Let the curtain rise on a masquerade of humans and heroes,
made to dance upon the stage of a false Holy Grail.

Be the first to experience a new Holy Grail War in the western American city of Snowfield with the English dub screening of Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn- presented by Aniplex of America at Anime Expo 2023!

This exclusive event will be happening on Saturday, July 1st at 7 PM in Main Events, with special appearances by directors Shun Enokido and Takahito Sakazume.

Based on the 2015 light novel by Ryohgo Narita (published by Dengeki Bunko), who is also known for creating Durarara!! and Baccano!, Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn- sets the stage in America for the first time ever in a new Holy Grail War.

The story unfolds as numerous Masters and Servants are entangled in a vicious battle to the death in this TV special featuring music by legendary composer Hiroyuki Sawano and animation production by A-1 Pictures, who also took part in the production of Fate/Apocrypha in 2017.


About Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-

In a Holy Grail War, Mages (Masters) and their Heroic Spirits (Servants) fight for the control of the Holy Grail, an omnipotent wish-granting device said to fulfill any desire.

Years have passed since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War in Japan.

Now, signs portend the emergence of a new Holy Grail in the western American city of Snowfield.

Sure enough, Masters and Servants begin to gather…

A missing Servant class…

Impossible Servant summonings…

A nation shrouded in secrecy…

And a city created as a battleground.

In the face of such irregularities, the Holy Grail War is twisted and driven into the depth of madness.


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