Zeno Robinson

Voice Actor

Zeno Robinson is an actor, and voice actor who strives for growth, innovation, and diversity within his work. He can currently be heard as "Hawks" in My Hero Academia, "Goh" in Pokemon Journeys, "Ezekiel" in Carole & Tuesday, "Genya" in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, "Prince Kelby" in Netflix’s CannonBusters and many more!


BIPOC Actors in Anime
BIPOC Actors in Anime celebrates the careers of some of your favorite voices. Ask the voices of Madoka Kaname (Christine Marie Cabanos), Sailor Moon (Stephanie Sheh), Killua Zoldyck (Cristina Vee), Mirko (Anairis Quinones), Hawks (Zeno Robinson), and Aqua (Faye Mata) any questions you might have about the shows and games they've worked on, or about what it takes to become a career voice over artist.

When: Saturday - July 4 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT (see timezone chart)
Where: Meeting Room

Zeno Robinson is an actor residing in Los Angeles, California. Zeno began his acting journey in middle school, and after taking a program called “All About Kids”, signed with CESD Talent. He would gain his professional voiceover start soon after as “Alan Albright” in Ben 10 Alien Force at 14 years old, and has since studied under industry pioneers such as Charlie Adler, Tony Gonzales, Kris Zimmerman, Phil Lamarr, Ginny McSwain, and Tony Oliver. Zeno can now be heard as “Remy” in Big City Greens, “Hawks” in My Hero Academia, “Cyborg” in Young Justice, and “The Green Poncho” in Craig of the Creek.

PR: sfrishman@cesdtalent.com

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