ax chibi Artist Alley List

Meet the artists at the anime expo chibi Artist Alley! Check the map for more details! Artist Alley booths by the walls will be labeled as numbers, and the Artist Alley tables at the center will have the Aisle Letter and Number!

Arist Alley List
Table Number: C 9
Company Description: {nonomoe} is run by kay, creating colorful, candy-like illustrations and designs with her ideal aesthetics and vibes! Everything found here is made with heart and soul 💖 This includes all the prints, charms, pins, stickers, stationery, and all. Original and fanart works are both available! Fandoms include Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Chainsaw Man, vtubers, and more!
Table Number: T 6
Company Description: I create art of waifus from Anime, V-tubers, and videogames!
Table Number: 69
Company Description:
Table Number: L 10
Company Description: Hi I'm Jasmine~ I like reading manga, playing JRPGS, and listening to kpop!
Table Number: 12
Company Description: Jenny Park is an artist who is passionate about Korean history and helping other diaspora Koreans navigate their cultural identity. Most of her time is spent traveling the country to sell her artwork at conventions. You can find pillows, prints, and more at her table!
Table Number: R 1
Company Description: Acatsquare is a mixed-media artist specializing in fantasy creatures and cute animals. (Especially Cats!) Through our artwork, we like to bring joy and happiness to audiences with life experience and imagination.
Table Number: P 5
Company Description: I'm a professional merchandise artist and also an artist alley artist in my off time! I've worked on making cool merch for some cool IP's, like Among Us.
Table Number: N 12
Company Description: Bunny themed stickers, sticker sheets, dnd/rpg classes, food keychains and prints.
Table Number: R 3
Company Description: Hello ! I'm a SoCal based merchandise designer who loves to connect with others through art and the creation of cute, cool, and colorful items !
ah choux! cafe
Table Number: I 7
Company Description: ah choux' is a play on words of french 'choux', or cream puff -- also japanese 「シュークリーム」 ('shuu kuriimu'). drawing inspiration from asian bakeries, japanese cuisine, plants and nature, our objective is to make cafe themed artwork that strives to inspire comfort and creativity.
Table Number: 16
Company Description:
Table Number: 54
Company Description: Artist owned apparel brand.
Table Number: P 8
Company Description: Girlfailure artist draws Trigun, Genshin, and then some! Yes, even originals if you're interested in my OCs :^) Offering shiny 'n' pretty on-site commissions.
Alex Ahad o_8
Table Number: I 8
Company Description: The creator of the world, characters, and artstyle of Skullgirls. Currently working on developing my next personal projects, more to see of that soon! You can learn more and support here:
Alex Siple (Melon Shop)
Table Number: M 3
Company Description: I'm a visual development artist and writer who loves emotional color and painting places that could make you cry.
Table Number: M 9
Company Description: Alumints is a socal-based illustrator who strives to create dynamic drawings and merchandise exploring character interactions with whimsical colors.
Table Number: G 6
Company Description: Hello, I'm Aly, a Japanese-American artist making illustrations, comics, and designing merchandise. I sell primarily poster prints, acrylic charms and enamel pins, as well as buttons, stickers, washi, lanyards, character pillows/squishie keychains, and specialty acrylic products such as standees and shaker/fidget keychains.
Table Number: I 5
Company Description: Hello, I like to draw OCs and occasionally some fanart.
Table Number: P 10
Company Description: Illustrator that loves creating vibrant fantasy worlds filled with pretty girls and pretty swords <3
Andy Busc
Table Number: O 2
Company Description: I create diverse characters that focus on identity and individuality with a playful twist.
Anie Quynh
Table Number: A 3
Company Description: Known for her whimsical designs, Anie Quynh combines folktales from her Vietnamese American upbringing with the fantasy pop-culture that shaped her childhood in the form of art and apparel design.
Aprilyn Cunanan
Table Number: A 12
Company Description: I'm Aprilyn Cunanan, a Filipino-American illustrator who works in TV and feature animation. I create a lot of nostalgia western cartoons, game and anime products! I have prints of postcard and poster size, acrylic and wooden charms, stickers, sticker sheets, tote bag, mousepads and original plein-air gouache paintings.
Table Number: T 11
Company Description: I draw fanart for Genshin, Honkai Starrail & anime that I like~!
Table Number: B 5
Company Description: Hello! I create silly cute colorful art that is inspired by popular culture~
Table Number: 6
Company Description: Art By Quinton is Quinton Thomas and Brian Semon. We produce both original character art as well as fan art and an apparel line featuring mashups you didn't know you needed in your life until now.
Art by Sean Lenahan
Table Number: K 12
Company Description:
Table Number: 27
Company Description: Designing original kawaii and anime-inspired art! We specialize in apparel, posters, stickers, keychains, and more!
Table Number: A 7
Company Description: Artsyury is a local artist who enjoys anime, cute things, cats, and the color pink! Her art reflects her interest as well as her day job being in healthcare. Specialty items from Artsyury includes badge reels--clips to hold ID badges/cards--designed to be cute with anime themes. Other products include art prints, stickers, charms, and acrylic pins. Please check out Artsyury on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch ★
Artwork by Christopher Cayco
Table Number: P 7
Company Description: Christopher Cayco (CCAYCO) creates massive pieces of artwork of anime and video game properties, often including hundreds of characters per piece and take hundreds of hours to complete. These pieces are a way to pay tribute to the properties that inspired him.
Table Number: G 2
Company Description: Aster's main outlet to express themselves was drawing, thus sparking their creative journey with art. Struggling to find their identity at an early age, creating characters from fantastical worlds and peaceful landscapes allowed them to freely explore themselves and expand their own world view of possibilities.
Atelier by Jo
Table Number: L 9
Company Description: Atelier by Jo creates cute stationery items and small accessories centered around Cotton the bun and Pluto the pup.
Atelier in April
Table Number: N 1
Company Description: A small artist creating original and fanart! Featuring various merch such as Genshin, Pokemon, Splatoon, Demon Slayer, Vtubers, Vocaloid, Arknights, Fire Emblem, Ib, Hades, cute animals, sea critters, cats, landscape art and more!
Atelier Pudding
Table Number: E 5
Company Description: Atelier Pudding specializes in kawaii chibi art from a variety of video game and anime series along with their original brand- Floofy Poms, cute chibi pomeranians!
Table Number: P 9
Company Description: Hi, I'm Iris and I am the artist and designer behind AYIME.CO. My art is heavily inspired by anime and videogames. My goal is to capture my passion for these subjects into usable stuff to make our daily lives more expressive. We sell gaming mousepads/deskmats, car decals, floor mats, fan art prints, stickers, keychains, and more!
