For fans of more mature content, Hentai artists Toshio Maeda and Bosshi will both be coming to this year’s AX! Both Toshio Maeda and Bosshi will be participating in panels and autograph sessions:

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Toshio MaedaToshio Maeda, the self-proclaimed “tentacle master,” is a prolific Japanese hentai manga artist and one of the most influential artists of the 1980s and 1990s. He writes hentai manga for both men and women, and many of his works; including UrotsukidojiLa Blue GirlDemon Beast Invasion, and Adventure Kid, have received anime adaptations.




bosshisigBosshi, a popular Japanese hentai manga artist, has a unique style that has placed him on the forefront of the scene in Japan. His first English release Peachy-Butt Girls, published by FAKKU, was one of the best-selling hentai manga published in the United States in 2014. Many of his works, including Futabu!Futabu! MixMizugi Kanojo, and Oujo-sama wa H ga Osuki, have received anime adaptations.

At Anime Expo 2015 Bosshi will be making available an exclusive doujin for his American fans, similar to what would be available at Comiket in Japan.