Hosted by VGC Foundation, this exhibit will be an interactive, fully hands-on experience showing the history of video games, a perfect fit for the Entertainment Hall! While visitors are playing any one of the 100+ gaming consoles, they will be readily able to visualize the decades-long history of console gaming since the mid 1970’s.  Featuring, Atari, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and a “One Hit Wonders” section of less popular platforms– at least one of every console model ever marketed by the featured makers is available for active play, with games ranging from iconic classics to current hits.

About VGC Foundation

VGC Foundation is a California public benefit corporation and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to consistently providing education on the history of video game and computer technology, and providing education on video game safety. Video and computer games play a larger role in our lives, and many people in our society are not aware of the many safety concerns that exist with online gaming. With this in mind, we host events that show guests the history of video game and computer technology. People not only get an opportunity to play every game console ever made for the last 50 years, they also get an educational experience from it. Workshops and panel discussions educate on video game safety, time management, and sportsmanship. Workshops also feature educational experiences in game design, computer programming, computer building and repair, voice acting, and animation. We hold small workshops and panel discussions throughout the year with local schools, youth organizations, video game clubs, and conventions on video game and computer game safety.

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