Table Number: I 2
Company Description: I create original art and fanart of things i enjoy
Table Number: R 5
Company Description: Hello! My name is Ace, and right now I draw various things from frog art to fanart. I started back in 2020 as a clay artist and fully transitioned into digital artist, creating designs for prints, stickers and other miscelleanous merch! I'm hoping to one day expand to creating apparel and plushies, but for now I enjoy creating and thrive to continously learn new things!
Table Number: M 8
Company Description: hello! my name is bells -- a fun loving artist! i specialize in stickers and keychains, mostly drawing genshin impact or my original works!
Baohan Fresh
Table Number: D 2
Company Description: I make fun and silly accessories, plushies, and stationary for fans of anime, kpop, and little animals!
Table Number: T 5
Company Description: Sometimes I sleep with my back facing the wall so that the vampires can't bite me
Table Number: C 3
Company Description: Hi friend! I'm a digital and webcomic artist funding my pin obsession by making pins myself. If you have a handsome pin collection peeking through an ita bag, come by my booth so I can gush over it!
Table Number: C 5
Company Description: i love silly characters and making even sillier art of them :o)
Blaze Manga Productions
Table Number: A 8
Company Description: Beautiful foil prints of your favorite characters. Original manga: Iridescent.
Table Number: F 9
Company Description: I draw to get away from the grim reality of my day job :-)
Table Number: I 12
Company Description: Do you Haikyuu? We doo!
bottom worshipper
Table Number: M 4
Company Description: I love drawing pretty boys and playing gacha games.
Bunniejing Studio
Table Number: Q 2
Company Description: Bunniejing Studio is a design studio founded by illustrator Jing. Jing has a strong passion for creating kawaii illustrations that capture her observations and emotions about life. Through her delightful artwork, she also develops a wide range of cute and practical products, including stationery, tableware, art prints, and decorative accessories. Our goal is to infuse daily life with moments of joy by integrating these cute illustrations and products, making cuteness accessible everywhere!
Table Number: 48
Company Description: BurntGreenTea's premium illustrations of waifus
Calla Arts
Table Number: P 1
Company Description: Hello, I'm Calla! I love to illustrate my favorite anime and manga characters in an energetic and colorful style ♡
Canella Creations
Table Number: G 9
Company Description: Hello! My name is Canella. I enjoy creating prints, stickers, buttons, and stationary of chibi characters from various fandoms, primarily Genshin Impact and NijisanjiEN. Feel free to stop by my booth for some cute stuff!
Table Number: C 2
Company Description: A lover of OCs and niche content, I love drawing fun and sometimes twisted characters and stories!
Table Number: 22
Company Description: Welcome to Cattpucino, a woman-owned store offering a range of original art-inspired merchandise. Our collection includes keychains, stickers, art prints, apparels, and stationery. The art is deeply influenced by Japanese manga, anime, and iconic brands like San-X and Sanrio. Drawing from cherished childhood memories, our artist crafts pieces that resonate with both modern tastes and timeless nostalgia. At Cattpucino, we celebrate the beauty of art and the stories it tells.
Table Number: T 12
Company Description: Hi! I'm Cey, I make things I want to exist! I am especially interested in edgy/cute dualities and contrasting colors that really grab your eye. I hope my art captures that!
Table Number: 52
Company Description:
Charliebun Art
Table Number: D 8
Company Description: Charliebun draws cute buns in cozy homes!
Table Number: M 10
Company Description: Cheekytweethart is an AAPI, women owned business based in Hawaii that’s cooking up cute characters and goodies! We love highlighting cultures through foods, and our products include stickers, art prints, charms, apparel, totes, pins, stationary, etc with our fanart and original designs which includes cute food, animals, and chibis
Cheery Human Studios
Table Number: B 7
Company Description: Cheery Human Studios is a Los Angeles based creative brand featuring cute and colorful illustrations by founder and illustrator, Kristina Yu. In my shop, you'll find fun products such as greeting cards, stickers, washi tape, art prints, and more! Every product in my shop is designed, created, and packaged with care in my art studio.
Table Number: G 8
Company Description: Anime & painterly-style artwork with a focus on video & mobile games...and especially underappreciated JRPGS like TWEWY and Xenoblade! Prints & posters, charms, wooden pins, zines, stickers, and washi tape.
Table Number: 67
Company Description:
Table Number: D 11
Company Description: I'm a fan art illustrator! I love rendering character moment images of my favorite shows or whatever hyper fixation I'm into at the moment. This takes forms in prints, charms, and other goods I like to share with fans!
Table Number: S 11
Company Description: I am an illustrator and creature artist, who has a passion for Godzilla, Monster Hunter, and Dinosaurs. Most of my work is fanart but in the future I hope to work on official art for Toho, Capcom, or Magic the Gathering!
Table Number: B 12
Company Description: I create fan art and fan merch of anime and video game characters!
Table Number: E 3
Company Description: I like drawing cute girls and making merch of things I love
Table Number: 63
Company Description:
Chromatic Folklore
Table Number: S 10
Company Description: Chromatic Folklore is a brand that mixes fantasy with color, I try to bring the folklore of the whole world to my artwork, I'm a comic artist, I have self-published my own comics and I'm now working on a webcomic that is about the world folklore and how it interacts with the modern world, my products go from clothing like T-shirts, clothing patches, tote-bags, pins, buttons, pillows; stationary notebooks, artbooks, coloring books, notepads, pencil pouches, among others like keychains, landyards prints post-cards stickers and much more!
Churro Sama
Table Number: O 9
Company Description: I'm Churro Sama, a self-taught digital artist specialized in anime style illustration and Live2D art.
Table Number: H 3
Company Description: Hi, I'm Amour! I'm an artist and Twitch-partnered streamer that likes anything Yakuza, Persona, Pokemon, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Star Rail. I draw charms and prints of series that catch my fancy! You can watch my streams at:
Table Number: I 10
Company Description: Hello i'm cocochoon, an artist based in the Bay Area! i love using bright colors to draw fanart of Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Haikyuu. I also love to draw silly bunnies. I sell charms, totes, prints, and stickers! ^__^
Table Number: 3
Company Description: Welcome to concon I'm emu I draw and make merch of things I'm passionate about. Mostly focused on rhythm game products I also have cute original characters to brighten your day!
Table Number: 26
Company Description:
Table Number: 53
Company Description: cozytika aspires you to feel cozy with our art and creations. Our products feature various characters from your favorite shows and movies and our mascots. Have a cozy day!
Table Number: L 11
Company Description: Illustrator and artist of adorable cats. Cremechii specializes in the cute with a focus on kittens, pokemon, genshin, and more. Fanart and Originals creations available as stickers, art prints, plushies, enamel pins, acrylic charms, stationery, and ever expanding to more!
