Department List

Applications for AX Volunteers (40+ Hours) Close: March 31, 2023

Below are all the departments that Anime Expo offers for you to become a volunteer in! Click on the department name for a brief description. Please note that not all departments may be recruiting. Availability varies from year to year.

Department List


To provide courteous and professional customer service and general crowd control to the attendees at Anime Expo. Key duties include line management, information services, and policy enforcement.


To showcase a variety of anime music videos and help execute the official AMV Competition.


To provide quality customer service and support to Annex areas including Portfolio Reviews and Annex exhibitors.


Artist Alley volunteers strive to improve artist alley for artist and attendees by providing excellent professionalism throughout the entire experience. Volunteers assist in enforcing policies to ensure the safety of all parties involved, provide excellent customer service with accountability and integrity, as well as create an enjoyable environment for our artists and create memorable experiences.


To provide quality customer service and support to attendees and Guests of Honor throughout autograph sessions.


Dedicated to sharing dance related interactive entertainment and programming to attendees.


To provide a recreation of a Butler Café through interactions and performances that are inspired by popular Japanese themed cafes.


Cosplay volunteers support a variety of Cosplay-related activities at Anime Expo, such as distributing repair items at the Cosplay Repair Station and maintaining the Cosplay Photo Sets in Entertainment Hall, and placing the site numbers at the Cosplay Gathering areas! Cosplay volunteers also support Anime Expo Masquerade event and the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) USA Finals!


Volunteers will provide quality customer service and support for Entertainment Hall areas including our electronic Gaming area, Community Stage, and Entertainment Hall exhibits.


In charge of assisting all participants of Anime Expo with any general inquiries. Key responsibilities include: filling out and logging incident reports, facilitating with any medical or security emergency, and supporting anyone with ADA needs.


To provide excellent customer service and enforces policies that ensure the safety of all attendees in the Exhibit Hall. Duties during the convention may include: traffic flow, resolving disputes, reporting incidents, and facilitating infringement cases.


To provide attendees the chance to experience Anime Expo as part of the show and to encourage audience participation within the AX community with anime inspired gameshows.


Guest Guides work in teams of at least two to escort Guests of Honor and Talent all throughout the convention.


Handlers are Anime Expo’s Guests of Honors’ and Talents’ personal guides for the whole convention! They help the guests stay on schedule and make schedule changes when needed, as well as providing them with important information about the show so that guests can fulfill their participation and have a great time


To provide quality meals and beverages to Guests of Honor (GoHs), as well as maintain a clean, comfortable space for GoHs to relax during their downtime at Anime Expo.


The Logistics department provides services such as pallet and inventory management to other departments and assist with the setup of the AX Archives booth.


To provide attendees, over the age of 21, with unique experiences that entails anime-themed events or musical acts within a safe bar/lounge setting.


To provide a recreation of a Maid Cafe through interactions and performances that are inspired by popular Japanese themed cafes.


The Manga Lounge and Quiet Lounge Department oversees the curation and execution of services related to a Manga Café or a Quiet Zone where attendees can rest during the convention.


The Marketing Volunteers provide several fun and engaging front-facing services to Anime Expo attendees! Their responsibilities include assisting with: Information Services, a customer service-based volunteer role for AX Attendees and provide onsite information about Anime Expo events, and assist with Safe Space situations; Industry Liaisons and Press Relations, a volunteer role that assists the Anime Expo Press and Industry invitees such as escorting and answering Press and Industry questions; and Social Media, a volunteer role that monitors the Anime Expo livestream and assists with engagement on the Anime Expo social media platforms, such as answering digital inquiries (email, social media, etc.), and posting helpful information for Anime Expo attendees!


The Programming department manages and operates all technical equipment in the Programming rooms. In addition to room preparation, they work with industry members and guests to present premieres and panels. The Programming team will be assisting clients, guests, and attendees with everything from technical assistance, to ushering, and assisting with the enforcement of room policies.


To ensure the quality and fulfillment of sponsorship activations, wayfinding, and room layouts as well as ensuring the proper activation of safe spaces to support SPJA’s Youth Protection Policy.


To coordinate events and free play in everything dealing with Tabletop Gaming.


To help oversee the sales & distribution of tickets for Anime Expo’s various ticketed events as well as manage crowd control, line control, check-in at the door and front-of-house issues in the venue. Duties during the convention may include, but is not limited to: sales, cash handling, ticket and giveaway item distribution, inventory control, line and crowd control, answering ticketing inquiries, scanning tickets at the door, and assisting with ushering and seating issues during events.


To offer support to the wellbeing of volunteers with compassion, meticulous documentation, and excellent customer services. Assist with Pre-Con and Post-Con Events.


Enforcing Anime Expo’s policy on props, prop weapons, and live weapons for all objects that enter convention grounds by providing inspections and denoting approved items with a peace bond.

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