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    anime expo chibi brings you curated cultural workshops, in conjunction with our cultural partners based in Southern California. Learn about various Japanese Cultural practices with hands on activities and immersive experiences.


Japanese calligraphy, also known as shodo, is the art of writing by hand to create letters or symbols using a brush dipped in ink. It's a beautiful art form as well as a means of communication. Early Japanese calligraphy originated from Chinese calligraphy. Many of its principles and techniques are very similar, but after the invention of Hiragana and Katakana, the unique Japanese syllabaries, the distinctive Japanese writing system developed and calligraphers produced styles intrinsic to Japan.

In this experience corner, you will learn about different calligraphy tools, brushes, and inks, learn different brush techniques and line movements and complete a calligraphy piece of your own.


Origami in Japanese means "folding paper". Traditional Japanese origami has been practiced since the Edo period (1603–1867). Origami has been studied as a tool to develop spatial and perception skills, learn mathematics, refine dexterity and hand-eye coordination, as well as improve concentration. Origami has been shown to improve spatial visualization and mathematics skills.

In this experience corner, participants will enjoy live demos, learn origami basics, and folding techniques to create origami designs.


Taiko! For those who've seen it, it's those giant drums you see at festivals, fairs and other cultural events.. For those who haven't, you still probably have heard taiko drumming in the songs of anime and videogames. Taiko is the art of Japanese drumming. In America, the most popular taiko style is kumi daiko, or group taiko, where the are multiple people playing at the same time. In this workshop we will give you a brief run down on taiko history, basics of taiko, and of course, let you hit very large drums. Come join us if you're interested! As a side note, this panel will involve some physical movement and the drums will be very loud. We will provide earplugs but if you are sensitive to loud sounds, those may not be enough.

Learning Japanese with Anime and Anime Song Presented by FUJISCHOOL

Fuji School is a Japanese language school located in Los Angeles. You will learn useful Japanese expressions from popular anime as well as the Japanese lyrics of a famous anime song. Let’s sing together! We also have special giveaways for you, so be sure not to miss it!

How to Draw Attractive Characters

MinoMiyabi is an artist who contributed to Gorillaz, Yungblud, Alison Wonderland, Poppy, Balmain based on a concept designer career at Disney WDI. In his workshop, MinoMiyabi introduces essential tips of how to create attractive anime characters based on his new comics JEHANNE. You'll find helpful gems from his demonstration so you can create your own characters! Psst... you will earn some special perks coming at the end!

Drawing Anime With Calligraphy Perspective

Do you get artist block when drawing anime? Try out this refreshing perspective in our specially curated workshop by Fuji School! Learn how to draw anime through a different lens — use the art of calligraphy as your guide.

Cultural Values Workshop by Kizuna Little Tokyo

Join Kizuna for an exploration of values and philanthropy as it relates to identity and Japanese American culture. Regardless of who you are or where you're from, your values determine how you respond to the world around you. Knowing what our values are is one way to understand who we are and why we are the way we are. Explore isshokenmei, mottainai, and you in this interactive workshop.

Paint Your Own Ramen Bowl

The eastern Mino region of Japan, located in Gifu prefecture, Japan has been known for its ceramics industry and culture for 1,300 years. Blessed with high-quality clay soils and abundant wood to fire the kilns, 90% of Japan's ramen bowls are made here. Anime Expo-Chibi has partnered with JAPAN HOUSE LA, offering fascinating ramen content, and In the Kiln, who is supplying bowls, paint, and use of their kiln, to provide this unique hands-on painting experience for our attendees. Bowls and painting supplies are available for purchase.


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Bon Odori Dance Lessons

Learn the popular Japanese folk dancing moves of "Bon Odori." Bon Odori is the type of dancing performed by friends and family at the summer festivals in Japan. The very easy, basic steps will be taught as everyone moves in a line. It is very similar to Western line dancing. Come on out and join the fun near the Night Market food court.


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