Arist Alley List
Table Number: C-11
Company Description: Hi! I'm Jasmine, I draw and make prints (postcards+posters), stickers, and acrylic charms of my favorite animes and JRPGs.
Table Number: A-16
Company Description: Hello! I'm 95nomi, I like to draw occasionally and make cute little trinkets!
a solitary forest
Table Number: A-23
Company Description: I create prints, stationery, and accessories to the tune of my favorite things in games and anime.
Table Number: H-17
Company Description: Jenny is a 1.5 generation Korean-American illustrator with over 10 years of freelance experience. She is passionate about the intersection of pop culture and history and helping other Korean Americans navigate their cultural identity. You can easily find her table at conventions by looking out for punchy propaganda poster-inspired posters and a giant mountain of stuffed plush pillows.
Table Number: I-3
Company Description: My name is wren and I like to create cute and colorful illustrations.
Table Number: G-30
Table Number: D-27
Company Description: Hello! I'm advarcher and i'm creating fanart and illustrations of anime-inspired artwork, both characters and backgrounds!
Table Number: A-3
Company Description: I’m Aeimelon (previously Aeiion), and I specialize in mainly anime and videogame related content! I love to make cute merchandise, prints, acrylic charms, enamel pins, plushies and more to come!
Table Number: C-2
Company Description: A SoCal based merchandise designer with a love for creating cute and colorful items !
Table Number: E-35
Company Description: I love creating art of my favorite characters! I especially love drawing girls but I specialize in ikemen.
Table Number: A-28
Company Description: I am a freelance illustrator who likes drawing cute girls!
Table Number: H-26
Company Description: Enamel Pin Collections
Table Number: B-7
Company Description: Japanese inspired creations, cute funny, anything to get a smile.
Table Number: F-2
Company Description: Alycea is a professional illustrator and designer who got her start drawing manga on the playground. She currently works as a background designer in animation during the day, and works on tribute drawings for her favorite anime at night. On the side she runs a lifestyle brand called Trade Night, dedicated to those in the trading card game, car meet and collector communities.
Table Number: E-12
Company Description: Art inspired by modern fantasy culture.
Table Number: H-33
Company Description: I'm an Illustrator based in San Diego selling art prints based on various anime and pop culture.
Table Number: C-1
Company Description: I'm Ringo, I use anime illustration to express my love for the great outdoors and trying new things. I aim to portray anime characters finding tranquility and happiness in nature, in hopes to pay forward those positive feelings and to inspire others to be curious about the world around them.
Table Number: G-21
Company Description: Prints, stationery, and other merchandise for games, anime, and virtual idols.
Table Number: H-18
Company Description: Aqricot Garden is a small company that focuses on anime and kawaii inspired handmade resin items. We our items range from earrings and hair clips to lash holders.
Table Number: E-33
Company Description: Based in Los Angeles, Arie's Dreamery has a wide variety of cute products, such as enamel pins, keychains, buttons, vinyl stickers and stationery, inspired by anime, pop culture, food, cats, astrology, and dreamy aesthetics!
Table Number: F-9
Company Description: I love to draw and paint things! I enjoy creating pieces of my favorite characters and series in anime and animation!
Table Number: H-36
Company Description: Hi, my name is Iris and I'm an artist that loves to integrate anime and videogames into products we can use in our daily lives. From computer desk mats to license plate frames, my shop provides a wide range of anime-themed décor. All of my anime stickers are water-proof and weatherproof, which makes them perfect as car decals or other multi-use placement. My fan-art prints and 3D posters come in various sizes to fit any space.
Table Number: H-24
Company Description: Original anime artwork and designs as well as original artwork
Table Number: A-1
Company Description: Art by Vy loves to draw in a cute cartoony art style and takes inspiration from tv shows, cartoons, anime, and especially video games.
Table Number: D-24
Company Description: We create drawings that lift our anime souls and make crafts that lightened our gaming space.
Table Number: A-22
Company Description: My name is Mazzy and I specialize in anime and pop culture themed prints, stickers, and charms as well as vinyl art and car decals. I love making cute chibis and sticker puns. I love making people smile with my art.
Art of Naomi VanDoren
Table Number: I-14
Company Description: Naomi is an adventure-inspired fantasy artist and author with Ghibli-esque whimsical themes.
Table Number: F-12
Company Description: Hello! My name is Nikki Abrego and I am the owner of this little shop. Here you will find artwork that I've drawn from some of my favorite fandoms. I mainly specialize in traditional art materials and most of my work is done with Copic Markers. You can catch me out in the Artist Alley scene in conventions around Southern California and Arizona. Be sure to follow me on social media to know where I will be next and catch a glimpse at current art I'm working on. When I'm not during, I love hanging out with my corgi, Vyse, watching movies, and playing videogames.
Table Number: F-29
Company Description: Tatiana is a fantasy artist, toy designer, and part time wizard.
Table Number: E-25
Company Description: Southern California artist who loves to draw. I mainly draw anime, though I try to add my own special twist to it.
Table Number: E-13
Company Description: I create anime works in an imaginative style. By incorporating vibrant colors and realism there is an added perspective to the work I’ve done and sets the tone for work I will keep doing.
Table Number: D-11
Company Description: I like creating dynamic action illustrations and funny or interesting crossovers.
Table Number: G-32
Company Description: I was born in the Philippines, came here when I was 12. I've always enjoyed drawing. Today, my art is heavily influenced by Japanese culture mixed with tattoo art.
Table Number: H-19
Company Description: Digital illustrator offering bookmarks, stickers, keychains and art prints with a penchant for landscapes.
Table Number: C-10
Company Description: Aster's main outlet to express themselves was drawing, thus sparking their creative journey with art. Struggling to find their identity at an early age, creating characters from fantastical worlds and peaceful landscapes allowed them to freely explore themselves and expand their own world view of possibilities.
Table Number: C-18
Company Description: Hello! I am a freelance artist in the EN. I love to draw semi realistic to anime style.
Table Number: F-16
Company Description: C A M is an illustrator with a love for lucky cats. She's fueled by milk tea, cute stationery, and the promise of a midnight snack run. She loves creating cute and cool things that bring joy!
Table Number: A-9
Company Description: Hello! I'm an illustrator that creates both original and fan art. My subjects range from cute and soft to disturbing and bright designs and illustrations.
Table Number: F-25
Company Description: Belli-buttons is a one-stop booth for your nerd product needs. Our main item is our 1-inch pin-back buttons and we currently have over 1000 different designs from various genres and shows. We also have a wide variety of different products from prints to our custom playing card decks to stamps! It is easy for anyone to find something they like at our booth. from current popular series like My hero academia to really obscure shows like Sweeney Todd, we really do cover a wide net of fandoms. With reasonable prices, you also don't need to break your wallet to take home a unique item that represents your current obsession.
