Lounge 21

Come for live entertainment and libations.

Sip on a refreshing beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) in a comfortable lounge setting, while enjoying live entertainment from a variety of bands and musicians. Lounge 21 also features parties hosted by industry partners, with giveaways and special guests.

Interested in performing in Lounge 21? Please check the Get Involved page for more information.

Note: Lounge 21 is restricted to attendees age 21 or over. Must have a valid form of ID to enter Lounge 21.

In accordance with California state law, Anime Expo's Lounge 21 can only accept an ID that:

  • Is issued by a governmental agency (such as federal, state, county, or city)
  • Contains the name of the person
  • Contains the date of birth of the person
  • Contains a description of the person (these are called key indicators and include height, weight and eye color)
  • Contains a photograph of the person
  • Is currently valid (i.e. not expired)

Performance Schedule

Saturday, July 1

Sunday, July 2

Monday, July 3

Tuesday, July 4


Hours & Location

See Hours & Maps for more info. For performance and party information, please refer to the schedule when available.

2022 Lounge 21 Line Up


Mii is a Japanese R&B singer-songwriter from Osaka, Japan. Originally a member of the idol group, Dancing Dolls, she began her solo career in 2018 with the release of her debut single, “What You Say”, produced by Shota Shimizu, followed by multiple releases, including the song, “YOUTH”, which was selected into the official H&M store playlist. Aside from music, she is also an avid social media influencer and has launched the apparel brand “The ROYAL96” in 2021. Mii’s fashion, authentic lyrics, and expressive musical pop stylings are a reflection of today’s Japanese girls’ youth culture.

Face Time Police

The multi-faceted masked duo, Face Time Police, is bringing their special stripped-down acoustic show to Anime Expo! This band of brothers defies convention and delivers songs that are fun and catchy, yet artistic and introspective. FTP draws inspiration from all over the pop culture spectrum; anime, pro-wrestling, and video games have all played a part in shaping the band’s direction. From the frenetic “Of Man and Monster” (inspired by Hellsing) to the heartfelt “Right Place, Wrong Timeline” (inspired by Steins;Gate), Face Time Police are ready to entertain with their highly diverse and energetic stage show.

Nerdknight Music

Nerdknight Music is a Los Angeles County based hip hop crew made up of emcees/vocalists NK Blackimar and NK Sensei and DJ The Shy Guy that makes nerdcore music about their lives and what they love, with heavy inspiration from anime, video games, and pop culture. When NK Blackimar’s whimsical flows and melodies, NK Sensei’s hard hitting punchlines and statements, and The Shy Guy’s scratching and mixing abilities come together, these blast processed nerds can rock any stage.

Sharlee Music

Sharlee Music, or Sharon Lee, is an anime and Korean pop violinist with over a decade of professional experience. After obtaining a degree in Violin Performance, Sharon started searching for non-conventional ways to engage with audiences. She fell in love with playing K-pop music on her violin, starting a YouTube channel which has now amassed 82k+ subscribers. She’s also known on the internet as “Lightstick-unnie” for her viral videos using the BLACKPINK lightstick as a musical instrument. Sharon currently resides in Los Angeles, California.”

Crepe Queens

Crepe Queens emphasizes on the electronic and pop sounds of modern Japanese music to make their own unique sound. In addition to the normal rock band sound, they enjoy incorporating synth and various types of musical instruments such as kalimba, glockenspiel, flute, and melodica to further distinguish each performance as their own. Using inspirations from artists such as Radwimps, Sekai no Owari, One OK Rock, Yorushika, and Porter Robinson, Crepe Queens aim to create and perform music that everyone can enjoy.

Here Between You Me

Here Between You Me is…

Terence Calacsan – Vocals/Keys/Nintendo Game Boy

Xavier Martinez – Vocals/Bass

Daryle Joseph – Drums

Southern California’s Here Between You Me has been making and performing 8-bit dream pop for the past 10 years. Terence, Xavier, Daryle, and a modified Nintendo Game Boy joined forces in 2012 to make music pulled from the static-filled scenes of anime VHS tapes, a life-long emo phase, and late summer nights with buds. With the help of frequent vocal collaborator, Jinian Austria, Here Between You Me aims to deliver an experience best shared Here. Between you. Me.


Astellium is a musical performance group composed of vocalist Eririn, producer/DJ welksie, and producer/guitarist Nekoramis. Utilizing live lyrics with Anisong/J-pop mixes supplemented with guitar into a unique sound only possible through a combination of each members’ individual skills, Astellium seeks to bring a new way to perform Japanese influenced music to a US audience through both popular covers and original music.

Diana Garnet

Diana Garnet is a rising star in the J-Pop, anisong and voice acting scenes. A highly accomplished vocalist, her first original single, “Spinning World”, was featured in Naruto: Shippuden. Diana also lends her voice in both Japanese and English to iconic clients such as The Pokemon Company, Sanrio, Disney, Konami, Sega, Netflix, and Inti Creates.

Rupee Jam

Rupee Jam consists of Allie Kay on drums, Andrew Faust on bass, Violinistbaka on violin, Solfegge on keys, Pamela Vargas on vocals, Brathzo Karanovic on guitar, and James Gatlin on guitar. Veterans of the con community for many years, Rupee Jam sports a medley of driving, symphonic metal covers of opening and ending theme songs amidst more lighthearted and relaxing tunes. Members of the band have performed all over Los Angeles in venues such as The Viper Room, The Whisky a Go Go, The Mint, and the Saban Theatre.

Previous Party Hosts: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Celebration (all ages), Anime Expo Kick-Off Party, Cosplay Deviants, FAKKU, Crunchyroll + VRV, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness Launch Party

Past Performers: BLACK ROS3, Captain's Savvy Singalong Crew, Face Time Police, Here Between You Me, Kid  Yuki and The Otakus, KOHEI & TiA, Midnight Shinigami, None Like Joshua, Super MadNES, Super Soul Bros

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