We are thrilled to announce that the Obey Me! Boys will be making a return to Anime Expo as official Guests of Honor! Join the seven voice actors of the main cast to celebrate the release of Obey Me! Nightbringer!


About the Obey Me! Boys:

The Obey Me! Boys are comprised of the voice actors of the seven main characters in the otome game and anime series Obey Me!

They are Kazuya Yamashita (Lucifer), Hirotaka Kobayashi (Mammon), Satoshi Kada (Leviathan), Shinya Sumi (Satan), Miura Ayme (Asmodeus), Kyohei Yaguchi (Beelzebub), and Satoshi Onishi (Belphegor).

This band of voice actors has sung, danced and, of course, acted their way into the hearts of otome fans across the globe. Now catch them in person at Anime Expo in a special Guest of Honor autograph session, four premium autograph sessions and their biggest panel yet!


Download Obey Me! Nightbringer below:



Watch the Obey Me! anime and the cast’s live-action appearances: