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The cross-section of EDM and anime fandom.

Local DJs and headliners from Japan all come together to play every major popular genre from J-pop to House music, plus remixes of anime songs! During the day, come check out a workshop to learn a new dance or show off your moves in a dance competition. Interested in performing in AXDance? Please check the Get Involved page for more information.

AX DANCE Features:
  • Workshops and Competitions (Daytime programming from around 10 AM - 6 PM)
  • All Ages Dance (8 PM - 10 PM)*
  • 18+ Dance (10 PM - 2 AM)*

AX DANCE is “all responsible ages” in accordance to the City of Los Angeles’s curfew policy. Everyone can attend AX DANCE in the evening from 8 - 10:30pm. After 10pm, AX DANCE will not let anyone in under the age of 18.

If you are coming to the AXDance after 10pm you must have the following:

  • An 18+ Wristband (Can be acquired at an Info Services booth or Event Operations room by presenting a valid form of ID such as a state ID, driver’s license, or passport)
  • A valid AX badge

You may also be subject to a light security search by our licensed security on hand to gain access to AX DANCE.

Dance (all in Concourse Hall E):


Day 1

  • TBA

Day 2

  • TBA

Day 3

  • TBA

Day 4

  • TBA

2022 AX Dance DJ Lineup


Assertive is a hardcore producer/DJ from Canada, currently residing in California.

Making music since 2008, he has released original tracks on several compilation albums such as MEGAREX’s Techcore Evangelix series, and also often makes hardcore remixes and bootlegs. His bootleg (with Mitomoro) of “Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon has been supported by Porter Robinson himself, as well as getting Kizuna AI’s seal of approval on his remix of her track “Hello, Morning”.

With experience DJing several times in Japan, including at the legendary club MOGRA, he is excited to bring the Japanese Hardcore/J-Core experience to AX Dance this year!

Future Funk Monthly

Future Funk Monthly (FFM) has been the project of Andrew Turner, an avid fan of the genre and alike since 2014. For 5 years straight, February 2016 – February 2021, FFM personally curated and recorded a mix of songs, released only during that month, from artists all around the world creating and releasing ‘Future Funk’ music. Providing a fresh take and way to stay up to date on who’s releasing what, both veterans and up and coming artists. Along with mixing, FFM has participated in multiple live stream events and festivals within the community and even live concert events before the pandemic. While the monthly mixes have taken a hiatus for the time being, FFM hopes to bring the funky vibes to you in person and keep your feet moving.


AdvanceRatio is a Canadian DJ with a love for all things high energy.  Originally inspired by the diverse musical styles and unconstrained mixing of the Japanese Vocakura scene, he made his debut in early 2020 and has become a familiar face at online anikura and vocakura DJ events across the world ever since.  Building on a backbone of pumping EDM, including big room house, hardstyle and hardcore, AdvanceRatio aims to deliver pure fun with well-known anthems, unexpected vocal mashups, and above all else, energy.


Growing up playing rhythm games such as DDR and beatmania IIDX, Jeremiyuhhh developed his love for electronic music which now turned into a passion towards DJing. Starting off as a bedroom DJ / streamer during the pandemic, he has gained a following on Twitch spinning a wide range of EDM genres like House, Bass, Trance, Hardstyle, J-Core, and more. This DJ brings in the high energy vibes filled with bangers, mashups, and genre-bending edits to get people moving on the dance floor.


Carl, born in 1991, has long been an anime fan and started to listen to Anisong remixes in 2014. In 2020, Carl received his first DJ controller and began his DJ adventure. In April 2022, he made his online debut at Anison Hijack. As a 4-time AX veteran and a novice in DJ, Carl will try his best to bring some hype to AX Dance.


Jale, better known as HYPERLOCK, is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. He owes a lot of his roots to a plethora of electronic music found in the Japanese doujin music scene, especially in genres such as UK Hardcore and Progressive House. This is best reflected in his works such as his debut EP “Halo Skies”, which pays homage to a lot of those said influences. With years of experience DJing in real life as well as in the virtual space, he aims to create a live experience that is both energetic and emotional, combining a flow of styles and genres into a seamless mix.