Table Number: A 4
Company Description: I'm an artist who likes to draw not only characters from different shows/anime, but also characters of my own creation. I'm a fan of both vibrant and muted color schemes and contrasting colors too. I also occasionally mix mediums (like photography and digital art). My art speaks for itself though, so check me out on my Instagram!
Table Number: J 2
Company Description: Hi, I'm dae. I'm a freelance artist than enjoys drawing good looking boys and bubbly cute girls! I do some streaming on the side, but art is what I do most of the day. Nice to meet you!
Table Number: K 7
Company Description: Hi, I’m Taylor and I run DAHAAE!! I started my store as a creative outlet during the pandemic where I taught myself how to screen-print in my garage. I have expanded to selling socks, enamel pins, boba holders, and more! I am currently an illustration student and hope to eventually open a storefront one day!!
Table Number: L 1
Company Description: i create chibi art, perfect to go with the event. i focus on japanese anime culture and original artwork, i make skateboards, prints and hand made paintings
Table Number: G 7
Company Description: Hello, I'm Daphne and I love drawing cute chibi characters and animals! I typically sell a variety of items ranging from stickers and charms to more unique items such as tote bags, glasses cases and eyemasks!
Table Number: H 5
Company Description: Hello! I’m Darumacat and I enjoy drawing fanart of the things I love including anime and video game characters in my own style.
Table Number: E 6
Company Description: Currently in love with JJBA <3 I also have YGO, NieR & Twst stuff!
Table Number: M 5
Company Description: I'm Lyra! I enjoy drawing fun silly cute things and talking about A Goofy Movie.
Table Number: K 9
Company Description: I mainly create art prints, but am always looking to expand into other creative areas. Clean lines and vibrant colors are my specialty.
Table Number: D 9
Company Description: Hello! I'm Mindy, professionally a designer and background artist. Dizzy.yu came out of a grapHIC deSign is my PassIOn college project but has since become a no-obligation creative outlet. I'm inspired by fish, fantasy, and musings from my personal life. I create mostly cute and sketchy styled art with a splash of full color illustrations, but whatever I create, I hope you will enjoy! Products include stickers, prints, enamel pins, and more!
Table Number: 5
Company Description: Dobe and friends has collection of stickers, stationery and lifestyle goodies. We showcase cute animals and particular our our wiener dog collection.
Table Number: Q 10
Company Description: You can find cute Asian and anime inspired pins, stickers, charms, totes and more!
Table Number: C 12
Company Description: Illustrator and lover of fantasy and anime! I love creating characters and creatures interacting with each other!
Dressy Deer Art
Table Number: G 11
Company Description: Dressy Deer Art combines nostalgia, fandom, and all things cute to create functional items you can use to bring a little joy into your everyday life. Browse stationery, jewelry, bags, apparel, accessories, charms, and more, and find something that makes you smile!
Table Number: I 3
Company Description: I create vibrant and detailed illustrations of VTubers, anime, and video game characters in cute and charming poses!
Table Number: R 10
Company Description: I make illustrations, i like working with color and i love video games.
Table Number: D 10
Company Description: Cute accessories and lifestyle goods for for everyday - Let's be cuter, together!
Table Number: S 5
Company Description: I'm endjuice. Self-taught manga artist and illustrator from Santiago, Chile. I'm in love with horror, angst, drama, seinen and shonen manga.
Table Number: M 11
Company Description: I enjoy channeling my obsession into creating art! It's become a way for me to interact with media, improve my skills, and make new friends.
Table Number: P 12
Company Description: I am an anime illustrator that creates elegant and colorful drawings from popular anime characters, games, and vtubers. I turn my drawings into prints/posters, stickers, keychains, acrylic stands, and other merchandises.
Exodam Artworks
Table Number: N 2
Company Description: I'm a Filipino artist based in Arizona and I draw Fanart. My work is inspired by anime, manga, comics and video games. Series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Gundam, and Fate Grand Order are just a few examples of anime that I absolutely enjoy which fuels what type of fanart I make. I have various sizes of art prints, buttons and sometimes apparel for people to browse through for their favorite fandom.
EXP Gained
Table Number: O 5
Company Description: enamel pins, stickers, earrings, pouches/bags
Table Number: Q 9
Company Description: I'm Jimbo, an illustrator in the film industry by day and art streamer by night. Oh, and I have a paper mache head.
Feel So Moon
Table Number: D 4
Company Description: My name is Luna! I love creating both cute and useful merchandise people can use in their daily lives!
Free DLC Artwork
Table Number: N 11
Company Description: I am an independent illustrator and motion graphics animator! I worked at the University of California, Irvine for 8+ years before making the jump to freelance. I’ve had the pleasure of creating for various clients: Marvelous Entertainment to commemorate their new "Story of Seasons" release, Dreamhack to advertise their events in Dallas and Atlanta, Reset Marketing to promote the newest League of Legends Championship split, and more.
Table Number: 10
Company Description:
Table Number: T 10
Company Description: I design and create my own merchandise out of my art and hope to bring you a comfy, cute and unique art experience!
Table Number: H 10
Company Description: Hi I'm genie and I like to draw characters from anime and vtubers~ From stickers to charms, enamel pins and jewelry - all things cute and sparkly!
Table Number: O 6
Company Description: Ghostlygoods is a creator owned business run by Jax. We create original and fan art prints, stationery, accessories, stickers and artbooks for the enjoyment of the most nostalgic of anime and pop culture fans!
Table Number: T 8
Company Description: I'm an LA artist and character designer. I mostly draw original stuff but I also do fanart for various things I enjoy such as Arknights, project moon, and Fate.
Table Number: I 4
Company Description: I draw a lot of nostalgia anime and kawaii character goods <3 Huge shoujo lover here!
Table Number: 40
Company Description:
Goyobo Studio
Table Number: O 7
Company Description: Hi! I'm Zarahi the owner of Goyobo Studio. I create cute cat art based after my own cat Goyobo!
Table Number: L 12
Company Description: This shop is run by Grakanarts (Grace), an Illustrator based in Los Angeles,California. She has a passion for painting and telling stories and is influenced by Japanese Animation, fashion, and real life experiences. She wants to let people know it's okay to love what you love, feel what you feel, and dream what you dream - live life the way you want to live. Her purpose is to portray that essence into her own work and connect with others through the joys of life. Grace's products consists of a variety of prints, stationery, enamel pins, acrylic charms, and accessories. Her digital tools include a PC, Wacom Cintiq, Ipad Pro,Huion Kamvas, Procreate, and Adobe Photoshop CC. She also loves using watercolors and markers in traditional mediums.
Table Number: O 10
Company Description: My name is Grave and I'm the author and artist of the comic I'm the Grim Reaper, currently published on WEBTOON and coming to print with VIZ media in 2024! Other than making comics, I also love making merch like pins and keychains, and getting to meet readers in person!