Table Number: G-10
Company Description: Hello, my name is Kat and i create anime fanart in forms of keychains, Stickers, tote bags and stationary.
Table Number: H-25
Company Description: We create art prints with different finishes including Foil and Holographic. We also created our own original manga and audio manga named Iridescent
Table Number: C-30
Company Description: Just a gacha addict whos into 2D boys
Table Number: C-24
Company Description: I create Splash Art Illustrations based on characters!
Table Number: F-36
Company Description: Hello hello! Its Nao or @breadbabies’ I am an artist and college student on the grind based in norcal, socal, and Tennessee (its a long story) exploring multiple mediums of creativity- they say my art looks edgy and emo and to that I say—- you know what,, yeah they’re lowkey right lol I make all kinds of stuff; mostly to fuel my creativity,, but hopefully yours too???! I am overjoyed to be able to meet ya- I may look a lil bit sleep deprived but please don’t hesitate to say hello- I would absolutely love to chat it up with ya haha Please take care, stay safe, and may all your dreams come true!! Your homie, Nao
Table Number: C-28
Company Description:
Table Number: E-1
Company Description: Hi, I'm BTNS. I make cool stuff for even COOLER people. I enjoy making expressive and colorful art that mixes together the "cute", the "cool", and a cartoony art style, to end up with some neato drawings. I make small things, such as stickers and buttons, but also character prints, and 3D PRINTS, which makes the art stand out even more. LITERALLY. I focus on making stuff that both I enjoy, and that other people will get a kick out of seeing.
Table Number: H-32
Company Description: We specialize in stationery and print goods for fans who have an interest in mixing fandom with journaling. However, our stickers and other print goods are durable and can be used for all sorts of decoration!
Table Number: B-2
Company Description: Small goods such as stickers and postcards with a focus on cuteness, fanart, and stories.
Table Number: G-25
Company Description: I'm a Filipina-American graphic designer and illustrator who creates original art and translates them into stickers, enamel pins, accessories, and other stationery items.
Table Number: B-33
Company Description: Hello! My name is Cesela. I'm a illustrator and streamer who loves Vtubers! I spread the love for Vtubers, anime, and video games through cute chibis and illustrations.
Table Number: A-29
Company Description: I make things I want to exist! Whether it be stickers, prints, or apparel, I just stay true to my aesthetics. People often get confused by the duality of my art, but that’s just the way I like it!
Table Number: E-4
Company Description: ChaiBee and Co. is a collaborative unit of artists lead by Chai Appling! Each artist specializes in creating unique works that range from fan art to original designs. With distinct styles and friendly faces, ChaiBee and Co is always happy to welcome new friends to share our love of creativity!
Table Number: E-31
Company Description: Creating retro (80's/90's) shoujo and shounen inspired artwork.
Table Number: G-11
Company Description: Cheer-su is a group of three friends based in California who love to make fan-made and original goods, inspired by the anime and games that we enjoy.
Table Number: A-19
Company Description: I'm an artist who loves to draw fanart for video games that no more than 5 people have played!
Table Number: A-12
Company Description: I enjoy creating a wide variety of merchandise for both fanart and original work, in a style that takes inspiration from both Japanese and western media, including comics, films and traditional art.
Table Number: D-6
Company Description: We are specialized in creating keychains, enamel pins, prints, phone grips, air fresheners, stickers, apparel, and many more that are coming in the future. We are very excited to display our creations to people around the world, and we are more than happy when you join us on our art journey!
Table Number: G-28
Company Description: Fanart prints, zines, washi tape, and original apparel and home goods !
Table Number: D-12
Company Description: I am an illustrator and creature artist, who has a passion for Godzilla, Monster Hunter, and Dinosaurs. Most of my work is fanart but in the future I hope to work on official art for Toho, Capcom, or Magic the Gathering!
Table Number: C-6
Company Description: I primarily make original & fan enamel pins and dabble in stickers, stationery, prints and keychains.
Table Number: G-15
Company Description: Chromatic is a labor of love between close friends; it is something that we wanted to have fun with and share with other anime & art lovers. We are inspired by anime culture and synthwave aesthetics.
Table Number: E-27
Company Description: I'm a pin designer and illustrator who loves to make fun and colorful merchandise from anime, tv shows, video games, and more! I also make lots of pride goods! I offer pins, prints, stickers, and other accessories!
Table Number: I-11
Company Description: Amour | Artist | Streamer | I create artwork of my favorite series such as Pokemon, Persona, Danganronpa, Genshin Impact and more!
Table Number: G-29
Company Description: Hello, I’m Clae! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator! I mostly draw fanart from Genshin Impact, Sk8 the Infinity, and JJK. I love doodling and creating artwork in my free time while making merch for my store!
Table Number: B-16
Company Description: hi, i'm chun! i love drawing cute things with bright colorful colors!
Table Number: D-17
Company Description: Coffeecloud is a cute goods shop selling stickers, pins, and more! Many of coffeecloud’s illustrations and content stems from her upbringing and interests in food, video games, and anime. Coffeecloud hopes to spread cute and poppin' vibes with her creations!
Table Number: I-6
Company Description: Hello I am Emu! Creator and owner of Concon. I create lots of merchandise such as shirts, shorts, jerseys, prints, buttons, stickers, charms, masks and scrunchies! I love rhythm games and anime/manga and showcase my love through my products.
Table Number: B-3
Company Description: Cozytika focuses on making you feel cozy with our style and products. Our variety of products ranging from apparel to stationery contain our cute art style displaying our mascots and character from your favorite shows and movies.
Table Number: C-5
Company Description: Hello, I'm Daeunie! I'm a California based, up-and-coming artist who is a mom to a golden retriever, a kbbq connoisseur, and love of all things design and art. In my spare time, I create stickers, prints and merch that aims to bring a sense of community, nostalgia feels, and a whole new level of appreciation for Japanese animation and culture through my work.
Table Number: D-10
Company Description: whimsical anime and video game inspired products
Table Number: G-14
Company Description: Hi I'm Draco and I enjoy drawing fanart and original character work! Merch making is one of my favorite things :]
Table Number: B-17
Company Description: Hi! I'm Ivy, a behavioral therapist by day and digital artist turned small shop owner by night. With so much free time during the pandemic, I rediscovered my love for art and jumped into the realm of digital art. Eventually, DrawnbyIvy was born and I'm watching my childhood dream of selling my art come true little by little. My art embodies cute and cozy vibes as I aim to make people smile with my art, sharing a bit of the joy I feel while creating with others.
Table Number: C-14
Company Description: I create vibrant and atmospheric art prints of VTubers with full backgrounds and cute/cool poses!
Table Number: C-29
Company Description: Ecko creates and illustrates anime and video game inspired merchandise! We got air fresheners, pins,
Table Number: B-15
Company Description: Creator of original and fan art merchandise. Most notable for the Kakegurui Playing Cards Deck.
