During a regularly scheduled audit of our badge sales, we discovered that our previously planned allotment of Premier Fan badges was not sold during our Black Friday promotion. This is in part due to our switch over to a different registration system. As such, we will be opening up sales for additional Premier Fan badges on Wednesday, May 6th, at 7pm PST. Premier Fan badges will be sold at $275 each. We are confident that our new registration provider, Eventbrite, will be able to handle the website traffic so that everyone who is interested in purchasing a Premier Fan badge will get a fair chance to do so without any technical difficulties.

If you wish to “upgrade” your current 4-day badges to Premier Fan badges, you will be able to do so by first purchasing a Premier Fan badge and then requesting a refund for your old badge. This request can be submitted through our website.

$50 credit vs Main Event ticket inclusion

We will be removing the $50 credit as part of the Premier Fan badge offerings and instead go back to providing the inclusion of one Main Event ticket of your choice. Due to unexpected cancellations, we are unable to offer the paid autograph area this year. Premier Fans will still be able to use the 20% discount on Anime Expo official merchandise by showing their badge at the merchandise store in South Hall Lobby. This discount can be used multiple times throughout the weekend, but it cannot be combined with any other discounts.

For more information, please click here for more information.