Anime Expo (AX) is known for being the largest anime convention in North America, having super talented cosplayers, and giving fans a place to call home – but what about being the perfect location for a wedding proposal? While most of us were at panels, the artist alley, or reading manga, two men were eagerly preparing to ask their respective girlfriends the biggest question of their lives: “Will you marry me?”

Nathan & Susanna

nathanSusannaWhile in college, Nathan was introduced to the world of anime by his friend, Tim. It wasn’t long before Nathan became addicted – which lead him to attend Anime Expo back in 2012. Tim promised to give Nathan a tour of the convention, but eventually “ditched” him with his sister, Susanna. Nathan noticed that his friend’s sister managed to be the same person in real life as she was in cosplay. This was what attracted him to her the most. “I think a lot of people feel like AX is a fandom of people who are entirely different from the characters they portray. Susanna wasn’t, and that’s kind of cool. Actually, really cool.” said Nathan. After AX 2012, they were able to learn about each other on a personal level, and eventually became an official couple. He decided to surprise Susanna by proposing to her at AX 2013. “There was something comforting about being back at AX where the whole thing started. And I think being in such a fun, comfortable, friendly atmosphere helped too,” Nathan stated. He decided that they would cosplay as their favorite characters from Clannad, and he would publicly propose to her at AX13. While down on his knee, Nathan was very confident. “There’s something that happens when you propose – you kind of file that possibility that she’ll say no into the back of your mind, and you just ignore it. You go in positive, because after all, she is the love of your life.” He was successful and received a “YES!” from Susanna. The couple plan on getting married in two or three years at Walt Disney World in Florida. Nathan advises men to trust their instincts when deciding to propose. “Let your heart decide. Sometimes it’s easy to let your mind do what your heart should be doing instead. It’s easy to think, evaluate, consider, reconsider…. it’s even natural to have second thoughts. But sometimes, if you truly want to make yourself the partner that girl needs, you have to take the lead in a leap of faith and brave all mental obstacles and ask!”

Written by Lindo Korchi

Edited by Lexie Tucker