Table Number: F-7
Company Description:
Table Number: H-8
Company Description: I'm a Chilean illustrator currently working on an Action/Horror Webtoon called R99.
Table Number: C-22
Company Description: 3D artist & Illustrator
Table Number: D-28
Company Description: Erik Ly is a contemporary illustrator from Los Angeles, California. He specializes in surreal illustrations, character art and animal drawings.
Table Number: B-20
Company Description: I create anime illustrations and turn my drawings into merch! Anime art has influenced me since I was a kid and I want to influence other people with my own drawings now.
Table Number: F-34
Company Description: Much of my work consists of fanart and mashups of anime ranging from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to Gundam Girl's eating food! Ranging from 11x17 prints, to 4x6 prints, to buttons, and even t-shirts I have an assortment of items for anyone's price range! Come on by and take a closer look!
Table Number: D-18
Company Description: My name's Jim, but I go by EyYoJimbo on all platforms (Jimbo for short). I create mainly digital illustrations with a painterly style, some of which are based on my favorite pieces of media in games and anime. I also stream my process regarding said illustrations on Twitch!
Table Number: B-13
Company Description: Creates collectible artwork with a focus in storytelling and nostalgic, humorous motifs.
Table Number: F-20
Company Description: we draw boys who are cute
Table Number: A-26
Company Description: Clay sculptures, toy animal sculpture, clay jewelry. Along with art drawings
Table Number: E-6
Company Description: I create travel posters for fictional locations! Be it anime, video games, movies, or beyond, I love transporting people back into the worlds they fell in love with. Grab some souvenirs from your fantasy adventures!
Table Number: G-4
Company Description: Hello, my name is jackie gastelum. I am a jewelry designer in salinas CA. I have been working on building my business for about 7 years. G.B.Creations is a handmade jewelry business that creates unique pieces for your everyday day outfits. Each piece is carefully designed for you to enjoy. Our goal is to create jewelry pieces that bring confidence and happiness into your life. We have various collections from marvel, whimsical, sports, anime character, Disney, starbucks, boba, kawaii food collections and more!!
Table Number: I-8
Company Description: I make cute (sometimes spooky) illustrations into merch like enamel pins, stickers, prints, stationery and all kinds of accessories!
Table Number: E-20
Company Description: Wizardingjourney& Himochi's love for Japanese animation has inspired them to create many works of art. From Apparel, stationary, cute accessories and more, you are sure to find something you like from them and celebrate your love of anime together.
Table Number: H-27
Company Description: Chibi characters in popular anime dressing paying homage to both the aesthetics as well as the cultural impact
Table Number: G-26
Company Description: I do illustrations of mostly my own Original characters but I occasionally make fanart for Arknights, Monster hunter, and Genshin. Recently I've been dabbling in charms and have a set of charms prepared for conventions.
Table Number: G-35
Company Description: A small shrimp that draws on the side while working on animation from 9-5
Table Number: E-26
Company Description: Hi, I’m Sarah! Illustrator, Designer and aspiring plant mom with a brown thumb. I am a Korean-American Illustrator & Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love nothing more than to draw cute animals with vibrant colors to express sweet and humorous sentiments about life. My hope in sharing my artwork with others is to inspire a little joy in their lives.
Table Number: H-28
Company Description: i make the webtoon im the grim reaper
Table Number: F-14
Company Description: Hello! I am a hobby artist that creates fanart for series that I love.
Table Number: C-25
Company Description: I am a freelance illustrator and I create cute things I like
Table Number: B-32
Company Description: BL and gacha game enthusiast
Table Number: D-13
Company Description: We create manga and anime inspired merch with a little Gut Riders spice. :)
Table Number: H-35
Company Description: Hey! I am jacobo, or jake, and I run jakes pins! My art draws inspiration from things i love, my culture, and growing up in East Los Angeles! I hope that it can shine some light into your life as it does mine, and I hope you have a magical day!
Table Number: G-36
Company Description: Anime, game, and K-pop inspired prints, pins, stickers, stationery, and more!
Table Number: A-13
Company Description: ✿ Independent artist on TikTok and Youtube. Designing Accessories, prints, Keychains, & pins, and more! ✿
Table Number: H-20
Company Description: I create black positive fantasy and anime inspired art
Table Number: B-34
Company Description: Anime and Video game fanart as well as Personal pieces. Heavily focused on digital media
Table Number: D-16
Company Description: I am a AAPI artist who grew up in San Francisco with the love of cute things. Working in the tech field was something that I enjoyed doing but it was super draining so I turned to my first creative hobby, which is handmaking soap! I’ve made a lot of different soap with plans to expand into different parts of my creative side like by creating stickers of my art and other fun collectibles like pins and keychains.
Table Number: E-22
Company Description: Hot Anime Boy Appreciation Association focuses on creating illustrations and merchandise that showcase the love that we have for hot anime men :D
Table Number: A-31
Company Description: Anime style illustrator and apparel designer!
Table Number: A-6
Company Description: I create stickers, acrylic keychains, and enamel pins! I've made hundreds of different sticker designs and I'm always working on more!
Table Number: H-9
Company Description: I do work that looks official but it’s not
Table Number: F-3
Company Description: I'm Z and I love drawing with lots of color! I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist!
Table Number: C-9
Company Description: Prints, Stickers, and Charms of your favorite Fighting Game Characters
Table Number: C-34
Company Description: Kleine meaning small; is meant to remind people to enjoy the small moments in life. I hope to spread a little bit of joy where I can and invoke a sense of nostalgia with my work. A lot of my art is inspired very everyday objects and moments most people may forget about, but are all precious memories.
Table Number: H-15
Company Description: A self taught handmade resin artist creating kawaii and anime themed jewelry, accessories, storage, and decor. Polymer clay, flowers, gemstones, and 3D printing are also sometimes implemented.
Table Number: C-12
Company Description: Hi – I'm Jane, and I'm a Taiwanese American designer & illustrator with strong RBF and an equally strong snacking capacity. JaneLi.Co is a creative playground for me to experiment and connect with my culture, so I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it!
Table Number: H-34
Company Description: Janet Sung is a Korean-American illustrator and designer specializing in creating playful stationery and accessories inspired by anime and her childhood on the internet.
Table Number: C-31
Company Description: enamel pins, art prints, apparel and more inspired by anime, video games, comics and other pop culture in a whimsical and illustrative art style
Table Number: H-6
Company Description: queer wasian artist that enjoys illustrating powerful women utilizing floral & nouveau motifs. also dabbles in the big-headed chibi art style as well.
Table Number: B-28
Company Description: Shop and support the original work and fanart of Jacqueline 'Jisu' Choe
Table Number: A-5
Company Description: joapplesauce creates anime, memes, and gaming inspired merch. This merchandise includes Simp Cards, stickers/car decals, posters, air fresheners, buttons, phone grips, and much more!
