SPJA is dedicated to accommodating all attendees, volunteers, and staff who may have disabilities that are protected by federal, state, and local public accommodations and accessibility laws. Although Event Facilities such as, but not limited to, the Los Angeles Convention Center, event hotels, and event programming venues such as Microsoft Theater and the NOVO are solely responsible for accessibility of and non-discrimination in their physical buildings, restrooms, and facilities, SPJA is ready and prepared to offer a hand to visitors with special needs or whom may require some sort of a reasonable accommodation.  SPJA offers, for example:

  • ASL interpreters for the deaf at large panels and events;
  • Limited special seating for programming events; and
  • Event Registration service and support for attendees with mobility issues
  • Accessible shuttle service.

If you are an attendee who needs reasonable accommodation, SPJA wants to make your experience as fun and entertaining as possible.  There are a few limitations, however, on what SPJA reasonably can provide. Please note:

  • Programming rooms fill up quickly, and all seating is on a first-come, first- served basis, so special seating may not be available if you wait until the last minute to get to the room.  Please read the program guide, check the mobile app for the most up-to-date schedule information, and plan your day accordingly, keeping in mind the popularity of most events.
  • Elevators can be crowded and slow.  Please plan in advance and allow plenty of time to change floors.
  • Please try to provide at least 30 days’ notice if you will be requesting any special aides such as ASL interpreters. Anime Expo understands that things can change at the last minute and will nonetheless attempt to accommodate you as best as possible irrespective of such last minute notice.
  • Service animals must be obedient and behave in a manner that is safe and non-threatening for other attendees and other service animals at all times.  Only service animals will be permitted into SPJA Events.  If service animals are behaving in ways that fundamentally alters the services offered by Anime Expo, such as behaving aggressively toward other service animals (barking, lunging, growling, snarling, scratching, biting) or toward other attendees, or howling in concerts, or is otherwise disruptive, Anime Expo may impose restrictions or ask that you remove the service animal from the premises, and you agree to and will cooperate with Anime Expo’s requests.  You may continue to participate while your service animal remains outside.  No poisonous or illegal exotic service animals are permitted.
  • Each disabled attendee is allowed one (1) helper for events and panels that have special seating.  Each disabled attendee and helper must purchase an entry badge through event registration on-line or on-site.
  • If you need a break from the crowds for any reason, please visit any Information Services booth to request access to a SafeSpace or visit the Quiet Lounge (LACC 503). We recommend visiting the Quiet Lounge if you need a peaceful place to rest or simply a reprieve from the noise.

How to Apply for Disabled Services

  • In order to receive disabled services at Anime Expo, a disabled attendee must apply for and receive a disabled credential, and his or her helper must also have a disabled helper credential. 
  • Before you apply for the disabled credential and a disabled credential for your helper, you must first make sure that you (the attendee) and helper have registered and paid for a badge on the Anime Expo website. You and the helper can also purchase a badge at Registration if you are on site.
  • To apply, you and the helper must visit the Information Services Booth in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, South Lobby, or West Lobby or Event Operations Office at Room 508A in person at the Event, to request for a disabled credential.
  • At Information Services or Event Operations, please make sure you let the counter person know that you are requesting a disabled credential for your badge.
  • The counter person may ask you and your helper for a valid photo identification.  Acceptable forms of identification must have a photo and may be Driver’s License, School ID, Passport, Military ID, or any government-issued ID.

We CANNOT ask for proof of disability under any circumstances.  If anyone asks you, doing so was a mistake, and you may simply decline to provide it.  However, we ask you to be honest and not apply for Disabled Accommodations just to get special access if you don’t really need it.

  • The counter person will write down the attendee’s and helper’s name, date of birth, and contact information.  Please provide your and your helper’s most up-to-date contact information.  You and your helper will then be asked to sign and date the request form.
  • You will receive a disabled credential for Disabled attendee and a disabled credential for your AX helper as appropriate to your application.
  • The counter person will attach the disabled credential directly to the FRONT of the disabled attendee’s badge and the attendee’s helper badge.
  • Disabled Helper may accompany the Disabled attendee when such attendee is using such access accommodations, but in NO event will such access accommodations be made available to a Helper unaccompanied by a Disabled attendee.

