Are you a musician, DJ, dancer, or other performance act that has been inspired by anime, video games, or Japanese music and pop culture? Interested in the opportunity to be a part of Anime Expo? We are looking for undiscovered acts and well-known professionals for performance opportunities in a variety of event formats.

While we do not currently have any details available to share about what Anime Expo will look like in 2021, performer applications let us know who is interested in participating in AX so that we can plan accordingly. We know how important Anime Expo is for our community, and we are committed to creating a fun and safe experience for attendees to enjoy in 2021.

Who Should Apply:

  • AXDance: DJs and VJs
  • Lounge 21: Musicians, singers, cover bands, or other musical acts
  • Community Stage: Musicians, singers, cover bands, martial artists, dance groups, idol groups, anything!

Deadline to apply: February 6, 2021, at 11:59 PM

Submit Performer Application

If you have questions, email us at