FIND THE RABBIT is a VJ+DJ based in San Francisco, CA. Started off her DJ career in late 2020 gaining popularity on Twitch mixing her favorite sounds of Hard Dance (Happy+UK Hardcore, Psystyle, Hardstyle) to Trance (Uplift, Psy, Tech) while topping off the energy with K-POP remixes & J-Core. From bedroom DJ to Twitch Partner and now performing AX live!Rabbit has operated 1000+ visual events in the Music industry since 2014.
(NVIDIA, SF Pride, Adventure Club, Rezz, Darren Styles, Bryan Kearney +more)

“I hope I can make you feel happy to survive life to experience this.”

You found the rabbit.


ohyea is a new and upcoming producer/DJ who is starting to take his emergence in the EDM
culture. With his musical flavors ranging from a little bit of everything for everyone, Not sticking to just one genre. His High energy performance will be sure to get everyone dancing and grooving to the music He is one to be sure to look out for, especially with his first ever debut performance at Anime Expo!


Darkstarr is a So Cal native that currently resides in Cincy Ohio. In the early 2000’s he got his start spinning at underground raves in the Southern California desert. More recently Darkstarr has had the opportunity to play out in several states and has played at venues both small and large.  He’s always had a deep love for Happy Hardcore and what it represents: life, love, and happiness.

Maid Nagi

Maid Nagi is an American music producer and DJ from Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Houston Texas, Maid Nagi moved to Los Angeles to hyper start her career in the EDM/AniSong scene and found success as a livestreamer on gaining her partnership and tens of thousands of followers, placing her within the 0.3% top streamers on the Twitch platform. Now producing a wide variety of music tracks, played by hundreds of DJ’s around the world, and collaborating with the best in the industry, Maid Nagi is honored to be a part of Anime Expo’s dance, bringing high-energy beats and the AniSong energy you love to dance to. Outside of the music world, Maid Nagi is an avid cosplayer and the Head Maid of Arcane Maid Cafe, an Akihabara-inspired maid cafe based in Los Angeles.


Dooi is a hardcore DJ and producer from St. Louis, but currently lives in the Washington DC Metro Area.
With a background of playing shows and touring with multiple punk and metal bands since 2008, dooi has always been about high energy and involvement. Since beginning DJ’ing in 2019, dooi has played various live events and also created AMV-esque visuals to couple with live streamed sets. Despite producing for less than a year, he hopes to add to the scene he’s loved for years.

For AX Dance, dooi is planning his highest energy set yet, complete with Japanese Hardcore and Anison remixes/bootlegs!

All Hell Breaks Loops

All Hell Breaks Loops is a multiclass DJ/VJ from Los Angeles. His video talents have placed him everywhere from the boardroom to the greenroom, with a mixed media/mixed format style porting the worlds of anikura, EDM, bespoke 3D renders, and unintended artifacts.  A product of the southern California anisong/doujin scene, briefly exported to performances in Tokyo, Japan, AHBL’s talents now extend to club and festival bookings including The Academy, The Shrine, Avalon, and Mogra (Tokyo).


Kairos is an event/performance DJ based in SoCal that is currently making her name known in the music industry. She is no stranger to the anime convention scene and enjoys mixing high energy sets using open style format to blend anisong hits with an electronic dance twist. In addition, she has opened up for acts like Manila Killa and has DJed at a variety of well-known venues in cities spanning from Los Angeles to Tokyo demonstrating her wide music selection and bright personality. With her experience DJ-ing at cons such as Anime Impulse, Anime Expo, and LVL UP Expo, she is thrilled to provide a club-style entertainment experience for all AX attendees.

Just like the meaning of her name, Kairos hopes to inspire people to truly find their opportune moment through music experiences. Even if it’s just hearing a new song, feeling a certain type of emotion, or being exposed to a different sound, she wants to create moments of discovery and opportunities for her audience.


Flipboitamidles is a seasoned mashup artist, having done mashups for the past decade. His mashups have been played around the world such as in Japan, Australia, and the UK. His mashups has also been noticed from some notable musicians such as Ellie Goulding, The Weekend, and Skrillex. Although his style of mashups are simple, his execution of his ideas is how he has a gained a following in the mashup scene.


NΣΣT (pronounced “NEET”) is a Filipino-Canadian music producer and live performance DJ from Calgary, Alberta.

Since 2012, NΣΣT has emerged as an ever-evolving artist with a discography ranging from gentle piano ballads to synth-heavy sample-driven indietronica bangers. NΣΣT infuses his love for future bass and hip hop into emotive albums and electric live performances that have taken him from Calgary to the United States and Japan. His distinctive sample-based style has led NΣΣT to collaborate and produce music for clients such as Domics, Rogue Origin Films, and Riot Games.


