AX Dance

Anime Expo | Los Angeles Anime Convention |

The cross-section of EDM and anime fandom.

Local DJs and headliners from Japan all come together to play every major popular genre from J-pop to House music, plus remixes of anime songs! During the day, come check out a workshop to learn a new dance or show off your moves in a dance competition. Interested in performing in AXDance? Please check the Get Involved page for more information.

AX DANCE Features:
  • Workshops and Competitions (Daytime programming from around 10 AM - 6 PM)
  • All Ages Dance (8 PM - 10 PM)*
  • 18+ Dance (10 PM - 2 AM)*
  • AX Dance Xhibition

AX DANCE is “all responsible ages” in accordance to the City of Los Angeles’s curfew policy. Everyone can attend AX DANCE in the evening from 8 - 10:30pm. After 10pm, AX DANCE will not let anyone in under the age of 18.

If you are coming to the AXDance after 8pm you must have the following:

  • An 18+ Wristband (Can be acquired at an Info Services booth or Event Operations room by presenting a valid form of ID such as a state ID, driver’s license, or passport)
  • A valid AX badge

You may also be subject to a light security search by our licensed security on hand to gain access to AX DANCE.

2019 AX Dance DJ Lineup


Fusing passion for music, gaming, and anime culture comes easy to James Campbell. Known as 2ToneDisco, he uses these different facets interchangeably to create his own path through the Asian & US circuits.

Between making his Japanese label debut via Attack The Music with a successful show in Tokyo and his recent performances at the 2018 Anime Expo & Miku Expo’s, 2ToneDisco is taking his upbeat, DDR influenced music globally.

Growing up in a household filled with strong rock & electronic musical influences, video games, and anime, 2ToneDisco began tapping into his musical side at a young age – purchasing his first set of turntables in his teens. As his love for DJing grew, so did his passion for producing. With multiple releases under his belt and via indie labels such as Buygore and Play Me Records, 2Tone has more up his sleeve than ever before.

Be on the lookout as he has some major collaborations in the works with some Japanese all-stars, taking over the Tokyo club circuit one uplifting beat at a time. In the meantime, tune into Block.FM and check out 2Tone’s latest mix and get your day started off right.


Known for coining the term “Anime Groove”, android52 has gained popularity for his sampling of video game and anime music. Despite focusing on more original production work now, android52 is still creating funk-driven sounds that are sure to keep you moving all night long. Following a slew of shows across Japan and Europe, android52’s new sound has been heard worldwide following the release of his much anticipated “ULTRA GROOVE PRODUCT” EP.


All Hell Breaks Loops

angers can’t be contained by borders, as evident in an electrifying set by All Hell Breaks Loops. Exploring underground dance music in a number of languages, the DJ and producer aims to elevate digital artifacts to high art – fuzzy pixels instead of precision, deprecated sample rates that define breakdowns. While an ex-hardcore kid pedigree may seem out of place at Time Nighclub or Belasco Theater, All Hell Breaks Loops has carved out a space for a harder take on vocaloid, future bass, hybrid hardcore, and psystyle previously at Anime Expo, Anime Impulse, Anime California and Insanime.


Assertive is a hardcore producer/DJ from Canada, currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Making music since 2008, he has produced music for a variety of audiences and communities. His current focus is on UK Hardcore and J-Core with his online mix series, “A State of Rave”, as well as DJing in various places such as Tokyo and Nagoya.

Aside from releasing original tracks on various doujin compilation albums such as “Vivid Hardcore”, he also often makes hardcore remixes and bootlegs such as his lively bootleg of Kizuna AI’s “Hello, Morning”. His main motto is “Just add hardcore”.

Blood Code

Embark on a vibrant, candy-plucked adventure through hyper-pop cyberspace with Blood Code, an electronic artist that bridges the gaps between traditional video game music, kawaii culture, and modern EDM. With several hit tracks featured on netlabels and blogs like Nest HQ, Attack The Music, and EarMilk

He quickly developed a strong presence in the electronic music scene with his cute, yet heavy brand of music and style. Blood Code strives to pioneer his sound and engages his audience with positivity, empowering support, and creativity in this new and thriving musical landscape. You won’t want to miss a second of Blood Code’s bubbly delightful and high-energy performance!



Cosmicosmo is an electronic musician whose music has been featured in TV, Commercials, and Video Games.

