Acky Bright

Guest of Honor

Acky Bright is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator who has worked for DC Comics, Hasbro, and BMW, as well as his live drawing performance. His kawakakkoii (cute and cool) characters and worldbuilding in manga-style are one-of-a-kind.

Acky Bright is a manga artist and illustrator who has gained popularity for his “kawakakkoii” style drawings influenced by the golden age of Japanese manga and anime.

While working on manga and character design for major Japanese media companies, he has also worked on projects for US companies DC Comics and Hasbro since 2020. In 2021, he collaborated with BMW of Germany on a manga modeled after a real-life esports professional team. In 2022, he designed characters and artwork for the Japanese version of the popular German novel “WOOD WALKERS.” Also, he produced art toys in collaboration with 52TOYS in China. Recently, he has worked on the official coloring book for NETFLIX’s Korean drama “Squid Game” (Penguin Random House, scheduled for release in August 2023).

He also specializes in live drawing, painting directly on large canvases. Last year, starting with a solo exhibition in Tokyo, he captivated fans with several days of live drawing performances at Anime NYC and Tokyo Comic-Con.

His art book “B/W” (PIE International), released last year, attracted much attention in Japan and is scheduled to be released in Asia in January 2023 and in the US and Europe in October.



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