Catch an interview with Rasmus Faber, anime music producer and band leader of Platina Jazz. Mr. Faber is a Swedish pianist, composer, DJ, producer and sound engineer who beyond his personal works in Sweden has created a career in the Japanese music industry under the Victor Entertainment label (JVC Music) and has produced songs and music for artists such as Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto, Haruka Chigusa, Akino Arai, and Megumi Nakajima. He is the front man and producer, arranger and mixer for the Japanese Anime Jazz cover band Platina Jazz – a Swedish jazz ensemble who have as of 2020 produced 8 albums, a live DVD and toured Japan with their licensed covers. Mr. Faber plans to discuss his journey from musician in Stockholm to music composer and producer in Japan.

July 7 @ 17:30
17:30 — 18:10 (40′)

Saturday – July 4