Anime Expo® welcomes members of the media who are involved in the anime, manga, and/or entertainment industry.

Complimentary badges are provided as a courtesy to those intending to do press coverage of Anime Expo. Press members may be freelance and on assignment for a media outlet or employed with a major media company.

If you wish to attend as Press, you must apply online — completing the full application by the deadline. Applications submitted after the due date may not be reviewed. Please be sure to fill out the application as much as possible to ensure a smooth review process and improve the likelihood of getting approved for a Press badge.

How to Apply:

Application information TBA

Press Badge privileges include:

  • Admission to Anime Expo.
  • Priority entry to panels. Please be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Complimentary tickets and assigned seating for certain ticketed events/concerts. (Subject to availability. Tickets may be distributed by invitation or by request only.)
  • Access to Press Lounge and press conferences.
  • Consideration for interviews with Guests of Honor. (We recommend applying as early as possible, as an interview request form will be sent to eligible press.)

Please note the following when submitting your application:

  • Press badges will not be granted to cosplay photographers, personal blogs, or photo gallery websites.
  • Outlets must be at least two years old, or on a case-by-case basis in the event that a journalist has created a new press outlet.
  • You must be able to provide relevant coverage from other events.
  • Press outlet/organization must submit coverage from previous years if they have attended Anime Expo in previous years.
  • A reporter or press outlet that was approved in a prior year is not guaranteed approval for the current year.
  • Applying for a press badge does not guarantee a press badge.
  • Press badges are limited. Verification and approval are ultimately at the discretion of SPJA.
  • Press badges are not eligible for mailing and must be picked up on-site by each registrant.

See Hours & Maps for more info about the Press Lounge.

Media Kits

Press materials will be available through Anime Expo's Official Virtual Press Room. Logo assets can be found on our brand page.

When attending Anime Expo, all press representatives must:

  • Follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Respect the right of attendees to decline any request for an interview.
  • In group interviews, each journalist will be held to one question and a follow up question to ensure other journalists can participate.
  • Not take or use pictures or videos of attendees without first gaining their written permission to be filmed and identified.
  • Stay seated in the press section when attending events, unless permission is given to sit or stand elsewhere.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for press conferences and/or interview appointments.
  • Refrain from asking for autographs or personal photos with guests at any time during press conferences or interviews. Photos of guests to accompany coverage may be allowed, but are subject to guest/management approval, time constraints, and must be arranged ahead of time.
  • Be mindful not to impede traffic flow when conducting interviews with or taking photos of attendees.

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation reserves the right to bar, from this and future annual events, any registered press member who violates our Code of Conduct or who misuses media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits.

Please note all individual Industry Guest/Guest of Honor’s respective photo and video policies. Failure to comply with their requests may affect press registration or interview scheduling consideration for future Anime Expo events.

Allowed Actions:

  • Photograph, videotape, or audio record in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Take photos (non-flash only) of Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Charity Auction, and Masquerade
  • Photograph, videotape, video record in all common areas of the convention.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Taking flash photos during any and all Anime Expo events.
  • Taking photos of slide presentations.
  • Recording video clips in Industry Panel presentations or premiere screenings.
    • Disclaimer: Photos of copyrighted material reprinted without the prior consent of the presenter/panelist is strictly prohibited.
  • Photography/video recording of the AMV Contest.
  • Taking photos/video of certain Guests. (Information about each guest’s photo/video policy will be made available to approved press members prior to Anime Expo)

Photography, Video, and Audio Recording

At no point should any footage taken at Anime Expo be sold for profit. If you have a special filming request or intend to record footage for a documentary or other non-press-related reason, please reach out to for assistance. Photography and video is permissible in the common areas of the LACC and in most panels.

You will be notified by the panel moderator or a posted sign if photo and/or video are not allowed in that particular event. Please respect our attendees’ and guests’ wishes if they decline to be photographed or filmed. Failure to comply with this request can result in expulsion from Anime Expo.

  • Welcome/Closing Ceremonies: Non-flash photography and video allowed throughout.
  • Masquerade: Non-flash photography and video allowed throughout.
  • Concerts: Subject to performers’ request.
  • AMV Contest: Absolutely no photography or video allowed.



Please reach out to the respective industry contact for information about press access.

Information will be provided to approved press when available.

Premiere Events with Wristbands

Please reach out to the respective industry contact for information about press access.

Information will be provided to approved press when available.

If you opt to acquire a wristband through the standard process, you may enter the room with Premier Fans.

Maid Cafe / Butler Cafe / After Hours

Please email with the following information:

  • For Maid/Butler: (Select one) All Ages or 18+
    • Note: You must be 21+ to attend After Hours
  • Preferred Date/Time of show you would like to attend.
  • Proposed Coverage
  • Letter of Assignment

Masquerade & World Cosplay Summit USA

Please email to with information about proposed coverage, a letter of assignment, and any other requests.

AMV Competition

Send email to with information about proposed coverage, a letter of assignment, and any other requests.

  • Note: No photo/video permitted

Other Special Events (i.e. SCRAP Puzzle Games, Sponsored Parties)

Please reach out to the respective industry contact for information about press access.

Information will be provided to approved press when available.


Press Members are expected to arrive 10 minutes early to press conferences – admittance will not be allowed after the start of the press conference. Please note that not all guests will be offering a press conference. Some guests' management may opt for a closed press conference in which only invited/approved press will be able to attend. The AX press conference schedule will be made available in advance to approved Press members only. RSVPs will be requested, but are not required in order to attend.


  • Guest of Honor: Interview requests will only be received via a form that will be sent out to all approved press members prior to Anime Expo. Email requests will not be accepted. Interview requests will be reviewed by both SPJA/as well as each guest’s respective management teams. Guests of Honor may conduct their press junkets anytime between Day 0 and Day 4, depending on their schedules. A translator will be provided by Anime Expo, but you are welcome to bring your own translator if you prefer. Submitting an interview request does not guarantee an interview.
  • Industry Appearance: Some industry appearances may have press contact information listed on his/her respective pages. The SPJA/Press Relations team will be able to forward any requests to interview an industry guest to the proper contact person. These requests are subject to the discretion and availability of the industry appearance and respective management. Industry Appearances and their management will determine the time and location of their interviews.
  • Important Notes
    • Prepare questions in advance! It is highly recommended that questions are prepared in advance for all guests you are interested in interviewing, even if you do not know yet whether you have been confirmed for an interview or not. This applies to both for both Anime Expo Guests of Honor and Industry Guests. Some management may request proposed questions as a part of the vetting process for interviews. Additionally, providing questions in advance will help management or translators prepare for the interview, thus helping to decrease the amount of time it will take to translate.
    • Arrive early! Confirmed interviewers are expected to arrive 10 minutes ahead of their appointment to check in at the Press Lounge. They will then be escorted to the interview room by an Anime Expo staff volunteer. Failure to arrive on time may affect the consideration of interview requests at future Anime Expo events.

An interview space may be reserved by registered media or industry through the press room staff volunteers. Use of this room is by appointment only and is subject to availability. Please send an e-mail to with these requests.

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