Table Number: F-24
Company Description: Joined together by our love of cute things, nerd things, and fun things, Just Dreaming Designs are two nerds who are making the world better one cool art creation at a time. Though we specialize in handmade plushies, we have a variety of products to make and share with the world.
Table Number: F-35
Company Description: I am an illustrator who loves to paint fanart from various manga, anime, and video games.
Table Number: F-15
Company Description: I do pop culture and anime work inspired by 1920s art nouveau and art deco. My work feature lots of gold foil and even some black light prints but I also have regular prints of everything. I bridge the gap between 2 types of fans as I also do proxy cards for porkmon and MTG featuring pop culture and anime characters.
Table Number: C-36
Company Description: I create colorful, imaginative, and unique merchandise based on art of my own original characters and designs.
Table Number: B-9
Company Description: I love to create kawaii pins & stickers.
Table Number: D-8
Company Description: Hi! I'm Jessica and I am the artist behind KawaiiRabbits. I love creating kawaii characters! My art and products are inspired by Japanese kawaii culture, with a focus on cute animals and chibi girls. I have a variety of items from shirts, stationery, acrylic charms, lanyards, and more!
Table Number: A-36
Company Description: Originally a cosplayer who loved to purchase from emerging artists at conventions, I eventually joined them; sharing work I used to only let friends see. After years at conventions, my art progressed from print work to also include paper art, trinket boxes, buttons, maps, jewelry, and other tchotchkes. Soon I was known as "the table with the boxes." I draw, use Photoshop, paint, stencil, re-purpose materials, and use other techniques to create my various art.
Table Number: E-14
Company Description: hi, i'm anzu! freelance illustrator and character designer!
Table Number: E-16
Company Description: As a hobbyist illustrator with a design background I enjoy creating illustrations with soft colors and illustrations with a mix of graphics. I also love making character keychains, pins, plushes and much more!
Table Number: G-5
Company Description: Kirseel is an illustrator creating works inspired by their favorite video games and anime.
Table Number: G-24
Company Description: I do a lot of fan art of characters from animes and video games, however I also do a lot of personal art, I have original characters I create backstories and art for. I enjoy designing original characters and outfits a lot. Personally I enjoy working on things I created a lot more. So this convention where original work is promoted is really nice. It allows attendees and artists to see and appreciate more original work that is inspired by japanese media so I am very interested!
Table Number: G-2
Company Description: I create high quality and varied merchandise that is aesthetically pleasing and stylish! I make custom sized prints, keychains, acrylic standees, embroidered tags and more!
Table Number: D-19
Company Description: All our creations are the products of sudden moments of epiphany O(≧▽≦)O, we tend to experiment and use all sorts of materials we feel are necessary to best do justice to the products of our imagination.
Table Number: H-23
Company Description: I create Fanart posters and stickers
Table Number: E-32
Company Description: I create stickers, enamel pins, apparel, and keychains. I also create a safe space for a community of people who enjoy cute things (specifically on tiktok)
Table Number: H-12
Company Description: I’m just a potato who plays games and makes potato art. I sell merch of my favorite fandoms like NieR, Gintama and Valorant! I currently make prints, stickers, car decals, play mats, acrylic keychains, acrylic standees and lanyards
Table Number: G-9
Company Description: I've loved growing up with games and characters, as well as deviating from cultural norms in order to grow as not only a person, but an artist. I feel attached to the characters and scenery I see in anime, and I like to create art and small things for others who find comfort in those characters as well.
Table Number: H-10
Company Description: Hi! My name is Trisha, and I like to draw cute things! Recently I’ve been really into making stickers of characters from games and anime-related media such as Genshin Impact, Overwatch, and Luxiem!
Table Number: H-13
Company Description: Anime illustrations of characters in techwear/streetwear fashion in a unique style using vibrant colors and composition!
Table Number: B-29
Company Description: Lauren Scribblez and I love to draw and create kawaii, colorful, illustrations. My artwork is inspired by anime, gaming, and capturing the aesthetic things in everyday life.
Table Number: G-7
Company Description: We are extremely passionate about creating vibrant art of the characters we love. We make merch of cute kemonomimi girls mostly, but we also sell some spooky horror goods!
Table Number: F-32
Company Description: I'm an independent artist who creates hand drawn pencil and pen artwork.
Table Number: E-19
Company Description: help i have too many keychains
Table Number: E-21
Company Description: We create cute art, art toys, and jewelry
Table Number: E-3
Company Description: Hi! I'm Lottemp3 and I am a recent undergrad pursuing my dream in becoming a full-time artist! I enjoy creating all sorts of things, from pins, stickers, to apparel.
Table Number: H-29
Company Description: Prints, Stickers
Table Number: C-21
Company Description: Celestial tea atelier who makes enamel pins and prints with a fantasy flair ✿
Table Number: C-7
Company Description: illustrations, art enamel pins, fashion bags
Table Number: E-36
Company Description: Apparel
maple bgs
Table Number: F-4
Company Description: hi! my name is maple and i love painting anime scenes with innovative colors! Mentored from many professionals in color and light, I try to bring a unique approach to painting anime scenes using a more cinematic and creative approach to color! I'm a bit of a newer artist as I starting learning art during the quarantine while in high school, but I've worked hard to improve. Looking forward to you at my booth :)
Table Number: I-1
Company Description: Art prints, books, stickers, acrylic charms, standees, music boxes!, apparel, enamel pins
Table Number: I-10
Company Description: I'm MartyPCSR! I'm a VTuber artist and illustrator. I make art and keychains of anime, games such as Super Smash Bros. and Genshin Impact.
Table Number: B-24
Company Description: With a background rooted in pencil, ink, and paint, MATSUMOTO ART's personal and professional work depict subjects driven by fantasy, modern pop culture, and the nostalgic experience. Past select clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, and Viacom.
Table Number: D-4
Company Description: Charms, prints, stickers, and more! I design merch of your favorite anime and JRPGs.
Table Number: H-16
Company Description: Acrylic charms, paper prints; mylar buttons, plush key chains, lanyards, pins
Table Number: A-32
Company Description: Hi, I like to draw original and fanart of things I enjoy and make them into small merch!
Table Number: G-31
Company Description: Erin Jung is a recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and is the creative force behind Melonsquare Studios. Melonsquare Studios is Erin’s passion project that includes both her love for anime and illustration. Over the last three years, Erin has toured all over the country promoting her illustrated merchandise. When she is not working professionally, she spends her time expanding her brand. Erin’s art is full of warm colors, animated characters, fantastical creatures, and creative mini-worlds. Her style is backed by her skills in animation and her passion for children's illustration. Melonsquare Studios stocks her adorable art as keychains, prints, stickers, and the very popular Good Dog Tarot Deck.