His blend of cute pop draws inspiration from 90s anime and internet cultures, further personified by his penguin mascot, P.



Hylen is a Tokyo-based DJ and producer who made his debut in 2015 producing remixes and bootlegs. In 2016 he joined Attack The Music and released his 1st album ‘Limitless’ focusing on the FutureBass and Hybrid Trap genres. In 2018 he continued to produce original tracks for multiple labels that participated in Comiket and M3 events in Japan. He also released two more EPs, ‘Hylen-MELANCHOLIC: W,’ and ‘Hylen-MELANCHOLIC: B’ with Riddim and FutureBass as the primary sound.

In 2018 he started a new side-project, ‘XHX’ that focuses on remixes and bootlegs, and has participated in the GameChops compilation, ‘Splatunes 2.’ In 2019 Hylen released the track ‘Galaxy’ with 2ToneDisco and has also partnered with Tokyo-based rapper LIN to release a new mixtape titled, ‘Subconscious.’

2019 continues to be an active year for Hylen as he continues to expand his sound to the Hip-Hop and Trap genres which can be found on his Soundcloud.

Hyper Potions

Two best friends raised by anime and video games! You may have heard their music on Cartoon Network, Rocket League, Sonic Mania, and Team Sonic Racing!


With mechas on the mind and a fire in his heart, Los Angeles-based electronic artist Kabuki seeks to unite the worlds of anime, J-pop, and dance music. His energetic and driving tunes—inspired by Japanese pop culture and electronic music—appear on Tiny Waves and other releases, such as his 2018 debut EP “Another World” and remix of Skrillex & Utada Hikaru’s “Face My Fears.” With DJ appearances at events like MAGFest and Anime Austin, Kabuki brings a blend of future bass, bass house, hardcore, anisong, and many more high-energy genres.

Get in your f***ing robots, and see you on the dance floor!


Kai·ros (n): the right, critical, or opportune moment for decision or action
Kairos is a badass kawaii event/performance DJ based in SoCal that plans to make her name known in the anime community and electronic music scene. She enjoys mixing high energy sets with future house/bass/funk, J-POP, and fun EDM remixes of your favorite anisongs. You can expect her sets to be heavily inspired by the reminiscent sounds of Japan. Kairos has performed at notable venues and events such as the Belasco Theater (Los Angeles), Globe Theater (Los Angeles), Mansion (Costa Mesa), Animanga USA (Pomona Fairplex), Insanime by Anime Impulse, and Anime Impulse 2019 (Pomona Fairplex), and has even opened up for acts like Manila Killa.

Just like the meaning of her name, Kairos hopes to inspire people to truly find their opportune moment through music. Even if it’s just hearing a new song for the first time, feeling a certain type of emotion, or being exposed to a different sound, she wants to create moments of discovery and opportunities for her audience.

It’s time to find your opportune moment.

– Kairos

Kenzie Black

Kenzie Black is a Hispanic American multi-genre music producer, international open-format DJ, & Yami Kawaii fashion enthusiast. Inspired by Yami Kawaii, she mixes dark & cute bass music beats with video game & anime remixes. Her songs, videos, and tracks always have the message “We Rise Together” in support of animal welfare activism, and other social movements she cares about, and this implies that people from any culture can come together as a community, and encourage each other in darkness and in light, towards a meaningful cause we believe in collectively.


Kojo is an ambitious DJ and music producer from the island of Hawaii. He is always making sure there’s hype in any sort of crowd the whole time he’s on! He has performed under the event label “Brownies & Lemonade”, made an appearance in Sirius XM’s channel “Diplo’s Revolution” and played for the spin-off event in 2018 that took the internet by storm, “Coalchella”. Although usually dropping EDM sounds such as future bass and trap, as well as other cultured genres like club, baile, and twerkhall, his long love for video games and anime culture brings even more creativity and hype to the table.


MEIRLIN is an international DJ/Producer based in Los Angeles, originally from Tokyo, Japan.

She started her musical journey when she was introduced to the classical piano at the age of 3.

After she moved to LA,has earned her show at major venues such as Avalon, Exchange LA, Academy LA etc and shared the stage with many well known artists. She has also performed at several conventions, which lead to her performance as a special guest at ‘Hatsune Miku EXPO’ and ‘Anime EXPO’ and more. Focusing in Trap, DubStep and House music, her energetic/unique mixing styles turn up the dance floor.


