Albert Kao

Industry Appearance

Localization Producer of Fate/Grand Order English version

Humble beginnings: Albert Kao got his start in the video game industry as a localization QA specialist at a small indie studio. Years of experience taught him a great deal about the video game industry. Difficult times ensued, but he persevered, learning anything he could about the America’s gaming industry. Afterward, Mr. Kao passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and earned his N1 certificate. Eventually, he found his way to Aniplex of America (after writing a strongly worded email, displeased with the localization of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]), where he worked on several anime titles, including Wagnaria!! 3, Plastic Memories, God Eater, Occultic:Nine, GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation, and Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU. Lessons were learned, and then taught once he took on the position of Fate/Grand Order‘s Localization Producer. Years of hard work have brought him to the present day where he is well respected among the community. Now, Albert Kao comes to AX 2022, eager to once again meet the many fans of Fate/Grand Order!

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