Table Number: D-22
Company Description: Hi! I'm Meltyrice and I do original art as well as fan art of various fandoms ranging from games to anime. I also sell original ink art on bristol paper and do ink commissions as well. Outside of conventions, I am a Twitch partner and freelancer.
Table Number: B-26
Company Description: Meowvi is made up of two artists - one who draws illustrations, the other who creates resin art.
Table Number: C-17
Company Description: My name is MERUZ and I make fanbooks, comics and prints! I'm currently on an unhinged My Hero Academia binge but I'm a big fan of american comic books too and I'm currently a bg artist on Red Hood and the Outlaws on webtoon.
Table Number: B-12
Company Description: Hi! Call me Mew! I’m a self taught artist that mostly likes to draw cute cats. I hope that my cats will bring everyone many smiles and brighten your day. I also draw fanart of my favorite anime shows.
Mia Sowon
Table Number: B-11
Company Description: I'm an independent artist who enjoys bright colors and cute things! My favorite pastime is drawing on stream and interacting with my audience. It's always a fun time whenever I'm able to demonstrate my creative process to my audience.
Miko Miqo
Table Number: D-29
Company Description: Inspired by games and anime, Miko hand-sews accessories that are adorable, practical, and subtly themed that anyone could wear or use on a daily basis.
Table Number: C-35
Company Description: I'm Jazzy/MilkboMakes and I love to make things extra extra chonky!
Table Number: F-8
Company Description: Art so cute and makes your wallet hurt.
Table Number: E-10
Company Description: Prints, Pins, Buttons, Stickers, Plushies, Deskmats, glasses cleaner, washi tape, and maybe notebooks.
Table Number: F-13
Company Description: anime and pop culture inspired prints, stickers, and other cute goods
Table Number: C-20
Company Description: Hi, my name is Miooo. I love Anime, JRPG and MMO games. I’m good at drawing cute stuff. The booth mainly sell prints, handmade keychains & charms, gaming mats, etc… Please feel free to visit my social media and online site! ❤
Table Number: C-33
Company Description: MochiYogurt shop especializes in art prints, keychains, jet tags, apparel and enamel pins.
Table Number: D-21
Company Description: Hello! Welcome to The Moka Mart! We're HaSketch and Cybzzworld, two growing artists based in Las Vegas. Our passion for creative adventures, games, and Japanese animations has given birth to anime-inspired art and merch that we love to share with everyone. Our creations bring us joy and we hope they bring you joy as well.
Table Number: D-31
Company Description: Hello! My name is Pearl. I am an artist based in Los Angeles. I like to draw cute creations and animals with colorful palettes. I make products such as prints, stickers, charms, handmade pins, and washi tape.
Table Number: A-14
Company Description: Kawaii prints, stickers, keychains, and pins. hand painted controllers and resin casted buttons. Resin art. Phone accessories and much more!
Table Number: D-1
Company Description: We create illustrations of cute anime girls and characters and would like to sell prints of these illustrations on high quality wall scrolls, thick cardstocks, acrylic charms, and vinyl stickers.
Table Number: G-3
Company Description: Hello, I'm Mo! I create illustrations, merch, and apparel for Genshin Impact, Vtubers, Lost Ark, and various Anime!
Table Number: A-4
Company Description: Specializing in mainly a line-less style | Simplicity with a hint of happiness. Hello! I am a freelance artist and designer who really enjoys drawing in a cute and simple style, especially creatures!
Table Number: B-18
Company Description: Mualcaina is an Asian and woman-owned small business that offers kawaii vinyl stickers, magnets, and enamel pins inspired by some of her favorite things + anime!
Table Number: I-9
Company Description: Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm the illustrator, maker, and designer behind Munespice. The Munespice world exists in Spice's Magical Garden, so my products feature round animals and inspiration from nature. I make prints, stickers, and embroidered designs. I also design plushies, enamel pins, keychains, and more.
Table Number: F-18
Company Description: I create self-made anime prints, tote bags, enamel pins, washi tapes, pouches & stickers
Table Number: F-22
Company Description: keychains, apparel, prints, buttons, zines
Table Number: D-25
Company Description: Hello! I'm Nachoz, and I enjoy drawing cute girls! I have been drawing professionally for a few years now and have had the opportunity to draw for companies such as Crunchyroll, Yostar (Azure Lane), and a few other game companies. Coming to conventions and meeting new people as well as connecting with new artists has been such a fun and exciting time. I can't wait to meet new people at Anime Expo as well!
Table Number: E-15
Company Description: Hello! My name is Naisukidraws, a Freelance Artist hobbyist based in California and currently working on personal projects and attending conventions. My products range from original artwork to anime fanart, tackling new and more challenges styles that satisfy my creative palette.
Table Number: B-6
Company Description: Artist with a focus on cute animals and food themes with a strong emphasis on cats and japanese motifs especially. Merch includes stickers, enamel pins, acrylic charms, embroidered tags, wooden coasters, pouches, memo pads, washi tape, and lanyards.
Table Number: G-1
Company Description: I'm a 3D Character artist working in the video games industry @ Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends). I've been interested in boothing for Anime Expo for years but never have been able to so this seems like a great opportunity to give it another shot!
Table Number: D-3
Company Description: Heya, I’m Nina! I like drawing cute things and my favorite anime and video games! Hope you’ll enjoy! ☆ ~(‘▽^人)
Table Number: F-10
Company Description: I make screenprinted t shirts, acrylic charms, stickers, comics and webcomics!
Table Number: H-11
Company Description: I hand-make cleansing, skin-nourishing bar soaps via the cold process method that are inspired by my favorite anime and videogame characters.
Table Number: D-33
Company Description: Off Days Collective is made of two 9-to-5 full-time employees who are part-time potters sharing the results of their attempts to achieve a happy work-life balance with anyone who appreciates hand crafted goods. We both appreciate anime and video games. Many of our ceramics are anime-inspired and video game-inspired. We make cute references to popular animes and create ceramics for everyone of all ages to enjoy in their homes!
Table Number: D-9
Company Description: I am oimo buster, an illustrator who focuses on drawing popular anime sub genres such as mobile games, vtubers, and many more! I sell prints, acrylic keychains and stickers. I also take at-convention commissions!
Table Number: H-2
Company Description: I like to create cute art !!
Table Number: B-35
Company Description: I create original and fan illustrated goods featuring boys and cute things!
Table Number: I-4
Company Description: I am a streamer + artist and I aspire to make relevant and long lasting merch from original works to fan art.
Table Number: B-14
Company Description: Watercolor & Ink Illustrator. I like to illustrate slice of life moments.
Table Number: A-30
Company Description: My name is Park and I’m an anime tattoo artist in LA who also loves making charms, pins and stickers. I love being able to create artwork in multiple forms to share my love of anime and cute culture with others.
