Cosplay Repair Center

 Have a cosplay emergency? Don’t worry, we can help!

With plenty of seating and supplies, the world-famous AX Cosplay Repair Center has just about everything to help attendees touch up or mend their cosplay. Located in the Entertainment Hall, our AX Volunteers are ready to answer questions and assist with finding the right item to help with a repair.

The AX Cosplay Repair Center is provided at no cost as a courtesy to our attendees and is intended for repairs only. Out of respect and consideration for other attendees and for this amenity, please do not attempt to make your cosplay in the Repair Center.

Changing rooms are also available at the Cosplay Repair Center.

Hours of Operation

See Entertainment Hall hours for more info.

How to Check out Supplies:

  • Ask an AX Volunteer at the Cosplay Repair Station check-in table for whatever item you need.

    Available supplies include, but are not limited to:

    • Sewing supplies (needles, thread, seam rippers, scissors)
    • Wig styling supplies (thinning shears, hairspray, bobby pins, wig heads, blow dryers)
    • Tapes of all shapes and sizes (duct, gaffers, double-sided)
    • 10+ types of glue (hot glue, spirit gum, super glue, etc...)
    • Clothing irons
  • In exchange for borrowing the requested item, the AX Volunteer will request your name, badge and a valid form of government issued ID.
  • Once you're done with your repairs, return the borrowed item to AX Volunteers at the check-in table to get your badge and ID back.
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