At-Con Inquiries

Questions, comments, and concerns are handled by different groups of people depending on the nature of your concern. In order for us to help you, please make sure you direct your questions or comments to the appropriate contact. During the convention, we have staff volunteers to help you out. If you have an onsite (“at-con”) concern, you will be redirected to either Info Services or Event Operations. See below to find out who you should contact with your questions or concerns.

Info Services

Info Services are available at booths throughout the convention center. If you have questions about where things are located, when things are happening, or how late certain parts of the convention are open until.

Hours & Locations: See Hours & Maps for more info.

Event Operations (Event Ops)

Visit Event Ops for ADA assistance, lost and found, or to file a report about an incident, a suspicious person, or a lost child/person. Lost children are escorted to Event Ops to await their parent or guardian. Event Ops is also where you can notify us about any problems, such as spills, or broken things.

Hours & Location: LACC West Hall, Room 508. See Hours & Maps for more info.

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