Come join the adventures of Lemon, a little girl who loves to be in love and her fluffy best friend Sugar-sometimes sweet & sometimes sour! More information about Lemon & Sugar’s activities at AX are TBA.

“Lemon & Sugar”, created by Lemona Design has hit Japan by storm with their 4-panel manga, cute merchandise, signature Lemon Candies and huge Deco-Bento fan base. Lemon is a cute little girl who loves to be in love. As the world’s first Lemon Ambassador, she spends her days spreading LOVE and LEMON with her best friend Sugar. He’s fluffy and snuggly and full of fun surprises. Sugar is very much in love with Lemon, so everything he does, he does it all for her from the goodness of his heart! Come and join the exciting adventures of Lemon and Sugar- sometimes sweet and sometimes sour!

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