Table Number: F 11
Company Description: I create fanart and original art of stuff that makes me happy! I love using bright colors to tell stories
Table Number: T 3
Company Description: I create simple but cute illustrations(many animals) and I aim to populate the world with my derpy creations! >:)
GVGV Studio
Table Number: F 4
Company Description: Hello this is GVGV studio, where you’ll be able to find cute original character art and fanart of some of your favorite shoujo anime.
Table Number: I 9
Company Description: Hi! I'm Fish! I primarily known for custom snap keychains with cute little pixel sprites inside! I have a huge roster of series so swing on by, you might find something you like! I also carry a lot of vtuber merch since they're my current obsession. Otherwise, stay hydrated! (:
Table Number: K 3
Company Description: Hello! I'm fish and I focus on creating eye-catching illustrations and merchandise for anime, manga, and game enjoyers to rep their favorite series!
Table Number: C 7
Company Description: I'm a Los Angeles based artists that loves drawing cute and expressive characters! I create self-illustrated prints, pins, stickers, stationery, and more!
Table Number: A 1
Company Description: Mostly paper and some acrylic goods of beloved original characters!
Handmade Paper Art
Table Number: Q 3
Company Description: My name is Ernesto and I create figures made out of paper. It is a variation of Origami that consists of 100 to 200 individual pieces of paper that are hand folded and put together like Legos to create my art.
Happys Charms
Table Number: R 9
Company Description: | independent artist | Accessories, prints, Keychains, & pins, designed and made with love
Table Number: Q 7
Company Description: Hazmaten creates colorful illustrations, varied fanmerch and cute asian medicine charms!
Heed the Hare
Table Number: B 2
Company Description: Heed the Hare is a lifestyle brand for people going through mundane lives while striving to see some fun in it. We create original stationery, stickers and printed goods with kawaii animal themes that will bring a smile to your face.
Hero Anthem
Table Number: E 7
Company Description: I’m Robin, the artist behind Hero Anthem. I create punchy retro-style posters inspired by vintage propaganda and mid-century comic books. My art brings out those nostalgic childhood memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing video games with my little brother. I especially love incorporating music (especially those catchy theme songs!) into my work.
Table Number: 25
Company Description:
Table Number: N 4
Company Description: A self-taught artist from Las Vegas! I draw many things and make cool stuff out of it!
Table Number: D 6
Company Description: Anime girls and gacha games
Honey Hamstore
Table Number: E 1
Company Description: We started off with fun doodles and drawings. These designs became stickers for gifts and personal use. We hope to bring in more products with our designs for everyone on all occasions. Thank you to all our supporters.
Table Number: F 3
Company Description: Hi there! I'm Brittney an illustrator and animator who brings cuteness to life through my captivating art, with a focus on all things anime and gaming. My creations are a soft blend of whimsy and playful, with the hopes of bringing joy and warmth to others. Whether you're a fan of kawaii aesthetics or a lover of anime and gaming, then my artwork is for you!
Table Number: 71
Company Description:
Table Number: E 2
Company Description: Concept Artist and Designer for Television and Film that loves Anime. Strives to create
Table Number: 30
Company Description: Hello! We are jam and jeanini, a sister-artist duo based in Dallas, Texas! We love drawing our silly little cat mascots, sesame and jasper, and love designing cute merch from our favorite anime and manga. Jam loves the shoujo genre while jeanini loves the shounen genre, so expect to see a wide variety of shows at our booth!
Ink Junk
Table Number: E 12
Company Description: Two friendly artists and friends who love drawing handsome men and weird eldritch things!
Table Number: J 9
Company Description: Edwin "IRONPINKY." Huang is a Cali based illustrator best known for his published work on Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Marvel, Konami, and MTV.
Table Number: P 3
Company Description: Hi I'm Z! I love to make people feel happy with colorful and vibrant art!
Its a Little Awesome
Table Number: G 10
Company Description: I am a freelance artist and illustrator that enjoys making retro and videogame inspired artwork!
Table Number: 24
Company Description: A husband and wife duo specializing in handmade resin and in-house designed and 3D printed goods. Bianca is a self-taught resin artist with over 10 years of experience and Jorel is a self-taught 3D print modeler and manufacturer. Between the two of them, they create anime, kawaii, and video game-themed jewelry, accessories, and home decor.
Table Number: R 11
Company Description: I draw fan arts of anime or video game series I like, in the way I like them!
James Valle (KentaroPJJ)
Table Number: J 7
Company Description: I specialize in vinyl sticker designs and action-packed illustrations that are shonen-inspired.
Jenni Illustrations
Table Number: K 8
Company Description: Jenni is an Australian Artist recently moved/living in America. She is known for her cute style animals with sparkly and floral look. Her style of work is very animal based with tattoo design aesthetic and hidden heart designs in her artwork. She designed/own 14 original characters. She has worked in many companies including American Greetings, Papyrus Greetings, Spin Master Toy Company and Sanrio.
Jessie Hannah Art
Table Number: G 12
Company Description: I'm Jessie, a small art-making person based in Los Angeles! I make art and products inspired by my favorite anime, games, and other pop culture, with a focus in indie games. I am best known for my OMORI fan work.
Joanna Shen Art
Table Number: J 5
Company Description: Hi I‘m Jo! I’m a game designer who loves creating cute merch inspired by nature, boba, and mythology.
Jubiboon & R0ppi
Table Number: G 5
Company Description: An illustrator who likes creating cute art of animals and silly characters.
Jwijaya Art
Table Number: K 5
Company Description: Jessica is a vis dev artist and illustrator who loves depicting scenes with mood and color! At her table you will find a collection of art pieces and charms dedicated to the type of environments and aesthetics she loves.
JYK Doodles
Table Number: C 6
Company Description: I'm a Korean American artist that loves making cute stationary items! My original character is a marshmallow named Mashi. My products consist of washi tapes, sticky notes, microfiber cloths, stickersheets, suncatchers, greeting cards, keychains, enamel pins, stickerbooks, pin banners, reversible bucket hats, button sets, beanies, and more!
Table Number: L 8
Company Description: Hi, I'm Kae and I'm an illustrator that specializes in product design. I hope there's something for everyone here— whether that's an art collectable, or home/office decor!
Table Number: B 4
Company Description: I'm a So. Cal artist who loves to make people smile! I love making fun fandom creations that people can wear or use in ita bags or other ways!
katco studio
Table Number: R 4
Company Description: I like to make cute and silly art that will make people smile or chuckle when they stop at my table. I make original art and fanart for multiple genres: k-pop, games, anime, and pop culture. I also have a short comic series called "Kat's World" that you can read on the line webtoon app.