Jordan Solomon Design
Table Number: D-2
Company Description:
Table Number: F-11
Company Description: Hello! Pastel Punky is a mix of kawaii and spooky! I create bright and colorful art with dark and spooky elements mixed in. I also create one-of-a-kind resin art and crafts. Expect to find cute stickers, pins, prints, accessories, and more at my table.
Table Number: H-30
Company Description: I am an artist and animator, who’s a little chaotic in terms of wanting to do everything all at once. I’ve always loved hands on building, so With my passions meeting together, I’ve started creating tangible art that can tell a story and immerse you into its world. My work ranges from unique clay wall hangings to jewelry, shoe charms, stickers, Cell inspired art; the sky’s the limit.
Table Number: C-3
Company Description: My original illustrations feature mostly celestial and dreamy themes that deal with feelings of nostalgia and loneliness. My hope is that my illustrations can help others feel a little less alone and hopefully even bring a little bit of joy to their day!
Table Number: A-33
Company Description: Prints, enamel pins, charms and sometimes zines! All that sparked joy for me and here's me sharing my joy with you!
Table Number: D-23
Company Description: Hi! I'm a fan of all things cute and anime! At PepperCut Studios you can expect to find die-cut stickers, sticker sheets, and prints all inspired by anime inside jokes and cuteness!
Table Number: E-7
Company Description: I am Mexican born, full-time freelance Illustrator living in AZ with my partner and my ginger cat. I create original art, stories, merchandise & apparel for my online brand. I live of selling my merchandise online and at events. I also collaborate with musicians such as Moe Shop and Brandon Liew for album covers and social media art.
Table Number: G-16
Company Description: I specialize in cute and colorful anime inspired art and original designs. Find what you love at Picapap from stickers and keychains to apparel and more!
Table Number: F-26
Company Description: Hello, I'm Jay. I daylight as a 2D Illustrator and Game Artist, and moonlight as a fan artist with a concentration in LGBTQIA+ centric art. I love Classics, Art Nouveau, anime, and pop art.
Table Number: F-1
Company Description: Enamel Pins, Stationery, Stickers
Table Number: I-12
Company Description: I focus on making art of whatever is my current favorite series/game/etc. I also love to focus on cutesy, colorful, and sometimes yamikawaii aesthetics! So come take a look at all my stuff which can be from acrylic charms, all the way to original shirts, and more!
Table Number: A-24
Company Description:
Table Number: E-11
Company Description: A digital artist based in Southern California! Grew up watching anime and loving to paint and draw. Now specializes doing portraiture and drawing pretty girls and ikemens!
Table Number: G-19
Company Description: Hi! My name is Plushiecloudss and I make hand painted art on canvases, coasters, etc. I also do hand drawn commissions and also make digital art and print stickers.
Table Number: A-34
Company Description: I like to draw
Table Number: D-35
Company Description: I'm a hobby artist who loves to draw fanart and explore media of all different types!
Table Number: A-27
Company Description: My name is Jeff Thomas, and I'm the creator of Pon and Zi, a single-panel comic series about love, released among the very first memes.
Table Number: B-31
Company Description: I create unique laser cut earrings, pins, keychains, and necklaces. I also have cute stickers, keycaps, and hairclips.
Table Number: F-17
Company Description: I'm a cosplay accessories artist. I make jewelry,sticker,keychains, and more.
Table Number: C-27
Company Description: hi im katia! I'm an illustrator from Chicago & I just really like making merch of the things that im into; which currently is mainly genshin, crk, jjk, mp100, bnha, fe3h, and a bunch of other stuff! I also love making zines of my favs, like the Dimitri Zine and Childe Zine!!
Table Number: B-22
Company Description: Hi! My name is Trina, and I am a self-taught kawaii and fanart artist. I make my art into prints, acrylic charms, vinyl and holo stickers, enamel and acrylic pins, tote bags, and other stationery items! Ever since I was 4 years old, I've loved drawing, and making this shop is a dream come true. I'm so happy to be a part of this event, and I'm excited to meet everyone!
Table Number: F-33
Company Description: Hi! I design pins, stickers, buttons and many more items in cute styles but I also like to draw DnD characters for my different campaigns :D
Table Number: A-10
Company Description: My name is Aki Lin and my main goal with my art is to create things that make people smile! I draw from anime, video games, cartoons, and original creations. I love to make fanart of the things that inspire me to make art in the first place. It has been my dream to booth at Anime Expo since 2012 when I saw my first Artist Alley and fell in love.
Table Number: C-32
Company Description: I make cute and colorful anime and kpop inspired merch! I mainly sell keychains, pins, prints, and stickers. If it's not a character I'm drawing, then it's some form of drink inspired by a character or a song.
Table Number: G-22
Company Description: Hi! I'm an illustrator that loves creating colorful & eye popping drawings! My major inspirations include 80s/90s anime, Lisa Frank, & more!
Table Number: D-14
Company Description: RainandJas is a greeting card shop created by Jasmine, a San Jose native, combining the delight of puns, cards, and stickers to provide thoughtful gifts and smiles for all. Ever since Jasmine was a child, she has loved making & sending cards to friends and family for any occasion - from thank you cards to Christmas cards (even to this day!) and wanted to share the joy of gifting cards by opening RainandJas. RainandJas not only carries greeting cards, but other stationery items as well such as stickers for journaling, notepads, bookmarks, and more with a pastel themed aesthetic touch. These and other goodies can be found at
Table Number: B-36
Company Description: Another npc neet trying to share and express his love for his favorite works into fanart. Vinyl stickers, prints, and many more
Table Number: A-8
Company Description: Source of all things charming and cute! Rainubrew is a freelance illustrator based in California. Each charm, print, poster, magnet, sticker is made with lots of love. Find your favorite Genshin, anime, and gaming characters, as well as original characters drawn in a unique and soft style!
Table Number: I-5
Company Description: Hello, I'm from Los Angeles & I love to paint semi-realistic anime & chibi characters!
Table Number: C-15
Company Description: Art and dolls by rap1993
Table Number: E-17
Company Description: When you have the ability to draw whatever you want, you draw your favorite things! Which in my case are kaiju and pretty anime ladies. Sometimes kaiju as pretty anime ladies! And most importantly, memes applied with pretty anime ladies.
Table Number: E-24
Company Description: I Love to create fantasy themed character and environment art.
Table Number: C-26
Company Description: I create hand made fan art from badges to stickers with the occasional keychain.
Table Number: A-11
Company Description: I just draw what I want! I like to draw sexy men. Lol. But with respect.
Table Number: F-5
Company Description:
Table Number: A-7
Company Description: Rhory is an artist based in the PNW who enjoys illustrating for fandoms like Nijisanji, Hololive, Land of the Lustrous, and Etc! Her illustrations primarily showcases bright colors and sparkly aesthetics!
