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Anime Expo strongly supports the idea of channeling one’s interests and passions into something creative, and digital content is one way to do so!

The Digital Influencer Program was created in 2015 with the goal of inviting digital content creators who embody AX’s mission and positively promote Japanese animation and pop-culture within the online anime fandom. These content creators are invited to share their work, talk about how they became content creators, and create fun content while at Anime Expo.

AX’s Digital Influencers:

  • Create content about or involving anime, manga, video games, or anything else relating to Japanese popular culture.
  • Promote positivity and community through the content they create.
  • Actively engage with their community either in person or online.

Examples of Past Panels


Abridged Series: Mankind’s Greatest Mistake w/ Octopimp

Come talk to one of the creators of 50% OFF and see why people around the internet are calling this abridged series “videos you can watch.” Also come watch the newest episode before it’s uploaded online! Octopimp also does voices in some other stuff, maybe you’ve heard him before. He’s a little lost as to whatever he can put here to fill space, so maybe he’ll just keep typing until he hits the character limit!

Women of the YouTube Anime Community w/ HappiLeeErin

Erin (HappiLeeErin) has a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about anime through reviews, first impressions, and vlogs, though mostly she just rambles incoherently about her feelings and fangirls over her husband harem in all caps. She also hosts a podcast called MangaPod Book Club where she and three others hosts, as well as the occasional guest, discuss all or part of a manga every week. Be sure to visit her panel to hear Erin and her friends discuss the ins and outs of the YouTube Anime Community!

Adult Weebs in a Working World w/ Dodger

Dodger is a YouTuber with a caffeine problem that is known mostly for her weekly “Gaming Newz” show, as well as her “Coffeh Time” vlogs. Dodger creates upbeat and cheerful videos that cover a wide range of games, DIY projects, anime, and manga! Come check out her panel to learn more about being a grownup weeb in the working world!

Previous Digital Influencers


Mother’s Basement, Super Eyepatch Wolf, and Sachie


Reina Scully, Mother’s Basement, and Super Eyepatch Wolf


Digibro, Hot Pepper Gaming, Misty Chronexia, Nathan Sharp


Dodger, HappiLeeErin, Miles Jai, Octopimp


Dodger, HappiLeeErin, Octopimp

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