Table Number: F 7
Company Description: Hello, I go by Kat or KatVanKit! Inspired by my hobbies and Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese culture, I have created labors of love in my work. I enjoy creating unique original character designs and fandom merchandise from vtuber, game, and anime culture that will be the highlights of your collection.
Kawaiilo Ren
Table Number: K 6
Company Description: Fanart, merch and illustrations from popular series and games.
kaylee deplume
Table Number: Q 1
Company Description: I'm an oil painter that blends traditional techniques with modern anime inspirations.
Table Number: H 12
Company Description: Inspired by the engaging stories, relatable characters and visual intricacies unique to Japanese animation — Kehasuk is a playground for imagination, nostalgia and deep appreciation for this genre.
Table Number: N 8
Company Description: Japanese and Asian inspired art, accessories, and apparel
Table Number: F 5
Company Description: Hi! My name is kinokovi and I’m a self taught artist who wants to bring a little happiness to the world with my art. I sell hand-made stickers, tote bags, t-shirts, pencil pouches, enamel pins, key chains, and postcards, all featuring my own art! I specialize in a cutesy style of my favorite anime, video games, and my own original food characters. Please stop by my booth to say hi or feel free to check out my work at!
Table Number: L 7
Company Description: Illustrator, hobbyist with a love for soft colors. Currently creating fan art and merchandise of anime, manga, webtoons, VTubers, and light novels.
Table Number: B 10
Company Description: Hello! I love to paint little things clustered together. Hope my art makes you happy!
Kohi Bean Shop
Table Number: C 10
Company Description: Kohi Bean Shop sells merch inspired by coffee, vtubers and games!
kojo jojo Studio
Table Number: J 12
Company Description: My name is abelle hayford and in a la based illustrator and animation designer. I’m also the founder of KOJO JOJO STUDIO, an online shop and risograph printing press .
Table Number: I 11
Company Description: I love to create visually appeasing art that feeds your eyes some cool images and stimulate your brain
Table Number: 47
Company Description:
Komun Horangi
Table Number: N 9
Company Description: I'm Ginger, an artist from Oakland! I love making art that channels how much fun it is to draw. I enjoy making work that reflects my energy as well as the viewers!
kyousa shop
Table Number: D 5
Company Description: Hello! I'm kyousa, and I love Fire Emblem! I love to draw merchandise of my favorite games and anime. Please stop by and browse our books as well!
Le Spirit Designs
Table Number: I 6
Company Description: I’m Ashley of Le Spirit Designs, a full time artist and creator. My designs are original cute and whimsical characters, who dwell in the Le Spirit world, which continues to grow! My products are stationery (stickers, sticker books, washi tape) and accessories (enamel pins, keychains, tote bags, lanyards and patches). I also have a very cute magnetic mushroom shoulder buddy plush!
LeaTanuko's Wardrobes
Table Number: A 6
Company Description: EGL Fashion Concept Artist, illustrator, Game Artist,
Lee Bee Arts
Table Number: A 2
Company Description: Hi, I'm Lee Bee. I create original kawaii-inspired enamel pins, stickers, keychains, and more. I strive to make cute and happy things to hopefully make your day a bit brighter and celebrate the good things in life.
Table Number: F 10
Company Description: Primary colors galore! Like anything playful, cute, or anime-style products? I got you!
Table Number: S 8
Company Description: I'm an artist who specializes in hand drawn pencil artwork, with a focus on Japanese Kaiju and Anime.
Table Number: J 8
Company Description: I’m a hobby artist who finds enjoyment in content creation and spreading joy with my art! I tend to create a lot of fandom oriented content but does some original content of my own as well! I enjoy tabling occasionally!
Little Song
Table Number: B 11
Company Description: Here at Little Song we create seasonal anime inspired clothing, tote bags, pins, and stickers. All of our clothing are drawn by our favorite artist throughout Southern CA. Out goal is to make anime inspired clothing for everyone even if they aren’t a die hard fan of anime.
Table Number: H 6
Company Description: We create original watercolor illustrations of cats and sell them in forms of prints, postcards, stickers, charms, and more!
Lotte Studio
Table Number: P 6
Company Description: Hi! I am a recent undergrad pursuing my dream in becoming a full-time artist! I enjoy creating all sorts of things, from pins, stickers, to apparel.
Table Number: 44
Company Description:
Table Number: 57
Company Description: I'm Lucid, a freelance illustrator that enjoys games, manga and tech. I specialize in character design and illustrations for print, merchandise, and large form projects. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with several teams including Team Salvato, Studio Sai, Anime Expo, Hoyoverse, Yostar, Riot, BibiSama, and several others.
Mango Meat Yummy Yummy
Table Number: K 1
Company Description: We are silly fruity artists creating self indulgent merch of our favorite characters and sharing them with fellow fans
Table Number: 35
Company Description: A smol hooman & her catto, creating lifestyle goods for otakus worldwide!
Marie Lum (PuccaNoodles)
Table Number: G 3
Company Description: I'm Marie and I'm an animator, storyboard artist, and director working in the animation industry! I make art prints, sketchbooks, acrylic keychains, washi tape, vinyl stickers, and so much more.
Matsumoto Art
Table Number: H 7
Company Description: We have goals to share our creativity and passions for Japanese animation and culture through our art, merchandise, and design services. We have been artists at AX for over a decade, and we've loved what it represents and helps celebrate.
medium mushroom
Table Number: J 11
Company Description: Kawaii, retro, and nostalgic artwork and sundries
Megane Club
Table Number: S 9
Company Description: I create stickers, charms and fun illustrations for anime fans and gamers
Table Number: T 9
Company Description: I'm an illustrator selling prints and wallscrolls of various fandoms. My style is strongly inspired by works of Yoneyama Mai, Modare, and Riot splash artists. I am also a Twitch partner and have a vibrant, kind community with a love for art. Please stop by my stream sometime!
Table Number: 4
Company Description:
Table Number: R 2
Company Description: doing cool things with even cooler people and bringing fashionable clothing to pop culture fiends
Table Number: H 9
Company Description: cute clothes, enamel pins, tote bags, stickers, and accessories
Table Number: 46
Company Description: Cute accessories for your crocs and phone! Plus many more! :)
Table Number: R 6
Company Description: Your neighbourhood turtle that enjoys anime, draws, and brings their creation to life as merchandise for others to enjoy!
miso and tofu
Table Number: B 3
Company Description: A girl who dreams to own her own art cafe! I hope to be able to travel and go to as many conventions as possible
Miss Alphabet
Table Number: L 3
Company Description: Cute J-fashion clothing and accessories inspired by the 80s and 90s, with focus on upcycled bedsheets and repurposed objects.
