American Vtubers Abī Kadabura and Serina Maiko are navigating a unique cross-cultural journey. As part of V4Mirai, the first English-based Vtuber project spearheaded by Brave group who produces Japan’s acclaimed Vspo! and RIOT MUSIC , they’re forging down their own path in this rapidly evolving Vtuber industry.

The world of Vtubers has grown exponentially over these last few years. Originating from Japan, this new paradigm of digital wonder has taken the global entertainment industry by storm, offering fresh, innovative content for audiences to enjoy.

Abī and Serina, the first generation of V4Mirai, are at the forefront of this cross-cultural phenomenon. A unique fusion of cultures, living as American Vtubers and produced by a Japanese agency, all the contemplating and critical thinking needed to overcome the territorial challenge manifest tremendous opportunities. The team behind them, navigating international waters, believes every late, or early, meeting and all the cultural education necessary is worth it for V4Mirai’s shining potential!

Abī Kadabura, the multi-lingual, magician trainee with a genius brain for comedy, and Serina Maiko, the princess whose striking dance moves and brilliant voice enchants all who witness them, share a common thread: They chase their dreams far away from home with extreme passion. They’re not just characters on your screen; they are pioneers in a space where East meets West, reality and virtual meld together, and entertainment gives way to a new dimension.

Whether it’s Abī ’s comedic magic that sends audiences into realms of laughter or Serina’s most soothing voice, which demands being heard all across the world, these Vtubers are redefining what it means to be a global performer.

The upcoming panel, “What is it like to be an American Vtuber with a Japanese agency?” lets Vtuber fans and those curious about the industry gain deeper insight into Abī and Serina’s experiences, and by extension the international world of Vtubing. The trials and triumphs of juggling cultural differences, figuring out those time zones and language gaps, and the unique rewards of their unprecedented journey, they’ll dig into it all. 

As we gear up for the panel, we invite you to join us in embracing Abī and Serina bring to the Vtuber industry and putting yourself in their shoes for the day. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about empathy, collaboration, and forging real human connections in the digital landscape!

Stay tuned for more updates on the panel and our remarkable Vtubers, Abī and Serina, as they continue to enchant us with their theatrics and pave the way for future International Vtubers in Japanese agencies.