We would like to announce that we will be opening up more available hotels soon! We understand that there have been some discrepancies with our reservation system and are working to fix the problem. For those of you who have received emails recently saying that your reservation has been canceled, it means that you have been taken off the wait list for that particular hotel as they are now full. There should be a link in the emails for other hotel booking options.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with this matter and we promise you that we are looking in to fixing it.

If you have any further questions regarding the hotels you can email our housing representatives at Rescenter@paravion-inc.com or call them at either (844) 843-6326 or (424) 702-3749 from 6am-5pm Monday-Friday. Do not fret if you are directed to voice mail. They will call you back before the end of the day!

Keep an eye out for more hotels coming soon!