Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ


How old do you have to be to volunteer for Anime Expo?

  • You must be 18 years or older by May 1st of the year that you want to volunteer for Anime Expo. (i.e. To volunteer for Anime Expo 2030, you must be at least 18 years old by May 1, 2030.)

I don’t live in the United States, am I still eligible to volunteer?

  • Effective 2023, we are no longer accepting international volunteer applications for our events. This applies to returning volunteers as well.

I volunteered/applied to be a volunteer last year, do I need to redo my Shiftboard application?

  • No, if you previously volunteered or applied, your Shiftboard account should already exist and thus you should be able to log in to access it on shiftboard.com/spja. If you are unable to log in, please feel free to reach out to Volunteer Resources at vr@spja.org.

I accidentally hit “Submit” too soon on my application and need to edit it. What do I do?

  • If you received a Welcome Letter via Shiftboard, then you should be able to log into your Shiftboard account by going to Profile > Registration or Profile > Skills tab to update your application details.

It says my Shiftboard account is on hold! Oh no! Why?

  • This can happen for an assortment of reasons. Please reach out to Volunteer Resources at vr@spja.org for assistance.

AX Volunteer Program

My friends and I want to volunteer, but we want to stay in the same department. What do we do?

  • While we cannot guarantee that you will all be accepted into the same department, you can apply to be in the same department. You can choose your department preference on your Shiftboard Application.

How will I know if I’m accepted as an AX Volunteer?

  • Volunteer Department Leads and Volunteer Assistant Leads will reach out to the applicants they would like to interview for their respective departments. Once you have been interviewed and confirmed, you will need to complete your Volunteer Onboarding Requirements (Forms, Background Check, Youth Protection Portal Quizzes, Shiftboard Required Fields Information).

I’m available to volunteer right now! I’d like to get started on my hours right away! What can I do?

  • We’re glad to see the enthusiasm! You will still need to apply and go through the onboarding process for the AX Volunteer Program to join a department. Please note not all AX Volunteer Departments have pre-con hours, as a majority of hours are completed on-site during the convention.

Can I volunteer for multiple departments?

  • You can only volunteer for one department at a time every Anime Expo show year in the AX Volunteer Program.

Are meals provided for AX Volunteers?

  • Yes. Meals will be provided for AX Volunteers. Hours of Operation and location will be provided at a later date.

Will outside food be permitted into the Los Angeles Convention Center?

  • Food and beverages are permitted for personal consumption only. This means only food and beverages that you would be able to consume individually are allowed. Food and beverages brought in bulk will not be permitted into the convention center. We highly recommend bringing a refillable water bottle. There are several water stations all around the convention center. We want to make sure you stay hydrated during the day. All consumables are subject to inspection by LACC/AX Security.

Where and when can I pick up my AX Volunteer Badge?

  • Info TBA.

I volunteered previously for the Attendee Volunteer Program! Is it available this year?

  • Effective as of 2022, the Attendee Volunteer Program has been discontinued.

AX Volunteer Housing & Parking

Can I room with my spouse?

  • No, USC does not allow co-ed rooming (however, spouses of the same gender may
    room together – be sure to direct these questions to vr@spja.org).

Can I room with someone with a different arrival date?

  • No. Due to limited inventory of bed spaces, roommates must share the same arrival date in order to accommodate as many volunteers as possible.

What is the maximum number of occupants at the USC Dorms?

  • Depending on the room/apartment you signed up for, rooms can house 2-4 persons.

Is parking provided?

  • Parking is provided on a first come, first serve basis. Limited spaces are available for parking passes. For volunteers who are not opting for housing, they may select a parking pass on Shiftboard. For volunteers who are selecting housing, carpooling is mandatory to receive free parking. You may form your Carpool by filling out the Google Application (live link to be distributed later).

Are volunteers eligible for a reimbursement?

  • No reimbursements will be provided for housing or parking passes.

What hotels will have AX shuttle stops for volunteers?

  • The USC Dorms and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Can a general attendee stay with a Volunteer at the dorms?

  • No.

I don’t know other volunteers to book a dorm room with. What do I do?

  • Within that Shiftboard Distrolist, those volunteers can reach out to each other on their own.

I am a Volunteer Lead/Assistant Lead. Can I room with a regular volunteer?

  • Yes, as long as all roommates have the same arrival date.

I don’t care who I room with. Can Volunteer Resources assign me a roommate?

  • Volunteers are responsible for selecting their own rooms through Shiftboard at the very least. SPJA will fill all available rooms with other volunteers in order to accommodate housing needs. If a volunteer does not select housing, SPJA cannot provide them bed space.

I am non-binary/trans/queer, and the rooms are gendered Male or Female. What do I do?

  • We appreciate and understand your concern. USC Dorms has restrictions against coed roommates; we want our volunteers to be comfortable in their lodgings and ask volunteers to select male or female gendered rooms based on what they are most comfortable with. For any questions, please reach out to vr@spja.org.

What is my check-in/out date and time?

  • Check-in date is based on the arrival date your leader or manager confirmed with you, which is either June 28th, 29th, or 30th. Time of check-in is based on housing hours (TBD). Check-out date for all volunteers is July 4th before noon.

Can I have my roommate check-in for me?

  • No. All volunteers are required to check in themselves. Upon check-in, volunteers may be required to sign a USC Dorms acknowledgement form.
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