Over the course of our history, Anime Expo has hosted many amazing concerts and performances. We’ve had the honor of hosting first-time performances in the U.S. and once-in-a-lifetime performances. This year, we’re excited to present for the third year in a row: Anisong World Matsuri, created in association with BANDAI NAMCO Arts, Inc., Amuse Inc., Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and other leading Japanese entertainment companies.

As Anime Expo has grown in size over the years, so too has the popularity of anime and Japanese pop culture. With that growth has also come an increased demand for the many panels, events, and other features of AX. Each year, we aim to offer special, fun, and unique experiences for our attendees, where they can create memories that they will treasure for years to come.

We understand that many are very excited to see their favorite musicians perform, but we are dismayed to see some taking advantage of that excitement for their own profit. We are incredibly disappointed by the increase in ticket scalping and abuse that we’ve seen, and we need your help! Help us fight ticket scalping!

Do not buy tickets from unauthorized, third-party resellers.

Buying tickets for the purpose of reselling them hurts the fan community. Buying tickets from third parties encourages more scalping and can result in fraud and loss. Reselling or transferring tickets is not permitted and such tickets may be canceled without prior notice. You may end up falling victim to a scam by purchasing a ticket that doesn’t exist and there will be little to no protection for such a purchase.

We are also making the following updates to our ticketing policy:
  • One Ticket Per Name: Individuals cannot purchase multiple tickets under the same name. We don’t want to prevent any groups of friends from wanting to sit together so multiple tickets can be purchased by a single person, but each ticket must have a different name. Any current orders with duplicate names have until 12 PM PDT on May 12, 2018 to submit requests for changes to events@anime-expo.org. After this time, anyone found to have multiple tickets in his/her name will have all but one ticket canceled without notice.
  • Deadline to Change Names on Tickets: Names assigned to each ticket can only be changed within two weeks of the purchase date, and only the attendee whose name appears on the ticket may use it to enter the venue. Ticket purchasers will no longer be able to change the names on their tickets within their Showclix account. All name change requests must be submitted to events@anime-expo.org. A valid government-issued ID may be requested at the entrance to verify the name on the ticket. The deadline to make changes regardless of when you made your purchase is June 23, 2018 at 12 PM PDT.
  • All Ticket Holders must be present for Will-Call: Anyone who purchases multiple tickets and wants to pick up their entire order must have all ticket holders present to do so. Individual ticket holders can pick up their own ticket without the buyer present, given that the name on the ticket matches their ID.

We are currently investigating a number of resellers and will be taking actions accordingly, such as suspension/cancellation of pre-sale access, ticket orders, or AX badges. If you see any offers to sell tickets, please feel free to send all available information to events@anime-expo.org.

Any attempts to resell tickets onsite is against the law and a direct violation under California Penal Code § 346 and will strongly be enforced.