This year’s cover is a collaboration with a member of the AX community: Kehasuk! The AX 2017 program guide cover art features a wide variety of characters that represent Anime Expo attendees, volunteers, and other fun cultural references.

“It was a lot of fun translating my experience in the convention scene into an art piece, as well as creating characters that reflect the diversity of attendees, personalities, and cultures.,” said Kris, the artist behind Kehasuk. “There’s a lot of mashups too, which is a lot of fun and lets me pack in more references!” (Fun fact: There are over seventy different references hidden in the art piece!)

The AX 2017 program guide cover art will be available as a shirt and a poster at the AX Merch Store as early as June 29. The AX Merch Store located in both the South Hall and West Hall Lobby! Come to early badge pick up starting on June 29 and stop by the AX Merch Store!

Interview with the Artist:

How did you get into anime?

When I took family trips to Thailand as a kid, I would be so jetlagged that I would be watching TV at 3AM. That’s when I discovered Dragon Ball Z, which is still my favorite anime.

When did you first attend Anime Expo?

“I first went in 2004, and I was so overwhelmed! I lived in a small town outside San Francisco where anything anime-related was largely inaccessible. Coming to Anime Expo and seeing all everything in the Exhibit Hall and all the cosplay was so amazing!

What do you love about AX?

“Fans at AX seem to be really invested and engaged; it seems like everyone is really having a good time! The atmosphere and energy kind of feels like an amusement park.”

About Kehasuk

Kris Kehasukjaren is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates whimsical, immersive pieces of artwork based on games, movies, cartoons, comics, and Japanese animation. Kris had always been interested in art and drawing while growing up. The subject of his art focuses on the media that influenced him throughout his life and the creativity and themes

After taking a short break from drawing, he picked it up again in 2013 and then returned to Anime Expo to following year as an exhibitor. Since then, he has exhibited at conventions across the nation and all over the world.

To learn more, visit

Find Kehasuk at booth #2926 in the Exhibit Hall.