Shinya of DIR EN GREY to model for h.NAOTO

Anime Expo Fashion Show is proud to present the exclusive runway debut of Shinya of DIR EN GREY as a celebrity Guest of Honor, modeling exclusively for h.NAOTO.

In addition to appearing in the fashion show, Shinya will also be participating in a Q&A panel with h.NAOTO as well as autograph sessions throughout the weekend.

With a career spanning 9 spectacular studio albums and ranking on the music charts with nearly every release, DIR EN GREY remains one of the leading influences on the modern Japanese music industry. DIR EN GREY’s newest album ARCHE released in December of 2014 and ranked #3 in the Billboard Japan Top Album category. The album’s opening track “Un Deux” was featured in the advertisement campaign for Resident Evil (Biohazard): Revelations 2 in Japan.
Shinya has been the drummer of this internationally-acclaimed rock band since its inception in 1997 and major debut in 1999. Shinya is a favorite among fans for his superb technique as a legendary drummer as well as for his unique fashion sense, characterized by sleek and androgynous styles.

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  • Gothic Lolita Wigs /Rockstar Wigs to sponsor Fashion Show.
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Event Details

  • When: Friday, July 3 @ 5:30 ~ 7:30 PM
  • Where:  LP2 (Petree Hall)
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