Art by Hitomi Kariya, a resident of the Animator Dormitory who joined April 2017.

We are excited to announce that the AX 2017 Charity Auction surpassed its goal of $10,000 and raised a total of $12,561 for Animator Dormitory! To show their thanks, some of the current residents have sent messages and art to thank all who helped support them by participating in the Charity Auction.

The Animator Dormitory provides discounted housing to new animators in the Tokyo area. The nonprofit responsible for the Animator Dormitory, Animator’s Support Organization, was first established in 2010. In 2014, they opened their first dormitory and have since been able to expand to open more locations to support a total of eight animators.

Anime Expo is honored to be able to directly support people in the industry who help create the content that we all love. To learn more about Animator Dormitory and how to give, please visit their current crowdfunding page.

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Messages from Animator Dormitory Residents:

Dear Anime Expo and all who have participated in the charity auction,

Hello. I am Hitomi Kariya, a start-up animator who juined this industry this year.

Thank you for your generous donations. My life, in which I have a place to live and sleep, is thanks to the support of so many people. I will try even harder so that I can live up to everyone’s expectations someday!

Hello. It’s Tetsuya Akutsu, a boarder who lives in the Animator Dormitory. Animators’ low salary problem is so serious for every single start-up animator. While many start-up animators quit their job due to this problem, one of the biggest reasons that I have been able to keep myself from quitting is the Animator Dormitory and much support I have received. Thank you so much for supporting the Animator Dormitory and always giving us a helping hand.