One of our most popular events at Anime Expo, the Maid Cafe is an interactive experience inspired by the maid cafes of Akihabara. Our cute and courteous maids will cater to your every need and then break out into dance and song to entertain guests over a refreshing cup of iced coffee or cozy cup of tea.

Maid Cafe Showtimes

Butler Cafe is the newest addition to the Maid Cafe line-up!  Just like Maid Cafe, this show is an interactive experience which offers an array of entertainment, including dances, musical performances, photo ops, and more.

Butler Cafe Showtimes

Both Maid and Butler Cafe offer two different shows, a regular, all-ages show ($25) and an 18+ special show ($30). For Maid Cafe, the 18+ special will feature a bunny theme, and the Butler Cafe will have a sports festival theme.