We’re excited to introduce Emi and Satoshi, the managers of the AX Maid & Butler Cafe~! Read more about them, their journeys to being AX Volunteers, and some insight on their experiences below:

6-18-16 AX2016 Maid-Butler Cafe-7757

Emi (left) and Satoshi (right)

Name: Emi
Horoscope: Scorpio
Years at Anime Expo: 7
Favorite Food: Veggie Burritos
Favorite Maid Dance: Happy Synthesizer
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon
Why did you join Maid Cafe? I joined Maid Cafe back in 2011 because it looked like fun. I had heard about Maid Cafes in Japan and decided I would love to be a part of one and have loved it ever since!
What is your favorite part about being a Maid? My favorite part about being a Maid is meeting new people, other Maids and guests. I have met so many wonderful and amazing people over the years, I wouldn’t trade all of the friendships and memories I have made for anything. Maid Cafe has become such a wonderful part of my life that I look forward to every year.
What is your favorite memory from Anime Expo? One of my favorite memories from Anime Expo is the time when all of us went to Masquerade after our last show to cheer on one of our Butlers performing in the halftime show. We all rushed over there as fast as we could and got there just in time. We were probably the loudest people there. The love and support we all have for each other in the things we do was definitely shown that day and reminded me that being part of Maid and Butler Cafe is like being part of one big family.


Name: Satoshi
Horoscope: Virgo
Years at Anime Expo: As a volunteer? 2 going on 3. Attending: 6
Favorite Food: Curry with a burger patty, rice, and a sunny side up egg! (Ginger! Lots of ginger!!)
Favorite Butler Dance: Mr. Chu + Dope aka Mr. Dope (AX 2016)
Favorite Anime: Can’t choose one! Rurouni Kenshin, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Digimon
Why did you join Butler Cafe?
I’ve always loved entertaining people on stage. For the past years, before I started to volunteer, there was only so much I did at Anime Expo. When the opportunity came, it seemed like a great idea to experience a new side of the convention, as well as entertain people at the convention!
What is your favorite part about being a Butler?
The journey! Getting a chance to see people, who by the end of all the preparations I call friends, go from normal people to performers putting their heart and soul to give guests the best entertainment they can provide. The journey that brings us all together remembering the hours of practice, stress, laughs, late night hangouts, falling asleep mid-bite after a long day of rehearsal or performing. The journey that actually makes us all change the way we live to make other people’s day a little better. It’s great!
What is your favorite memory from Anime Expo?
AX 2015, Day 4 Packing and closing the cafe down for the year. We got a chance to hang out with EVERYONE (Maids and Butlers) to reminisce all the hard work we did and memories that we shared. It reminded me that even though we joined together to volunteer, we stayed the whole way to be with our friends.

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