AX Maid Cafe AND the *brand new* AX Butler Cafe are now accepting applications for Anime Expo 2015 at LACC. We are recruiting new Maids and Butlers. If you are interested in being staff at AX, please send in an application. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to let them know.

The deadline to turn in Applications will be February 28, 2015. There will NOT be multiple Application Cycles so be sure to apply now!

We encourage everyone to apply as soon as possible in order to increase your chance of being accepted. Staff positions are limited.

What is the AX Maid Cafe?
Evolved from the concept of cosplay restaurants, our maid event will feature staff dressed up in maid costumes. Our maids will provide an array of entertainment for their Goshujin-sama (Masters) to enjoy, such as interactive games, group dances, musical performances, photo ops, etc. If you’re interested in customer service, cosplay or moe (cute) culture, this would be a fun experience.

What is the AX Butler Cafe?
We’re so excited to announce that we’re starting our very own Butler Cafe this year! Just like the AX Maid Cafe, our butlers will feature staff dressed up in butler uniforms and provide an array of entertainment for their Ojou-sama (Mistresses). There will be dance performances, musical performances, photo ops, and an interaction period where you can play games at your table with the butlers. If you’ve ever watched Ouran High School Host Club, then you’ll know what to expect!

1. Must live in Southern California.
2. Must have reliable transportation.
3. Must have an e-mail address.
4. Must be 18 or older or be 18 by the time of the event.
5. Must be in good health.
6. Must attend most meeting and training dates.
7. Must be friendly, work well with others, and enthusiastic.
8. Must be available Sunday afternoons for rehearsals.

Standard AX Staff Volunteer Perks include AX staff volunteer badge, hotel space, food stipend, AX staff-only merchandise, main event ticket, and the opportunity to meet other passionate and fun staff! ^__^

Click here for more information about the AX Staff Volunteer Program.

How To Apply for AX Maid Cafe & AX Butler Cafe:

Send an email to with answers to the following questions and attached pictures.

  1. Your name and age
  2. Email and phone number – When is the best time to call?
  3. What position are you applying for? (Maid or Butler)
  4. Your location – Do you have transportation to come to the meetings in Torrance?
  5. What are your hobbies? What are some of your talents and attributes? (ie. singing, dancing, drawing, cosplaying, leadership, sewing)
  6. Have you ever performed in front of an audience before?
  7. What is special about you that makes us want to choose you to be a maid/butler? We want to know a little about yourself.
  8. Attach at least two clear pictures of yourself – one headshot and one full body picture.
  9. Attach a video or provide a link to a video of yourself. Please choose one of the following to submit. (MANDATORY)
    • Record a video introducing yourself and telling us about yourself. (at least ONE MINUTE IN LENGTH, no more than 3 minutes.)
    • If you’re auditioning for Maid Cafe, perform the Hare Hare Yukai dance. (We do not expect the dance to be perfect, but please give it your best effort.)
    • If you’re auditioning for Butler Cafe, please perform this routine. (ALL Butler auditionees MUST submit a video of yourself performing this dance. Please give it your best effort.)
    • If you already have a video of yourself dancing, you may provide that video as well.
    • Record a video of yourself singing or showcasing another talent that you have.
    •  If you wish, you may send us multiple videos.

We are also looking for an Assistant Manager for AX Maid Cafe! If interested, please include the answers to the following questions in your application:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What can you contribute to AX Maid Cafe as an Assistant Manager?
  3. Why should we choose you?
    *Please also attach your resume if you’re applying for the Assistant Manager position.*

Applications will only be reviewed by AX Maid and Butler Cafe coordinators. If you have any questions, contact us at Good luck! ^__^