As Day 0 draws to an end, we’ve continued to work towards keeping you all informed and up-to-date on social media, including over our Twitter page!

Our overall official hashtags are:

  • #AX2015
  • #AnimeExpo

Also, our social media team has been working hard on organizing new Twitter campaigns to make this year’s Anime Expo as engaging and entertaining as possible!

1. #FoundOssan

Chicchai Ossan, our special mascot guest, will be roaming the convention center during the day. If you can find him, take a picture with him and tag it “#FoundOssan,” you can receive a special prize!

2. #AXTBT (Thursday, July 2nd ONLY)

Day 1 of the Con will feature a campaign that we hope will help you remember all the fun Anime Expo has brought in the past- AX Throwback Thursday! Post pictures or stories from past cons with the tag“#AXTBT,” and we’ll feature our favorites on our Twitter page.

3. #AXTopTips 

First cons can be scary- not knowing where to go, what to do, or how to correctly sit in the hallway. For our more seasoned con attendees, we’ve created the Top Tips campaign. Tweet us your best piece of con advice, and we’ll share our favorites!

4. #3WordStory

Everyone’s got a crazy con story! Here’s your chance to tell us, with a small catch: you have to tell your story using only three words or phrases. Whether it’s “Naruto, cosplay, fountain” or “Tim, ball pit, anger,” we’ll feature the funniest stories on our official Twitter page.

5. #HumansofAX

Keep an eye out for our on-the-floor social media members, who will be running around and conducting short interviews with attendees. We want to know about you- where you’re from, what you do besides cosplay, or even why you came to AX in the first place. The fans are the people who make this convention possible, and everyone’s got a story. You could be featured on our Twitter page- the star of Anime Expo!