Miuki Art
Table Number: Q 12
Company Description: Miuki Art mainly sells fan arts in the form of 2D art prints, acrylic charms, and stickers from various popular anime, video games and Vtubers series such as Valorant, Hololive, Konosuba, Danganronpa, Jobless reincarnation, Spy x Family and much more!
Moonshine Charms
Table Number: F 8
Company Description: Kawaii artist specializing in anime, studio ghibli, sanrio, and gaming themed merch. Products include drinkware, charms, pins, stickers, phone accessories, air fresheners, and more!
Table Number: 55
Company Description:
Table Number: C 11
Company Description: Heyo I'm Mou! I make pins, plushies, and art prints.
Table Number: O 12
Company Description: happiness & simplicity Specializing in mainly a line-less style | Simplicity with a hint of happiness. Guaranteed the best quality stickers, cutest designs, and brightest of smiles!
Table Number: 45
Company Description: Mualcaina is an Asian and woman-owned small business that offers kawaii enamel pins, vinyl stickers, apparel, and more, inspired by my favorite things + anime!
Table Number: 1
Company Description: Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm the illustrator, maker, and designer behind Munespice. The Munespice world (Muneflower Hollow) exists in a Magical Garden, so my products are inspired by round creatures, fantasy, and nature.
Table Number: H 11
Company Description: Hi, I'm Nachoz and I am a Japanese-American artist based off of SoCal. I do freelance character design and illustration for mobile games and card games and I've done work for companies such as YoStar.
Table Number: 74
Company Description:
Nicky Soh
Table Number: T 4
Company Description: Webtoon Featured Artist and Art Director
Table Number: J 6
Company Description: An artist from Southern California who loves their childhood 90s shows and just wants to share them with others
Table Number: 38
Company Description:
Table Number: 60
Company Description: “Where art and creativity blend”, Staying short, simple, and to the point, we hope to add a bit of our own spice to the art world and hopefully inspire others to do the same thing with positivity and happy vibes.✨
Table Number: T 1
Company Description: I love drawing and making cat themed art. I enjoy using a variety of media, such as digital art to make stickers and prints, clay to make chonky cats and earrings, and whatever else I feel like trying. I hope I can share my love for cats with everyone, thank you!
Table Number: 28
Company Description:
Okay Okay Company
Table Number: T 7
Company Description: Okay Okay Co is a queer and Asian American owned jewelry company specializing in handmade acrylic wearable art. The owner Tia Weiss (she/they) draws inspiration for her work from fandoms, childhood nostalgia, and her queer and Asian identity.
Table Number: M 6
Company Description:
Table Number: C 8
Company Description: Cute and intentionally provocative mischievous art
Table Number: N 5
Company Description: Artist who creates cute and cool merch featuring attractive characters. Merch ranges from art prints, acrylic keychains, stickers, enamel pins, lanyards, and plush pillows.
Table Number: D 1
Company Description: Watercolor and webcomic artist.
Table Number: O 8
Company Description: Artist from LA who enjoys anime, nostalgia, and fruit!
Table Number: 51
Company Description: I started my company with the intent of creating one of a kind, tangible art that can tell a story and immerse you into its world. My goal is to bring a little slice of happiness to others. Stay peachy!
Table Number: P 4
Company Description: Hi I'm peeachuu! When I'm not drawing fanart of my favorite characters or mascots, my original works typically feature celestial themes and pastel color palettes to explore feelings of loneliness, longing, and wistful nostalgia. I Iove being able to share pieces of myself and my emotions and I hope I am able to bring others even just a little bit of joy or comfort through my creations! ♡
PepperCut Studio
Table Number: J 4
Company Description: I love all things cute and anime! I have a stationery brand and I sell prints, stickers, sticker sheets, washi tape, and note pad! Much of it is anime inspired
Table Number: C 4
Company Description: I like to create anime and video games inspired merchandise and apparel such as charms, stationary, jackets and bags that allow fans to show off their love for the series. I like to draw characters from the series and bond over them with fellow fans at conventions
Table Number: 21
Company Description:
Table Number: H 4
Company Description: Hi I am Allison, who creates cute food doodle art brings kawaii vibes for all foodie :)
Pinky and Haru
Table Number: A 5
Company Description: I'm a Socal Local artist who loves super cute/yamikawaii aesthetics. Focuses on colorful artwork ranging from Original Content to current fan favorite shows, anime, and games. I make a lot of charms, standees, pins, and branching out with clothing and stationery items!
Table Number: L 4
Company Description: PinoyShotArt is a self-taught artist from Vallejo, CA. His vibrant and conceptual work reflects unique crossovers of art, anime, and comic culture in the form of waterproof decals, enamel pins, plushies, air fresheners, etc.
Table Number: J 1
Company Description: I'm an illustrator and artist working out of the rocky mountain west. I have a video game design background working for companies like Ubisoft, Riot, and Wildworks. I still take game development contracts and have worked with several indie game studios. I enjoy publishing on collaborative projects and my work has appeared in multiple zines and artbooks. I work full time as a contract illustrator and conventions artist. I make fan inspired works for conventions adding my own tarot card and art nouveau inspired style.
Table Number: F 2
Company Description: We create illustrations and merchandise of series we love, as well as original characters and designs! We also livestream our process on Twitch as a way to bring together fellow fans and artists to create a community where people can share their excitement and creativity.
Pluvium Workshop
Table Number: R 8
Company Description: I like to draw
Table Number: F 1
Company Description: Hi there! My name is Pokey, a freelance artist, small business owner, and streamer! I love Pikachu, Splatoon, and Vtubers!! :D
Table Number: H 2
Company Description: Hi! I'm an illustrator and designer who enjoys making colorful graphic style artwork in the form of prints, enamel pins, and apparel including hats, shirts, and socks
Table Number: F 6
Company Description: Hi I'm Katia, an illustrator & fanartist from Chicago! I love drawing fanart for my favorite shows and games, and making merch for what i'm currently into! I also love drawing my ocs and making fanzines, like the dimitri zine and tartaglia zine!
Table Number: M 2
Company Description: Hi I'm an illustrator and merch artist that loves to draw in cute styles. I love playing DnD with friends and drawing out my characters. My art styles pretty simple with clean varying line weight and minimal colors.
Table Number: 56
Company Description:
Table Number: T 2
Company Description: Hi! My name is Emily and I'm a Asian artist from Houston. My main inspirations are shojo anime and KPOP. I love taking anything and making it cute and colorful.
