AX Maid Cafe and the AX Butler Cafe are now accepting applications for Anime Expo 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We are recruiting new Maids and Butlers~! If you are interested, please read below and send in an application. For more information about our AX Volunteer Program, please feel free to check the “Volunteering at AX” page.

Deadline: April 15th 2016 (There will NOT be multiple application cycles so be sure to apply now!)

We encourage everyone to apply as soon as possible in order to increase your chance of being accepted. Volunteer positions are limited.

What is the AX Maid Cafe?
Evolved from the concept of cosplay restaurants, our Maid Cafe event will feature volunteers dressed up in maid costumes. Our maids will provide an array of entertainment for their Goshujin-sama (Masters) to enjoy, such as interactive games, group dances, musical performances, photo ops, etc. If you’re interested in customer service, cosplay or moe (cute) culture, this would be a fun experience.

What is the AX Butler Cafe?
Just like the AX Maid Cafe, our butlers will feature volunteers dressed up in butler uniforms and provide an array of entertainment for their Ojou-sama (Mistresses). There will be dance performances, musical performances, photo ops, and an interaction period where you can play games at your table with the butlers. If you’ve ever watched Ouran High School Host Club, then you’ll know what to expect!