Calling all in the Milky Way, it’s time to party with GWIZ of the Stars!

GWIZ is a DJ, music producer & pop star from Los Angeles, CA. Her sets feature a mix of rave music inspired by racing & video game culture. GWIZ has been turning up the speed to 200 bpm/mph with her larger-than-life stage performance. Having performed and toured the convention scene for years, she is known for intense DJ sets blurring the line between 2D and 3D. GWIZ is a Vtuber persona who’s quite literally jumping out of the screen to spin on the decks!

Momo Okimoto

Momo Okimoto is a Los Angeles based DJ heavily influenced by anime music, J-Pop, and future funk.
While making sets for a dance company she founded over a decade ago, Momo Okimoto found music to be her calling and has been pursuing it seriously ever since.
She is inspired by the anime soundtracks, culture, and fashion, combining all of the elements to create unique sets that are streamed on Twitch.
With her up-beat and feel good sounds she hopes to make you feel the same way at AX Dance.


KINO is a DJ & Producer Based in Orlando, Florida. Although having been a DJ for over 10 years now, KINO started in the year of 2019 when he made his debut at Club MOGRA in Akihabara. Loving both the music from today’s EDM scene and anime such as Eureka Seven KINO style of performances are always unique and very diverse in a way you might see at big dance festivals.

Jpop Battles

Wanna show off your moves? Got a crew with a routine? Sign up today to showcase your talent!

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Anyone not complying with the following rules and regulations will not be permitted to enter AX DANCE or may be subject to dismissal.
  • Badge and ID is required at all times; you will be checked every single time you enter.
  • Cannot enter AX DANCE after 10pm if you are under the age of 18.
  • No professional cameras. No exceptions.
  • Must have shoes at all times.
  • No lining up for AX DANCE until after 7pm.
  • No liquids or beverages may be brought in. (There is a water fountain right outside of the AX DANCE room. )
  • No bags. No exceptions. (Please utilize bag check or leave them in your car or hotel room)
  • No large cosplay props.
  • No prop weapons of any kind replicas. (Swords, airsoft, etc...)
  • Neither AX DANCE Staff Volunteers nor Security are responsible for watching your personal belongings and will not hold your items that you leave at the door.
  • Security will dismiss anyone found laying down or asleep inside of the dance room.
  • Cannot enter AX DANCE under the influence.
  • Anyone dismissed from AX DANCE for any reason cannot return for the remainder of the weekend.
  • No backstage access. Security will escort anyone found backstage or coming in through any other door but the main entrance.
  • Do not leave any personal items near or under the stage. Security will remove any such found items.
  • Do not stand on any furniture inside or outside of the AX DANCE room. Security may ask you to leave.

Past Performers


  • 2ToneDisco
  • android52
  • All Hell Breaks Loops
  • Assertive
  • Blood Code
  • cosmicosmo
  • Hylen
  • Hyper Potions
  • Kabuki
  • Kairos
  • Kenzie Black
  • KOJO
  • Mierlin
  • NRMN
  • 0m3ga
  • QarlwithaQ
  • R3LL
  • Tsundere Alley
  • うさこ // kotu


  • Grimecraft
  • Moe Shop
  • W.T. Snacks
  • Marie Vaunt
  • Blood Code
  • hiero.
  • Syntho
  • Shimotsukei
  • All Hell Breaks Loops
  • HitPoint
  • LiiO
  • Chuck None
  • Sad Bois
  • Graz
  • James Landino


  • Aries Deng
  • Kagemine
  • Kurtz Callum
  • Liquid86
  • Minikoma
  • Scottaconda
  • Vena Cava
  • ZE1N


2015 DJ Lineup
  • Aries Deng
  • Hanz Dwight
  • Kade
  • Kitsch
  • Lizzkimkim
  • Nagomu Tamaki
  • Okitasemi
  • Paprika Mari
  • Scottaconda
  • Vena Cava
  • Von Hutch
  • Yukie Dong


Over the years, AXDance has worked with over fifty DJ’s from both Japan and the US:

  • AURA
  • CLOUD 9
  • DAYV
  • HEAL
  • J00P1T3R
  • LIQUID86
  • NANA
  • R.E.E.
  • ROOM228
  • USYN
  • DJ.ZE1N
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