For additional questions or special requests, please contact us at

Autograph Procedure

What is the procedure for attendees represented by the ADA and their helper(s) and what is the procedure if an ADA attendee does not have a helper?

Attendees represented by ADA must have an ADA sticker which can be picked up at any Info Services Booth. See sections marked in RED for procedures if the ADA attendee does not have a helper.

During Ticketing:

ADA attendees and one helper* both need a ticket for each autograph session they attend, whether they get a Priority ticket or a Standby one (see next section). ADA attendees must wait in the general attendee line, to keep fairness of the first come, first served policy. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. If the ADA attendee for any reason cannot wait in line to get a ticket, we will have a volunteer on standby to act as a proxy to wait in line for them with the ADA attendee’s helper. (If available)

*ADA attendees are not required to have a helper with them.

During Session:

Priority tickets: ADA attendees with priority tickets are allowed front-of-line access due to time constraints of each session. It is recommended that ADA attendees with Priority tickets should show up about 15 minutes before the start of the session as they cannot show up during the session to take advantage of front-of-line access. ADA attendees are limited to have one helper accompanying them when taking advantage of front-of-line access. Once a session begins, Priority ticket holders have to be in line when the session starts.

Standby tickets: For Standby tickets, it will be the same procedure as waiting in line. ADA attendees with Standby tickets are not guaranteed front-of-line access as the ticket lines are organized numerically for fairness. This is subject to change on a case-by-case basis due to autograph session traffic. ADA attendees with Standby tickets should arrive when the desired autograph session is halfway done as that will be the time when the organization of the standby line is well underway. A proxy will be provided for an ADA attendee with a Standby ticket should he/she would like one for any reason (if available).

Please contact an Autographs Staff Volunteer to for ADA assistance!

Line Procedure

Attendees who are mobility impaired or need extra time to get seated can wait inside by the doors of the respective room location for the event/panel that they wish to attend. The area for ADA attendees will be designated with blue tape and will have a limited number of chairs available.

For panel rooms with room clearing, attendees can only line up for the subsequent panel. Attendees may not line-up in advance.

For panel rooms without room clearing, attendees may line up at any time and will be let in once space becomes available.

How to Request an ASL Interpreter

ASL interpreter requests can be made for specific panels or workshops only.

To request ASL interpreter assistance, please email the requested panel/workshop name and time to with the subject line “ASL Interpreter Request.” Please be sure to submit your request as early as possible.

SafeSpace / Quiet Lounge

If you need a break from the crowds for any reason, please visit any Information Services booth to request access to a SafeSpace or visit the Quiet Lounge (503). We recommend visiting the Quiet Lounge if you need a peaceful place to rest or simply a reprieve from the noise.

Ticketed Event Accessible Seating

Wheelchair and Accessible Seating Policy

Accessible/disabled seating is available for all price levels for each venue/event location. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for attendees with accessible needs and their companions. Anime Expo attendees purchasing accessible seating may purchase one (1) accessible seat and one (1) companion seat adjacent to the accessible seat. Depending on the availability, seats for additional guests will be located as close as possible to the accessible space. This policy ensures that we are able to provide reasonable accommodation for attendees who require accessible seating.  If you need specific accommodations, please email Ticketing at so we can ensure wheelchair-accessible locations are reserved for guests who require such accommodation.  There is limited availability to accommodate other special needs as well.  There is no guarantee that companion tickets will remain unsold and available.

Purchasing Accessible Tickets

Visit, find your event, click the “TICKETS” link and view ticket selections.   For additional information and/or to submit your ticket request, contact

Venue-Specific Accommodations

Please refer to the links below for more information about our venues' available services and accommodations.

Accessible Public Transit Information

The following taxi companies offer wheelchair accessible taxis:

United Taxi
(323) 653-5050

L.A. Yellow Cab
(424) 222-2222

L.A. Checker Cab Company
(800) 300-5007

L.A. City Cab
(888) 248-9222


Please call (310) 466-5699 at least 60 minutes prior to your desired pick up time for assistance.

To make an advance reservation for a wheelchair-accessible shuttle*, please call the number above or see the shuttle coordinator at the shuttle boarding area located on West Rd, next to the JW Marriott Conference Center.

This applies to shuttles serving all hotels except the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino.


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