Table Number: B-21
Company Description: I'm Rika and I create 2D digital illustrations that are a mix of both original and fan art. I also design my own merchandise and handmade accessories
Table Number: B-23
Company Description: We creates unique custom made plushies~
Table Number: H-4
Company Description: Rinne Kanzaki is an artist who creates items that can be worn and/or decorate walls, such as holographic prints, apparel, pins, and charms. They primarily create creepy cute original art pieces that feature drawings of hands that depict various kinds of emotions.
Table Number: H-1
Company Description: Hi hi!! My name is Rosa and I love drawing anything that inspires me! From people to shows!!
Table Number: E-30
Company Description: Nurse by day, an artist all year round! As a lover of all things shiny, my work involves a lot of foil! I make foil prints and bookmarks! All of my foil works are made by hand so no two prints are the same! I also create stickers, buttons, charms, and stationery!
Table Number: A-18
Company Description: Hi, I’m Rose! I create anime inspired enamel pins, stickers and design and make creepy cute ita bags.
Table Number: H-22
Company Description: Chibi fanart of characters from anime, video games and pop culture.
Table Number: A-35
Company Description: Hello I’m Sad! I am a Mexican-American Artist who likes to draw cute things! I have both original works and fanart so there’s something for everyone. I have a variety of things such as pins, keychains, stickers, prints, and plushies!
Table Number: B-5
Company Description: My name is Nao, I am the creator of the Sadness Rabbit, Rabbit's that eat your sadness to make you happy. I create dolls (plushes), notes, stickers, pins, and a story book that contains a variety of origin stories for each of my Sadness Rabbits. Please visit my booth and get to know them.
Table Number: C-16
Company Description: Hello! I am Min and I am a multimedia artist! I 3D-print, sculpt, and draw! I love making 3D-printed jewelry and desk toys. I also sculpt with clay to create sculptures from different anime and video games!
Table Number: G-20
Company Description: Hello! My name is Saviebelle Draws! I am still a new business beginning this year, but I have been drawing and doing independent commission work for 10 plus years ranging from pop culture/anime media, comic work, logoing, and tattoos. I create original/pop culture prints, stickers, and handmade crafts such as handmade claydoll terrariums of beloved anime characters. I’m a big lover of all kinds of japanese media, and I hope to share my inspiration and love of art with you.
Table Number: D-20
Company Description: I am the tiny girl with BIG dreams. I started sewing when I was in high school making my own plushies out of felt and index cards. Eventually, I bought myself an embroidery machine and started to make plushies, plush keychains, and patches. I design and digitize my embroidery files so I can embroider them onto sweaters, shirts, hats, and beanies. My goal is to create something that someone would think is cute and love to own. I hope that it also inspires others to see that as long as you put in the work and effort you can create something that will celebrate and promote Japanese animation.
Sew Deadly Cute
Table Number: D-36
Company Description: Alternative accessories
Table Number: H-3
Company Description: Game loving artist that puts a lot of care and detail into their art, trying to bring people refined art pieces with exceptional details and depth that truly capture the soul of the topic and draw you into the story.
Table Number: C-23
Company Description: I love being able to share my characters and tell their stories, as well as create fanarts for some of my favorite cartoons, games, and anime.
Table Number: G-8
Company Description: I am a freelance illustrator based in Nevada. I make desk mats, prints, keychains, and stickers of my favorite games and anime1
Table Number: A-15
Company Description: I love to illustrate a wide variety of styles from action poses to very cute characters
Table Number: D-5
Company Description: Artist/illustrator who draws primarily in anime style.
Table Number: E-28
Company Description: I'm Mei and I go by the artist handle Shubaobao which actually roughly translates to "baby mouse." The name is from a mouse plush that is very near and dear to my heart as it was given to me by my mom when I was a kid. My original artworks typically depicts Shubaobao, myself, and other animal friends in adventures. Many of my works include fanarts and original characters as posters, post it notes, buttons, enamel pins, and acrylic key chains and shakers.
Table Number: E-18
Company Description: I'm a senior illustrator at the Art directors guild local 800, where I work on films and such. My personal project is animated serious I animate called "Oh, Bubba Lu."
Table Number: F-23
Company Description: My name is Sierra! I'm a Background Artist & Illustrator who enjoys painting lush, colorful scenes. My personal career mission is to create successful environments in order to help develop the look and feel of films, animation, advertisements, and games.
Table Number: B-10
Company Description: hello! i'm sin. i have prints, keychains, standees and pillowcases of anime men :)
Table Number: G-33
Company Description: I create Japanese inspired desgins in subjects that I'm interested in. I'm a self taught artist. It would be an honor to be at your event.
Table Number: H-21
Company Description: Original Japanese inspired bags, pins, charms, and more!
Snow Wings
Table Number: H-5
Company Description: Hello, I'm Sora Riin from studio Snow Wings! I've been drawing anime since childhood and can finally focus on it after life events. I like to draw pretty characters and have been stuck in gacha hell ^^; One of my art goals is to create more originals, especially characters inspired by medicine. My table offers keychains, prints, and commissions. Recently, I expanded to more types of merch like enamel pins, stickers, and special keychains!
Table Number: G-34
Company Description: Hello my name is GG !! I'm a latina american who creates kawaii/dreamy jewelry for everyone to feel beautiful
Table Number: F-6
Company Description: Hello! I'm Sonya, a Chinese-American illustrator who likes to draw fun, colorful characters and scenes. I'm inspired by my heritage and the shows I grew up loving.
Table Number: H-14
Company Description: I am a tattoo artist that draws inspiration from horror manga and kawaii pop culture.
Table Number: G-23
Company Description: SpaceDey brigns back your favorite retro anime & fighting games character in a very cute & colorful chibi style!
Table Number: F-27
Company Description: I’ve always been an artist my whole life and I thought to myself that it is finally to just put myself out there even more. And I know this con is the perfect one for a big step into my career.
Table Number: E-2
Company Description: starcrossed lovelies is a mahou-kei and uchuu-kei brand that is inspired by magical girls, witches, dreamers and celestial love stories. we offer unique apparel, jewelry and accessories for cozy, spacey babes!
Table Number: D-15
Company Description: Original watercolor artwork and cozy cafe art
Table Number: E-9
Company Description: Adorable artworks featuring chibi animals, kawaii style, and nerd culture.
Table Number: I-7
Company Description: A collection of stuff and things from a variety of interests
Table Number: A-25
Company Description: Hiya I’m Sandy, an illustrator from the Central Vally of California. I am mostly a watercolorist and my work is best known for its dreamy and soft watercolor paintings. I love magical girls and cute things in general.
Table Number: E-5
Company Description: I am a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer with an affinity for all things cute. While I have been an artist my entire life, I took a new step forward during the COVID-19 pandemic when I opened my online shop stxrlight studio, where I create and sell handcrafted stickers and stationery.