Queen Squirrel Art
Table Number: P 11
Company Description: I create whimsical, colorful anime inspired art! Magical girls are my main inspiration
Table Number: B 9
Company Description: Drake (Winson) Tsui is a Canadian freelance artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. Creating illustrations under the moniker "Quirkilicious" to offer affordable, quality artwork for fans who share a passion for the same things he loves and enjoys in geek culture! With a Bachelor's degree in Character Design, I specialize in 2D game art, splash-art and narrative illustrations. I have been featured by prominent companies such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware.
Table Number: O 11
Company Description: i'm a student illustrator who creates fanart of various video games and anime in my free time! i love illustrating my favorite characters and scenes and making charms and prints.
Table Number: M 7
Company Description: Illustrated fan works focusing on passions in fighting games, shonen anime and plenty more. Works made into vinyl stickers, prints, XL stickers and charms
Table Number: S 3
Company Description: Rainubrew is a freelance illustrator based in San Jose who has a strong passion for capturing endearing and memorable moments. Aside from designing charms and art prints in a unique and charming style, they love to experiment with all sorts of product design such as magnets, foil art prints, and patches. Merchandise is in both fanart; such as Genshin Impact, anime, games, and vtuber, and original content.
Ramen Art Shop
Table Number: N 7
Company Description: Hi my name is Omar Lopez, military veteran, big time WEEB and all around nerd for the culture. I’m a tattoo artist and freelance artist that focuses on anime art. I draw everything from chibi to semi realistic art that includes popular anime to original works. Everything that’s on my booth is hand drawn by myself. I take great pride in what I do and enjoy talking to fans of the anime community.
Table Number: Q 8
Company Description: Illustrator and graphic designer of the cheesy variety!
Table Number: P 2
Company Description: Prints, charms, and stickers(if allowed) of primarily gacha game characters and vtubers
Table Number: E 8
Company Description: Hi. I am Ren, a full-time underground corporate cog, part-time artist located in SoCal. I enjoy making unique products, detailed illustrations, and catering to smaller, niche fandoms. Please see links below for where to reach me, other places I can be found, upcoming events, and my shop!
Table Number: C 1
Company Description: Hello, my name is Ringo! Along with creating, I love finding excitement and tranquility in the world around me! My passion is to help inspire others to embrace what makes them happy: whether it is to discover something new or to slow down and enjoy what's in front of them. I hope to add a little bit of joy to everyone's daily lives or their grand adventures with my artwork and creations.
Robot Dance Battle
Table Number: J 10
Company Description: Frogs! Bunnies! Grumpy Chicken! And many more original characters turned into goodies you can bring into your life and make you smile.
Table Number: 23
Company Description:
Rose Gold Jelly
Table Number: E 11
Company Description: I am a proud mother of two kitties who loves celebrating games, animation, cute animals, florals, and yummy food through art! I create designs and make them come to life in different forms of accessories and merchandise. Items I make include enamel pins, charms, stickersheets, notebooks, lanyards, shirts, plush toys, stickynotes, washi tape, embroidered jet tags and more! Recently, I've been working on a stationary line and themed sets with original art of cute animals and Japanese food, and my next big project will be different types of bags! I am inspired to exploring new potential products to make and love sharing them with the world!
Table Number: J 3
Company Description: Hi! I’m an artist that loves to create and draw original art pieces and fanart of shows, video games, books, etc that I enjoy.
Table Number: S 7
Company Description: I'm an Illustrator and Concept Artist working in the video game industry and on indie projects.
Table Number: Q 11
Company Description: I create chibi art of all things anime, gaming and pop culture.
Table Number: 72
Company Description:
Table Number: 73
Company Description:
Table Number: 41
Company Description: Saunafrog is founded and run by Min, a 3D-artist! During the pandemic, they found themselves with the opportunity to focus on their art and evolving their skills in sculpting. This led them down the journey of learning 3D-modelling and 3D-printing. All their products such as figures, earrings, keychains, etc, have been designed, 3D-modelled, sculpted, and 3D-printed by them!
Table Number: D 3
Company Description: This is SENPAPI-SAMA. A new studio born in Calgary, and would like to explore more about the anime industry. Anime has always been a big part of our lives, it carried us through those ups and downs, and motivates us whenever we need it. WE sincerely hope that the world will be able to adapt anime even more in the future, as it is just a wonderful culture. Everyone in the community is so nice and supportive! Feels like we are all there for a same goal, which is — enjoy anime to it's best.
Table Number: R 12
Company Description: You probably have seen my picture, but I don't know who drew it.
Table Number: S 6
Company Description: I am an anime and game fan artist! I create deskmats, prints, keychains, and stickers of my favorite games such as Valorant and Honkai Star Rail as well as anime I enjoy such as K-ON, One Piece, Bocchi the Rock, and Pokemon
Table Number: O 3
Company Description: ShinySeabass is a full-time freelance pixel artist and content creator. He draws original characters and fanart from your favorite Anime and video games. He makes a wide variety of merchandise with Pixel art for all to enjoy!
Table Number: Q 5
Company Description: Hello! I love to design cute, charming things. My favorite items to design are charms and stationery!
Table Number: M 1
Company Description: I draw food as isometric blocks, favorite foods, snacks and krabby patties
Sleepy Sugar Club
Table Number: O 4
Company Description: Sleepy Sugar Club is a studio made of 3 POC artists who joined forces together to create a unique group that creates original art and fan art heavily influenced by Japanese and Korean pop culture. Our artists are passionate about anime of various genres such as Shounen, Shoujo, and Slice of Life, while also interested in the art and concept of cosplaying, games, and Japanese culture in itself. We turn our art into various merchandise such as keychains, buttons, stickers, small plushies, and cup holders. We create items that other fans can use to integrate their passion for Japanese animation and culture in their everyday lives.
Table Number: 36
Company Description: My name is Sharon and I am the owner of SnowBelShop. I am a 26 years old American Indonesian self-taught artist that loves to create all kinds of handmade items with sprinkle of cuteness! I love making stuff out of polymer clay and air dry clay! Ranging from clay charms, pins, to earrings and tiny figurines. I also love drawing on my ipad to make stickers and art prints. I also work a lot of with permanent vinyl where I can make the cutest drinking coffee cups and more. Lots of people try to tell me to stick with 1 niche and category but I say, as an artist the possibility with your creative mindset is endless ??
Table Number: E 10
Company Description: professional idiot that likes to draw pretty boys
Table Number: K 10
Company Description: tunaa loves to draw cute art and share it with everyone!
Table Number: S 2
Company Description: Angela Arnone is an artist specializing in character design, visual development, and sequential art. Often inspired by her favorite anime and manga series, she loves to design and sell a variety of merchandise of her most beloved characters. When Angela's not drawing her favorite characters, she's watching edits of them on TikTok for hours.
Table Number: L 6
Company Description: Prints, Patches, Stickers, Enamel pins, and other clothing such as beanies and bags!
