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Participating as an Industry Appearance is a great opportunity for voice actors, content creators, and other members of the industry who would like to connect with their fans at Anime Expo. Industry Appearances can be supported by a company host, or participate on their own.

In order to be listed as an Industry Appearance at Anime Expo, you must meet the following participation requirements:

  • Be confirmed to participate in an event/activity at Anime Expo (panel, autograph session, or special event/sponsored event).
  • Provide a link to an online schedule of guest's planned events, which is to be updated by the guest, the guest's management, or company host.
  • Submit all requested marketing assets by the appropriate deadlines.

Anime Expo will do the following for all Industry Appearances:

  • Include the Industry Appearance's photo, bio, name, and URL on the website and mobile app.
  • Include the guest’s photo and name in the Industry Appearance in the program guide.
  • Send interview requests from press.
  • Provide Anime Expo press list for industry to reach out for interviews, etc…
  • Announce the guest(s) on AX social media, website, and email newsletter.


How to Be an Industry Appearance at Anime Expo

  • Participate in One or More of the Following Activities:


    Visit the Host a Panel page for more information about how to apply.

    Autograph Session

    Autograph sessions can take place in the Industry Autograph area, an exhibitor booth (provided that the foot traffic in the surrounding aisles is not affected), or the Premium Autograph Area. Please reach out to for more information.

    Sponsored Event

    Examples: Appearance as part of a Lounge 21 Sponsored Party. To explore event sponsorship opportunities, please send us a message!

    Exhibitor Booth Activities

    Examples: Demos, photo sessions, live drawings, etc...

  • Submit the Required Assets to Marketing and Coordinate Announcement (if needed)
    • Minimum of one (1) high-res photo (1000 x 1000 px)
    • Short bio (600 characters max)
      • Note: Series titles should be italicized.
    • Short description (140 characters max)
      • Note: Series titles should be italicized.
    • Link to online schedule of guest’s planned events. The website does not need to have the schedule on it right away, but it must be updated prior to Anime Expo.
    • The following are optional:
      • Contact email for press requests (this will be publicly posted)
      • Preferred website URL
      • Full bio
      • Additional photos
      • Promo video

    Please e-mail for your submission.

What is the difference between Industry Appearances and Guests of Honor?

Participation by Industry Appearances is supported primarily by a company host. As such, activities such as panels and autograph sessions are coordinated by the company host and not Anime Expo. For attendees, the biggest difference is that Industry Appearances’ autograph sessions procedures vary greatly. They are all subject to the respective individual, management, and/or company host.

Industry Autograph Guidelines & Best Practices

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