Come see your favorite gaming streamers LilyPichu, DisguisedToast, Scarra, Yvonnie, and Brodin Plett at this OfflineTV Q&A panel.


Event Details:
Time: July 2 @ 1:15 PM
OfflineTV is hosting a Q&A! We’re excited to chat with everyone and answer some questions 🙂 ***This room will NOT be cleared prior to this panel. This room will NOT be cleared after this panel.***

About Disguised Toast 

A tactical mastermind regardless of the game, Disguised Toast blends skilled gameplay with a creative sense of humor to keep viewers consistently entertained. The Among Us king is loved by his community for his unapologetically authentic approach to content.

About Yvonne

Fondly known as the “mom” of Offline TV because of her responsible and caring nature, Yvonnie shines in her vlog content. Yvonnie has a unique ability to create meaningful lasting connections with people both on and off stream.


About LilyPichu

Voice acting, art, music, streaming… you name it and Lilypichu can do it. She truly brings joy and comfort to her millions of followers regardless of the content. Lily’s creativity, kindness and undeniable effervescence clearly shows in every piece of her content.

About Scarra

Former professional League of Legends player and founder of Offline TV, Scarra is the beloved “dad” of the group. Offering endless insightful and entertaining content to his millions of followers, Scarra always showcases his top-tier skills, no matter the game.

Brodin Plett