The crossover is official! McDonald’s is joining the WEBTOON universe – and it’s happening at Anime Expo LA. Put on your favorite outfit and meet us at the WEBTOON x McDonald’s booth where your inner child can go full turbo mode and celebrate WEBTOON’s 9th birthday together!


This year, WEBTOON will be celebrating its 9th birthday with fans live at Anime Expo – in partnership with none other than McDonald’s, where many of us celebrated our childhood birthdays with a party! Capture your main character moment when you step into the only WEBTOON alternate universe McDonald’s restaurant in the world. Make it the set of your own birthday photoshoot with beloved WEBTOON characters, collect unique party favors (AKA exclusive swag), and celebrate with your friends. Pro tip: Wear something green or gold if you want to curate that color coordination for the ‘gram. 


To secure your invite, simply download the McDonald’s app, sign up for MyMcDonald’s Rewards, and present it at the McDonald’s x WEBTOON booth. You’ll gain access to one of our gachapon machines filled with merchandise from McDonald’s and WEBTOON including Shin-Ae from I Love Yoo, Persephone from Lore Olympus, and Baam from Tower of God. Each day, guests will also have a chance to win a $300 McDonald’s Arch Card. As a bonus, everyone will receive a never-before-seen art print by WEBTOON legend and I Love Yoo creator, Quimchee. Lastly, you can walk away with an AX-exclusive WEBTOON tote bag as long as you have the WEBTOON app on your phone. Don’t miss out and grab your goodies while supplies last! 


For more details about the event, go to the WEBTOON app and read the latest episode of “WEBTOON Now”. This is a celebration you won’t want to miss! 


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Make sure you look out for this booth and follow WEBTOON to learn more about the WEBTOON Block Party, a whole summer of events highlighting 9 years of WEBTOON with plenty of gifts in store for you.