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With tournaments, learn-to-play, and free-play sessions, there’s something for everyone at all skill levels.

Bring your cards, dice, pencils, and paper!

Whether you’re an avid TCG player or that one board game is calling your name, the Tabletop Gaming Area is a one-stop shop for games that need nothing more than a table and some fellow attendees to play with. Located in the Entertainment Hall, this is the place for everyone to come play some of the latest board, card, dice and paper-and-pencil RPG games, as well as the classics you know and love. Check out some games from our extensive library at no extra cost (valid badge and photo ID required) or join one of the many demo sessions that go all weekend long.

Tournament schedule to be announced.

Hours & Location

Located in the Entertainment Hall
July 4: 9AM - 9PM
July 5: 9AM - 9PM
July 6: 9AM - 9PM
July 7: 9AM - 9PM



To make every attendee’s experience in the game room enjoyable, safe and friendly, please read and observe the following rules and guidelines:

  • The Anime Expo Code of Conduct
  • Abide by the rules and requests of the Tabletop Gaming team.
  • There is to be NO selling or buying of ANY property, except by vendors with a valid permit in their designated booth areas.
  • Trading of cards or other property is permitted only in the designated trading area. The game room table-space is primarily for gameplay; if you are trading outside the trade area, you will be asked to relocate.  AX staff volunteers will NOT advise on trades in any capacity.
  • Daily tournaments' table-space requirements take precedence over free play. If an event is starting, you may be asked to change tables.  We will give a warning at least 15 minutes prior to the event, asking for players in the needed space to relocate.
  • Food/drink should be kept to a minimum within the Tabletop Gaming Area. ALL drink containers must be sealable and remain sealed when not being used.  Please keep drink containers OFF the tables.
  • Language in the gaming area is to remain family friendly. Any inappropriate language or insulting is not permitted. Everyone comes to the Tabletop Gaming Area to enjoy themselves, so please respect one another.
  • Please report any questions, concerns, or violations to the Tabletop Gaming staff volunteers immediately.

Failure to comply with convention or tabletop gaming area rules can result in disciplinary action, up to and including ejection from the area or the convention.


Tabletop Gaming General Event Rules

  • Anime Expo Tabletop Gaming events are open to all attendees with a valid attendee badge for the day of the event. Off-duty Anime Expo staff volunteers are permitted to participate, but will be given no special treatment within the event.
  • All AX run events are free of charge. (Industry Partner events may require an entry fee. Please see the appropriate vendor’s booth area for details)
  • Tabletop Gaming Area event structure and rulings are at the discretion of the Tabletop Gaming team running the event. All rulings by the Tabletop Gaming team are final.
  • “Griefing” or otherwise insulting or antagonizing other players verbally or physically is NOT permitted.


Tournament-Specific Rules

Tabletop Gaming Tournament Events are subject to all other Tabletop Gaming rules and guidelines, as well as  the following:

  1. Tournaments require players sign up before the event. Sign-ups are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Attendees may sign up for an event starting when the room opens on the day of that event up until the start of that event (i.e., a player wishing to play in a tournament on Day 3, may not sign up for it until Day 3)
  3. If a tournament has enough players signed up to meet the tournament capacity, additional sign-ups will be placed on a wait list.
  4. Players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the tournament starting. At the designated start time, staff will call for players signed up. If 1 or more players from the list are absent, names will be called from the wait list until tournament capacity has been met.
  5. Players who play in the first of a multiple tournament event (i.e. Cosplay Poker A and Cosplay Poker B) MAY sign up for the second event, however they will be moved to the end of the waitlist, to give new players a chance to play.
  6. Some tournaments will require players to bring their own components to play (TCG/CCGs). These will be marked on the schedule accordingly.
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