 2023! Each person must activate their OWN badge*.

    By activating, each designated attendee (badge holder) will also have access to special perks such as exhibitor contests, giveaways, and prizes!

    You must have your physical badge to activate and will need the last eight characters (the activation code) located on the backside.


    For step-by-step instructions check out our Activation Guide in our Anime Expo Help Center!

    Are you a Professional badge holder (Exhibitor, Artist Alley, Press, Industry)? Professional badges follow a different process, CLICK HERE to see your specific activation instructions.

    *Exception for Child Badges (6-13): For the safety of the child, ALL Child badges (ages 6-13) must be activated with the adult that will accompany them during the show.

    During the activation process you will be prompted to add a Child to your own badge activation. Once you finish adding, select “No, Thanks. I’m done!”. After completing the survey, you will be prompted to enter the activation code for each child added. Make sure you enter in the right activation code under the name of each Child.

Explore all of Anime Expo!

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the world of anime at Anime Expo! Discover new and exciting panels, experience thrilling performances, and get up close with your favorite anime stars. Click on the link below to explore everything that Anime Expo has to offer and join us on this unforgettable journey!

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I bought different one day badges for myself, how do I activate them?

If you bought different one day badges (EX: Saturday and Monday), enter the activation code from each badge into its corresponding box.


I forgot to add a Child Badge or second 1-Day badge to my activation, what do I do?

Please reach out to ShowClix Customer Care or call 888.850.8718 to speak with a Live ShowClix Customer Care Agent. Provide them your Full Name, Email used for your activation, and Activation code for the missing badge.

Help, I got an error when entering my activation code!

Check for the following:

  • Select the correct box that matches your badge to enter the activation code.
  • Only 4 Day Child badges can be entered into the “4 Day Child” box.
  • Has that code already been activated?
  • Have you already processed a different activation earlier using that same device? Clearing your cache may also help resolve technical issues.

If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to ShowClix Customer Care or call 888.850.8718 to speak with a Live ShowClix Customer Care Agent.

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