Game Shows

Anime Expo | Los Angeles Anime Convention

Join your fellow attendees in contests of laughs, debate, or skill to determine the best of the best!

From the Late Comedy Showdown to Cosplay Chess, every attendee has the chance to take the stage and show off their talents, as well as win some awesome prizes! Whether you sign up to be a part of the event, or simply sit back and watch the show, Game Shows are a fun time for everyone.

Game Shows include: Late Comedy Showdown (18+), Otaku Parliamentary Debate, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Cosplay Chess, and more.

How to Participate

  • Sign-up Onsite (Be early!)

    Game show participation operates on a first-come, first-serve in their designated panel room. Please check out the schedule for information.

    Late Comedy Showdown Otaku Parliamentary Debate have time slots specifically for sign-ups and/or try-outs.

    Want to participate in an 18+ Game Show? Be sure to get an 18+ wristband.

    Entry to any and all 18+ rated content requires an 18+ Wristband. 18+ Wristbands can be obtained from an Info Services booth or Event Ops (room 508). You must present a valid form of ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, state/military ID) to obtain a wristband.

  • Listen to Game Show Staff Volunteers

    Help things run smoothly and on time by following the procedures associated with a given game show.

  • Have fun!

    Game Shows are all about the attendees. So come on down and have fun!

Previous Events

Cosplay Chess

It's human chess with cosplayers! We're back once again to bring you your favorite characters and have them wage battle on a giant chess board in the most epic game ever! Come watch your most beloved and hated characters in a grueling match where only one side can be victorious.

Cosplay Wrestling Federation

The purpose of the Cosplay Wrestling Federation (Also known as the CWF) is to combine the high energy drama of professional wrestling show but scale it down so that any cosplayer can participate. Staged as a professional wrestling event, cosplayers come to the stage and give speeches to either garner the support or hatred of the crowd resulting in cheers or boos. Through a series of rounds, contestants are eliminated one by one and a champion is crowned and awarded with a customized CWF belt. The show is rowdy, the fans are energized, and all of the high stakes drama that people love about anime and pro wrestling are available in abundance.

Late Comedy Showdown (18+)

Do you think you’re funny? Or do you just want a laugh? Either way you’re bound to have fun at the Late Comedy Showdown: Tryouts! Come on in to contend for a spot in the Finals or simply relax with friends.


The competitors have been selected and it’s now an all-out battle of jokes and jibes to determine who will be crowned the champion of Anime Expo’s Late Comedy Showdown!

Otaku Parlimentary Debate

Hear ye, hear ye! Multiple teams duke it out over divisive topics, and the crowd determines the winner. Which team will be crowned champion of this year's Otaku Parliamentary Debate?


Are you passionate about your fandom? Have a bone to pick about which Gundam series is the best? How about who's the strongest magical girl? Then come and defend your claims! Come and signup while spots are available.
*Teams will be formed during sign-ups.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Grab your team and arm yourselves with cameras. When we say go, take the list of items we have provided you and get as many snapshots of the items as you possibly can! The team that's back first with the highest amount of photos wins!

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