Since 2013, we have been proud to provide a selection of photo sets for cosplayers to pose and take pictures in. This year, we’re looking to add a new set, and we’d love your help with picking out which one to create!

We’ve narrowed it down to the following three choices:

(Please note that photos are provided for reference only! The final result will not necessarily look like these photos.)

1. Medieval/Castle

A Medieval/Castle set would be great for anyone cosplaying from a fantasy or adventure series, as well as some RPG games or even historical series.
Image via RocketNews 24

2. Traditional/Historic Japanese Architecture

Show off traditional Japanese-styled cosplay or historical anime/games in an Edo Tokyo-inspired facade.
Image via RocketNews 24

3. Japanese Train Car

A Japanese train car would allow for more flexibility for anyone cosplaying from a series set in modern-day Japan, rather than the more school-oriented rooftop and classroom sets.
Image via Daily Mail / Twitter @keihandensha

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Check out the photos below to see all the other photo sets that we have available in the Entertainment Hall‘s Cosplay Experience!