Table Number: N 3
Company Description: I love drawing colorful illustrations and from things that are nostalgic to my childhood! I make prints, stickers, charms, and sometimes deskmats!
Table Number: H 1
Company Description: SudiBear is a WoC artist that celebrates powerful women, fairy tales, and nature through illustration and a homemade brand of street-soft apparel.
Table Number: K 4
Company Description: Hi! I like to draw cute animals (cats, bunnies, capybaras, etc.) and chibi anime fanart!
Table Number: 37
Company Description: Hi there, my name is Anna, and I create digital illustrations. The name “Sundrop” comes from hoping that my designs feel like a drop of warmth or optimism. I sell mainly original work in as art print and various other stationary and apparel goods.
Table Number: A 11
Company Description:
Table Number: Q 6
Company Description: I specialize in making hard/soft gold enamel pins, double epoxy acrylic charms, prints, and other products that are inspired by popular anime and gaming franchises.
Table Number: S 12
Company Description: Hello, I make food containers or any kind of packaging into food stalls and stores.
Table Number: 20
Company Description: At Suugr Studio, we make cute little things such as enamel pins, acrylic charms, stickers, prints and apparels!
Sweet Circuits
Table Number: K 11
Company Description: I'm a SoCal-based artist that loves to create bright, cheery artwork of the series I love. I really like capturing the warm aspect of the series I enjoy.
Sykopop Shop
Table Number: G 1
Company Description: Hello! My name is Syko and I like to create work for a variety of series that I really enjoy. I also like to create original characters with a lot of cute and lighthearted themes. You can find my work in the form of prints, acrylic goods, pins, and stickers!
Tal Cyndachoo
Table Number: S 1
Company Description: Hi! I'm an NYC-based illustrator, with a passion for making both fanart and marine-based artwork!
Table Number: G 4
Company Description: a variety of cute n' pastel art prints, stickers, keychains, and more!
Tenshi Tea Co.
Table Number: D 12
Company Description: Hi! My name is Tenshi! I draw 2d hubbies for a living! I’m best known for my Washitape Art commissions! Thank you for supporting my small business~
The Jetty Jet Show
Table Number: B 8
Company Description: I'm Jet. TheJettyJetShow is an Art Youtube Channel. I offer art tutorials, live stream, speed paints. Prints can be found on my online Art Store or when i'm tabling at conventions. My art is known for the anime and video game inspired fan art of the “Waifu” variety. My work can be found across all social platforms including, Youtube, Instagram Etc. @TheJettyJetShow / www.TheJettyJetShow.Com
The Juice Box Club
Table Number: I 1
Company Description: I design and make art that is inspired by my life. Including shows, video games, emotions and experience. I take those inspirations and design kawaii merchandise!
Table Number: 7
Company Description: Hello! My name is Rowan and I create everything at The Little Rowboat! I love to draw and create using a lot of different mediums! I love all animals cats especially and bright colors and nature!
Table Number: 11
Company Description: We specialize on creating landscapes and background artwork inspired by our favorite Anime, Video Games and stories. Our goal is to captivate our audience and to bring a bit of peace into their lives with our artwork.
Table Number: L 2
Company Description: Hello, I’m Kianna and I created TINY PLANT out of a desire to share happy artworks with everyone. I’m inspired by my Filipino heritage, Japanese animations, cute foods, and my pets!
Table Number: L 5
Company Description: Sup! Call me iRYANiC (or Ryan for short). You'll find me drawing MANY things due to my various interests, but cute and colorful anime pin-ups are my absolute specialty! 🖤
Table Number: 19
Company Description:
Table Number: 64
Company Description:
Unicorn Crafts
Table Number: F 12
Company Description: Hello! I'm Faheema Chaudhury - Lead Unicorn behind Unicorn Crafts! Welcome to my colorful world! Unicorn Crafts is a reminder to your inner kid-at-heart that fashion should be fun! I loooooove color and playful designs that make you squeal with excitement. I take my own illustrations and make jewelry from them. My hope is that when you wear my designs, you can feel like your authentic self and not worry about what anyone else thinks because at the end of the day, you should only be the most genuine version of yourself.
Table Number: 8
Company Description: Usagi x Usagi is a collective of Kawaii Aesthetic and Japanese-Anime inspired products like air fresheners, high-quality vinyl stickers, curated accessories, and handmade jewelry and crafts. Our mission is to inspire others to do what they love and love what they do, in the cutest way possible!
Table Number: 29
Company Description:
Table Number: E 4
Company Description: A freelance illustrator. I love drawing fanworks and original works, and I'm currently in the works for making a webcomic!
wet shrimb khrow
Table Number: E 9
Company Description: I am an illustrator, apparel printer, and designer that loves capturing the little beautiful moments in life.
Table Number: H 8
Company Description: "Wifi4dogs" is a queer southern california artist who paints cute worlds of whimsy and comfort, and specializes in holographic prints, notebooks, stickers and folders. Their illustrations are unique, creating nostagic scenery with small animals designed to make you smile.
Table Number: B 1
Company Description: Wrabbit creates dreamy goods in a unique blend of anime and toony styles. Keychains, enamel pins, plushies and more!
Ying's Art
Table Number: B 6
Company Description: I am a traditional watercolor artist who enjoys painting artworks inspired by my favorite games and anime shows.
Table Number: N 6
Company Description: Artist with a caffeine addiction and is always working overtime. Yinnyart is an individual artist based out of Southern California with a focus on anime-style art. Her work and products include prints, charms, stickers and more!
Table Number: O 1
Company Description: I specialize in creating adorable artwork featuring three lovable puppy characters who are often seen enjoying cute food. You can find my drawings and comics on my Instagram page, where I share new content on a weekly basis. Additionally, I create delightful cooking games for people to enjoy on their mobile devices. To bring my art to life in a tangible way, I've created a line of merchandise, including stickers, pins, keychains, and plushies, which I will bring to Artist Alley!
Table Number: A 9
Company Description: I draw what I like I make what I want
Table Number: K 2
Company Description: I love creating illustrations of women, particularly with a focus on fashion and design.
Table Number: D 7
Company Description: We have merch of Jujutsu Kaisen, Genshin, ORV, Link Click, TGCF, and more!
Table Number: A 10
Company Description: Hi I’m Yuma/KC, and I’m a huge fan of y2k, jirai kei, harajuku retro anime, games, and fashion! My art reflects a very early 2010’s internet style and I love to use vibrant colors and chunky aesthetics to express that!
ZeldaCW (Bunny Boss Maru)
Table Number: R 7
Company Description: Freelance Illustrator & comic artist. Creator of AX mascots Ai, Xeno, Kisegi and Mahoko :3
Table Number: M 12
Company Description: Freelance artist, love cats and coffee
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