Anime Expo is heating up with the ultimate clash: “Monke vs Gremolin”! Join CDawgVA and Ironmouse, the dynamic duo of anime and gaming, as they take the stage for an unforgettable panel. Prepare for laughter, entertainment, and a battle of wits as these two charismatic creators engage in epic banter. Don’t miss out on this thrilling showdown at Anime Expo!


CDawgVA is a YouTuber and esteemed voice actor. With his infectious energy and humor, he has garnered a dedicated following since launching his channel in 2014. CDawgVA’s content revolves around anime, voice acting, and comedic skits, resonating with fans who appreciate his entertaining and engaging style. Known for his collaborations with other prominent YouTubers and voice actors, CDawgVA has become a beloved figure within the anime community


Ironmouse, a Puerto Rican VTuber, is a popular Twitch streamer with 1.5 million followers. Known for her ever-changing model, variety content, and operatic singing voice, she captivates audiences. Hosting the podcast “Speak of the Devil,” she interviews content creators and engages with her community. Ironmouse’s 3D concert peaked at 30,000 live viewers and she has collaborated with brands like Hoyoverse, Xbox, and Crunchyroll. She is a strong supporter of the Immune Deficiency Foundation, making her an influential figure in the streaming community.