Table Number: B-4
Company Description: Hi there! I create digital art, heavily influenced by Studio Ghibli. I like to illustrate moments that give the feeling of nostalgia, warmth, and relaxation. I developed my drawing style from my background in Industrial Design, where I learned to draw very technically. I then started to incorporate warm colors and softened my style in order to convey the comforting feeling of "romanticizing the mundane". The name Sundrop comes from my ever-sunny hometown, Phoenix. I wanted my designs to feel like a drop of warmth, or optimism. I’m extremely drawn to colors I’ve seen in Arizona sunsets- a time when the world starts to taper down and people look forward to going home.
Table Number: G-12
Company Description: I like to draw fanart and original art !
Table Number: D-26
Company Description: Artist JSalvador presents his ever-growing Super Emo Friends! A collection of paintings inspired by the tragic lives of various comic, video game, and movie/TV characters.
Table Number: F-30
Company Description: Hi everyone, I'm swoomiko! I'm a 19 year old freelance artist based in Los Angeles. I began digital art a little more than two years ago, after I graduated high school. It quickly spiraled into a huge passion, as I've always loved to draw and doodle characters from my favorite animes and games growing up, but using digital art as a medium to express my art and creative side opened so many doors to a side of artistic expression I'd never seen before. As a full time university student, my favorite pastime outside of academia is digital illustration, and throughout these past few years, I've created an array of different illustrations from original characters to my favorite games and shows, including anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man and games like Valorant and League of Legends!
Tamago Confections
Table Number: H-31
Company Description: Prints, Buttons
Table Number: E-34
Company Description: Tealux Art is an Illustrator & Merchandies Designer inspisered by Anime, video games and costume design.
Table Number: F-31
Company Description: Just your average artist who draws anime hubbies//// thanks for indulging in this hobby with me :,)
Table Number: F-21
Company Description: I'm Mai, and I'm a Vietnamese-American artist constantly striving to influence people through the illustrations I create. I'm inspired by poignant, slice-of-life stories, and I especially love to play around with color and shape language.
Table Number: G-18
Company Description: Hello! I'm Vicki, I'm an illustrator based in la that creates cute drawings for a living :3
Table Number: I-2
Company Description: Hi! I’m Aprilyn, an animation industry professional who specializes in background designing and paint. I have zines, prints, charms, tote bags and mousepads.
Table Number: H-7
Company Description: Art Posters 20x30 , Prints 13x19, Postcards 4.3x6.3
Table Number: G-17
Company Description: Kimerson is an illustrator/cartoonisht who spends way too much time thinking about and drawing fan art for anime and video games.
Table Number: A-21
Company Description: I'm Tiri, a freelance illustrator and VTuber! I draw my favorite characters from anime and games, and stream art on a weekly schedule. Currently a gacha game addict, especially with Genshin Impact! Come by my booth and say hello!
Table Number: C-8
Company Description: Artist who likes to draw cute anime girls & boys from their favorite series and virtual talents.
Eastern Downpour
Table Number: D-7
Company Description:
Table Number: E-8
Company Description: Prints
Table Number: B-8
Company Description: I create cute fandom-inspired merch that mainly consists of enamel pins, stickers and washi tape! Some fandoms I'm into at the moment are Genshin Impact, Haikyuu, Pokemon and Toilet Bound Hanako, but there's more that I've drawn merch for.
Table Number: E-29
Company Description: Tsunderesharks is an illustrator, an animation student. and a nap enthusiast. Her artwork is inspired by all things cute and comfy and hopes to bring a warm, wholesome feeling towards her audience.
Table Number: F-28
Company Description: Handmade crochet items and handmade jewelry
Table Number: B-25
Company Description: Hi! I am a tattoo artist that creates designs heavily influenced by all the anime I've watched growing up as a kid! I'm grateful that I can tattoo, but I have always wanted to create stickers and merch of all the series I love! I also love designing original work as well.
Table Number: D-32
Company Description: I am an artist, storycrafter and game developer who specializes is magical and whimsical goods! As a tarot practitioner and teacher, my work often revolves around tarot and mystical themes, as well as promoting characters from my original game - Fool's Leap!
Table Number: G-13
Company Description: I create original illustrations that focus on the subject matter as characters and the world around them.
Table Number: I-13
Company Description: Earrings, keychains, and hairpins with various inspirations
Table Number: G-27
Company Description: My partner and I are known as Wizyakuza! We are on the most well known artist team in all of anime. We create fan artwork for Voice Actors, Studios, Projects, etc! Our speciality is crossover prints and lenticular artwork, designs that focus on combining elements from multiple fan favorite anime into one!
Table Number: A-2
Company Description: Wrabbit creates sweets inspired characters in a toony and dreamy style~
Table Number: F-19
Company Description: Colorful degenerate chibi fanwork
Table Number: C-13
Company Description: Hi! My name is Kaylin and I love to make enamel pins! Most of my art has revolved around Genshin Impact, Haikyuu, and a sprinkle of some of my favorite waifus from a variety of animes I've enjoyed over the years. Come see my updates on what I've been drawing at @xkkaylin on Instagram!
Table Number: B-27
Company Description: I like to paint video game and anime prints in a painterly style!
Table Number: A-20
Company Description: We are both working illustrators who create fanart and original artwork such as whimsical illustrations and character designs/art. We sell both original and fan merchandise such as stickers, prints, keychains. and handmade jewellry.
Table Number: E-23
Company Description: I'm an illustrator and a textile artist based out of Toronto. I've been drawing and painting ever since I was little. With a deep love for flowing patterns, manga, fashion and screen printing, I'm excited to share my passions with the world. My work combines a wide range of influences with elegance and bold colours.
Table Number: A-17
Company Description: Artist with a caffeine addiction and is always working overtime. Yinnyart is an individual artist based out of Southern California with a focus on anime-style art. Her work and products include prints, charms, stickers and more!
Table Number: G-6
Company Description: I'm a Vietnamese American artist who loves colors.
Table Number: C-4
Company Description: Hello, I am Lyric! I draw cute puppies with delicious food! There are three puppy characters that I designed -- Harlie, Julie and Milie. They are sisters and their goal is being cute and making you smile! I made their cute faces into limited amount of stickers, pins, washi tapes, key chains and plushies for those who love them!
Table Number: D-30
Company Description: An artist that wants to share cute art of their favorite anime and video game characters.
Table Number: B-19
Company Description: Hello!! I draw art of my favs and turn them into prints, charms, and enamel pins!!
Table Number: D-34
Company Description: artist and original comic book creator
Table Number: B-30
Company Description: I'm Yuuri! A freelance Illustrator who specializes in drawing fanart of anime and games I enjoy~
Table Number: B-1
Company Description: I'm a freelance illustrator, comic artist, and a full-time bunny servant OvO;
Table Number: C-19
Company Description: Freelance artist from Toronto, I have a unique artstyle and like to draw shonen manga inspired fanarts.
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