NRMN (pronounced “Norman”) is a music composer and DJ specializing in original electronic music and remixes inspired by video games and anime. His high energy stage presence carries the audience on a curated journey through pixel and polygon worlds.

With releases through the Gamechops platform as well as independent music collective Hebinomichi, NRMN has cemented himself among his peers as a respected member of the community with high quality musical productions.

NRMN will debut a new original album and visual experience at Anime Expo 2019 titled “A Frog’s Tale”. ?


Born and raised in Los Angeles, 0m3ga is bringing heavy dubstep and bangin’ hardstyle to the stage. Bringing this anime and video game inspired set makes for one unforgettable performance. Starting off as a 7-year bedroom DJ 0m3ga knew it was his time to shine. Playing from underground raves in warehouses to nightclubs, he knows how to get the crowd moving no matter who you are. And get this, when 0m3ga isn’t on stage playing bangers, he’s playing competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Fruition eSports. If you get a chance 1v1 him.



Born in Chicago to a half Japanese, half American family, Qarl was exposed to a wide variety of music when young and played various genres of music throughout life.

After a 2 hour drive to a San Bernadino rave in the trunk of a friend’s car, he walked inside and fell in love with the heavy, pulsing dance music. After going to Japan and becoming a Resident at a Club in Osaka, he returned to the US and is now spinning Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, and Drum & Bass, from Exchange LA to parties under a bridge.

This time Qarl will play a Japanese Hardcore(J-Core) set with music collected from Japan.



As one of the pioneers and breakout stars of the genre, R3LL initially gained recognition for his unique remixes of tunes such as Cashmere Cat’s ‘Rice Rain’ (LuckyMe), Lido’s ‘Money’(Pelican Fly), Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo’s ‘Signs’ (Ultra) and Keys N Krates’ ‘Your Love’(Dim Mak) and more. The Fader even proclaimed, R3LL’s remix of Disclosure’s ‘Latch’ as “one of the best out there… gaining a psychical intimacy the original sought, but was never allowed to achieve.” Off the back of his sizeable remix discography, R3LL’s heavily anticipated EP Directions’ debuted bringing the worlds of Jersey and House together for the very first time. This high-profile and ground-breaking sound sought tastemakers such as Diplo, Annie Mac,Nina Las Vegas, Nick Catchdubs and Anna Lunoe singing high praises of the New Jersey wunderkind.



“The U.S. based DJ– “Revolution Boi”– has been in the Electronic Dance scene as an avid listener, vivid performer. and influencer.”

Jami’s influences from Progressive and Vocal Trance have made him notable for his uplifting compilations and he has been recognized around the globe. His experiences became a diversity of genres resulting in him developing a unique ability to emphasize and capture an emotional state of mind for his listening audience. Curiosity sparked his interest when was introduced into a new subculture of VOCALOID and Ani-Song. Now known as the first Vocaloid DJ in the nation, and Ani-Song influencer, Revolution Boi has inspired others to pursue their goals as performers and producers alike. He’s opened for for the likes of HachiojiP, Zanio, Penguin Parade, and other Anisong/Vocaloid Producers; traveled to performed events across the US; and now becoming one of LA’s finest versatile resident DJ.

“I tell it like a story with my sets. If it makes you smile, laugh, or cry, then you truly experienced what I live for.”

-Revolution Boi


SVNX (pronounced sphinx) hails from Los Angeles, taking inspiration from a plethora of sources surrounding him. He has played many different events around Northern and Southern California, such as Fanime, Anime Expo, and many other events curated by Senpai Squad and Critical Hit.


Synthion is an 18-year-old trackmaker and multi-instrumentalist from Seoul. His music features an energetic yet emotional style, representing the cross-section of dance music and anime soundtracks. Synthion began his musical journey at age 3, learning to play the violin. Since then, he mastered other classical instruments and began writing EDM. The release of Stardust EP in December 2017 came to define Synthion’s signature love-core sound, combining the energy of happy hardcore and the modern touch of future bass. In April 2018, his track “Comet” released as a part of J-core powerhouse YUKIYANAGI’s Bright Green compilation, selling out at Japan’s Spring M3 exhibition. Synthion’s exponential growth sees him internationally climbing streaming charts on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Anime Expo 2019 will be Synthion’s DJ debut, where he will present his high-energy, anime-influenced tracks to a live audience for the very first time!


