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    This is where you meet your people, celebrate and play. It’s music, it’s panels, it’s anime premieres.

Signature Events

There are some events, some special events, that were so good in the past that they’ve broken through to Signature Events level. They’re back by popular demand. Like, Knights of the Blood Oath showing up at your house type popular demand. So, check them out. It wouldn’t be Anime Expo 2017 without them.

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Spectating at Anime Expo is an understatement. Whether you are interested in experiencing the Maid and Butler Cafés or being blown away by Masquerade, this is where you need to be.

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Are you ready to battle? Anime Expo is where to be. Pick your poison: from epic cosplay competitions to a legendary karaoke showdown, you will be able to pit your skills against the best in the business. Good luck!

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Are you looking for an immersive experience in an intimate environment? Then our themed lounges are perfect for you. Kick up your feet, relax and allow our hosts to entertain.

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Be among the first to watch a premiere, discover a new series, re-watch an old favorite alongside other fans

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