Howard Wang

Industry Appearance
Voice Actor

Howard Wang is an actor known for voicing characters like Langa in SK8 the Infinity, Xie Lian in Heaven Official’s Blessing, and more!

Howard Wang is a voice actor, voice director, and audio engineer. He’s voiced characters such as Langa from SK8 the Infinity, Xie Lian in Heaven Official’s Blessing, Whitley Schnee in RWBY, Kuroiro in My Hero Academia, Goshiki and Suna in Haikyu!, Ichiji in One Piece, Louis in Moriarty the Patriot, Himuro in Kuroko’s Basketball, Kokonoi in Tokyo Revengers, Wakiya in Beyblade Burst Surge, Falkner in Pokémon Masters, Hakkai in Saiyuki Reload Zeroin, and many more! Howard is also the ADR director for the new English dub of The Prince of Tennis and The Prince of Tennis II anime series!

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