Luna Lady of Light

Cosplay Senpai

Luna Lady of Light is from Michigan. She mentors cosplayers in writing, performing, and competing skits; guides newer contest runners, and provides advice on craftsmanship.

Luna Lady of Light a.k.a. Emily is an international cosplayer from Michigan. Emily holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater. She has been cosplaying for over 17 years, has produced many performances, and sewn a myriad of costumes. Emily has won over 35 awards in her cosplay career. Among those awards are three national titles: Team USA 2023 for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, Team USA 2022 for GICOF in South Korea, and Team USA 2018 for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in the Netherlands. Emily believes cosplay is a common language where people come together and make lifelong friends regardless of their native language. Emily is passionate about spreading the love of cosplay and performance creation. Emily has been judging cosplay competitions since 2009 and running them since 2011. She runs the USA selections for the International Cosplay League in Spain and Cosplay World Masters in Portugal. She mentors cosplayers who are entering competitions or running competitions for the first time and fosters friendship and creativity in her community.


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