Get ready for Anime Expo’s “Lewdtuber Panel with Projekt Melody”! Join Projekt Melody, alongside CottontailVA, VexTheSunEater, and YaraNaikaVO, as they delve into the enticing world of lewd content creation. Expect candid discussions, spicy anecdotes, and a celebration of the lewd side of VTubing. It’s a panel that will push boundaries and ignite passions. Don’t miss out on this! 🔥🔞

Projekt Melody has established herself as the Hentai A.I., a moniker emphasizing a unique obsession with futuristic technology and the adult film space. As the original lewdtuber and founding member of VShojo, Melody is fixated on pushing pre-existing technology in unexpected directions. Getting her start on a popular adult webcam site, she debuted with an anime-style 3D model, utilizing AAA motion-capture technology, a custom game engine, and a line of confused, yet curious developers. It is Melody’s desire to contribute to the advancement of technology, introducing anime into adult spaces.

CottontailVA is a skilled voice actress and VTuber. She is known for her ability to bring characters to life with her incredible vocal range. Cottontail’s journey as a VTuber began in 2019, and she has since gained a dedicated following. With her charming and wholesome personality, Cottontail creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for her viewers. Whether she’s playing games, chatting with her audience, or showcasing her artistic talent, Cottontail continues to captivate fans with her delightful content.

VexTheSunEater is a versatile content creator, voice actor, and Twitch streamer. With a captivating and humorous personality, VexTheSunEater entertains and engages their audience through a wide variety of content. As a skilled voice actor, she delivers captivating performances through her impressive emotive range. VexTheSunEater continues to expand her reach and share her unique brand of entertainment with the world.

YaraNaikaVO is a talented voice actor and content creator known for their exceptional performances and engaging presence. With a diverse vocal range, they bring characters to life with authenticity and depth. YaraNaikaVO’s journey as a voice actor began in 2017, and they have since showcased their skills in various projects across different mediums. They continue to make a significant impact in the world of voice acting and content creation.