TOFUKU is a 2D reprieve for our 3D world: a digital girl blasting fresh sounds for your escape to the clouds, and the soundtrack to your next sunny adventure. The LA-based producer/vocalist is a perfect pairing of a jazzy heart and electronic sounds, layering her unique vocal chop style between shimmering synths, thumping beats, and happy melodies to match the sweetness of your favorite bubble tea. With past live appearances at Anime Expo, MAGFest, Anime Festival Orlando and more, TOFUKU combines her deep love of all things anime and cute to bring you an energy that is truly unforgettable.

Tsundere Alley

Tsundere Alley is a versatile music producer and DJ based in Northern Mexico.
Introduced since a very young age to the world of music and later video games and anime sparked his interest, a spark that will accompany him for years to come. Making his debut in 2016 with his EP “Welcome To The Alley”, Tsundere Alley quickly gained popularity in the Future Funk scene, having a mix of high energy grooves that make you want to dance all night and J-Pop/EDM. Now, after a much needed break, Tsundere Alley is ready to rise again, debuting his new project in Anime Expo 2019!

うさこ // kotu

Waifu Wednesdays label member making my U.S. debut! Bringing Future Funk & Kawaii Grooves from Tokyo to Los Angeles, I hope everyone can enjoy the magical beat~!

AX DANCE Xhibition

Wanna show off your moves? Got a crew with a routine? Make your way through try outs and showcase your talent!

Learn More
Anyone not complying with the following rules and regulations will not be permitted to enter AX DANCE or may be subject to dismissal.
  • Badge and ID is required at all times; you will be checked every single time you enter.
  • Cannot enter AX DANCE after 10pm if you are under the age of 18.
  • No professional cameras. No exceptions.
  • Must have shoes at all times.
  • No lining up for AX DANCE until after 7pm.
  • No liquids or beverages may be brought in. (There is a water fountain right outside of the AX DANCE room. )
  • No bags. No exceptions. (Please utilize bag check or leave them in your car or hotel room)
  • No large cosplay props.
  • No prop weapons of any kind replicas. (Swords, airsoft, etc...)
  • Neither AX DANCE Staff Volunteers nor Security are responsible for watching your personal belongings and will not hold your items that you leave at the door.
  • Security will dismiss anyone found laying down or asleep inside of the dance room.
  • Cannot enter AX DANCE under the influence.
  • Anyone dismissed from AX DANCE for any reason cannot return for the remainder of the weekend.
  • No backstage access. Security will escort anyone found backstage or coming in through any other door but the main entrance.
  • Do not leave any personal items near or under the stage. Security will remove any such found items.
  • Do not stand on any furniture inside or outside of the AX DANCE room. Security may ask you to leave.

Past Performers


  • 2ToneDisco
  • android52
  • All Hell Breaks Loops
  • Assertive
  • Blood Code
  • cosmicosmo
  • Hylen
  • Hyper Potions
  • Kabuki
  • Kairos
  • Kenzie Black
  • KOJO
  • Mierlin
  • NRMN
  • 0m3ga
  • QarlwithaQ
  • R3LL
  • Tsundere Alley
  • うさこ // kotu


  • Grimecraft
  • Moe Shop
  • W.T. Snacks
  • Marie Vaunt
  • Blood Code
  • hiero.
  • Syntho
  • Shimotsukei
  • All Hell Breaks Loops
  • HitPoint
  • LiiO
  • Chuck None
  • Sad Bois
  • Graz
  • James Landino


  • Aries Deng
  • Kagemine
  • Kurtz Callum
  • Liquid86
  • Minikoma
  • Scottaconda
  • Vena Cava
  • ZE1N


2015 DJ Lineup
  • Aries Deng
  • Hanz Dwight
  • Kade
  • Kitsch
  • Lizzkimkim
  • Nagomu Tamaki
  • Okitasemi
  • Paprika Mari
  • Scottaconda
  • Vena Cava
  • Von Hutch
  • Yukie Dong


Over the years, AXDance has worked with over fifty DJ’s from both Japan and the US:

  • AURA
  • CLOUD 9
  • DAYV
  • HEAL
  • J00P1T3R
  • LIQUID86
  • NANA
  • R.E.E.
  • ROOM228
  • USYN
  • DJ.ZE1N
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